Understanding Legends

Most legends start with a small kernel of fact

Video on the Grote Mandrenke by "The History Guy"


(Feb. 5, 2023) Based on its etymology Atlantis seems to refer to a city on a sand island on the Atlantic coast which was washed away by a flood around 500 BCE.  While no written records have yet been found referring to that event except for the possible reference in Plato such floods have regularly happened in the past. Word about such a catastrophe would have been transmitted over the European river trade routes between Greece and northern Europe.

One of the earliest recorded in history and one of the worst in terms of destruction is the Grote Mandrenke of 1362 CE. It was an intense extratropical cyclone coinciding with a new moon which swept across the British Isles, the Netherlands, northern Germany, and Denmark (including Schleswig/Southern Jutland) around January 16, 1362.