Moabite Temple Seals 840 BCE

Imprint of the seal shown below. They are now displayed at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum in Jerusalem.Online at:
The actual seal. Notice its red color with black speckles. Red is the color of the life powers while the black speckles indicate something is polluting the life powers. This was found in Moab.

Slow Fertility Fluids Are Triggered by Negative Emotions Which Causes Drought

(Feb, 23, 2023) Image is of 2 people arguing under the sun disk

Text is similar to that on the Gezer tablet which dates it to about 840 BCE which is the time of the Elijah drought

Translation In Akkadian

(Read right to left. Capital letters on tablet. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold)
  1. KaŠu  ES.  Gi  Ru  Nu

In English

  1. This is delaying the pass-through (of fertility-fluids from sun).  Emotional-Energy reveals eagle-vultures


Positive emotional energy along with motion energy from the heavenly bodies moves fertility fluids through the life network represented by the sun god Hu. These fertility fluids in turn trigger the manifestation of life forms on earth. Eagle vulture trim these life network links. In this this text eagle-vultures are being indirectly activated by the sluggishness of the fertility fluids produced by negative emotional energy.

Displayed at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum in Jerusalem

Online at