Knowth Kerbstone 5 which has a spiral representing a deity flanked by symbols representing owls
Knowth Kerbstone 5 which has a spiral representing a deity flanked by symbols representing owls to give it motion power. The origination of this owl symbol is shown below. 

Owls as Motion Power Controllers

(July 4, 2022) Close ot Newgrange in Ireland is Knowth. Its main mound was built around 3000 BCE, probably after the construction of Newgrange and before the construction of Dowth. The great mound at Knowth is similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 18 smaller satellite mounds. The great mound has two passages with entrances on opposite sides, the western passage is 34 metres long and the eastern passage is 40 metre long, ending with a cruciform chamber.

Irish Barn Owl

Irish Barn Owl

Its white color would have associated it with the full moon which was the source for all motion powers.
Notice that is muscular legs forms a groove which is replicated in the Neolithic owl art.
Knowth Owl

Knowth Owl

Owls are the editors of the motion power influences from the astrological night sky. They are associated with the night because that is when they are most active. Passage mounds represented caves and the dark under-dome where dead spirits were thought to reside.
Photo from World Heritage Irelandhttps://www.worldheritageireland.ie/bru-na-boinne/built-heritage/knowth/
Knowth Owl Guarding Tomb Passage

Knowth Owl Guarding Tomb Passage

Athenian coins
Athenian coins
Top image shows the two types of Athenian coins which started to be minted after 512 BCE. The text is Alphabetic Akkadian A'E meaning "motion Power." This owl is thus the emotion owl called Aku in Akkadian.
Because the glottal stop letter Ayin (') does not exit in  Greek it came to be pronounced /th/ here which turns out to be the hermaphrodite deity Thu who represents the connective motion power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. Thu is shown on the other side of the coin. Thu came to be called Athena which literally means "those Thu powers" in Akkadian from A.Th.E.
Photos from NG coins at: https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/2245/Ancients-Owls-Through-the-Years---A-Look-at-the-Evolution-of-Athenian-Tetradrachms/
owl at the Acropolis museum in Athens
Bottom photo shows the owl at the Acropolis museum in Athens (Olmsted photo 2019)

Owl as Power of Connective Deity - Athu, Athe or Athena

(July 3, 2022) Greek culture was a mix of Akkadian farmer and Indo-European Invader cultures and the attempted reconciliation of those two cultures gave Greek culture its dynamism. The following is the Alphabetic Akkadian Lexicon entry for spiritual motion-powers (Olmsted Jan 1 2022):

A’ or ‘W or AW or ‘A or AA (after 500 BCE) [Akkadian a’û] motion space, motion-powers (a’u + i) (noun), motion empowered (adj), to motion-empower – One of the two classes of divine powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. Motion powers cause all translational movement on earth and also causes the life network’s fertility fluids to flow. The fertility-fluid pushers are the divine owls (Aku emotion owls and Hu’u astrological owls). Its source is the masculine full moon Su. Its sub-powers are: IM - emotional powers and IR - astrological powers. Their respective magic crafters are: AMR - "seer" or "astrologer" and R’, RY - shepherd. The other class is the life-growth powers (D from du). The ayin sign by itself as a round circle can symbolically represent the moon allowing the sign to be used in isolation. The Athenians personified this power class and slurred the ayin (‘) as the goddess Athe (Aleph-Ayin-He) or Athene (Aleph Ayin Nun) meaning “motion power” and “motion-powers” respectively. 

Top image shows the archaic era Athenian coin appearing in 512 BCE. These coins were characterized by their thick, compact planchets. They were introduced by the Athenian king Hippias and supported by a seemingly limitless supply of silver from the newly discovered silver mines at nearby Laurium. Notice the olive branch behind the owl which was the source of Athens' prosperity prior to its silver mine. The owl image represents the magical divine powers of motion while the goddess Athena is the personification of those powers. Only the owl side has text which is not Greek but instead is Alphabetic Akkadian and its simply says "motion-powers."

Lower photo at top shows the classic era Athenian coin minted after 450 BCE. This coin better shows the letters which are Aleph, Ayin, and He or "A'e" which is the Akkadian word for “motion powers” in which /e/ is the suffix used indicating the divine entity is a power and not a person. (Olmsted Jan. 1, 2022). Notice the addition of the crescent moon behind the owl showing Athena was  acquiring the life powers of the goddess Ayu in an ongoing lordification process.

Athu can also be read as "this Thu" from A.Th and Athe from A.Th.E. as "this Thu power" or "this is Thu power."


Olmsted, D.D. (January 14, 2021) Translation of Calf-Bearer Text from Pre-Parthenon Athens in Alphabetic Akkadian References Drought (499 BCE). Humanities Commons Permanent URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.17613/00gp-tm8 Online at: https://www.academia.edu/44902458/Translation_of_Calf_Bearer_Text_from_Pre_Parthenon_Athens_in_Alphabetic_Akkadian_References_Drought_499_BCE
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Minoan workshop tag found in quarter M3. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Image from foldout 3 of Goldart and Poursat 1978)


Godart, L. and Poursat, J-C (1978) Malia. Le Quartier Mu 1. Introduction générale par J.-Cl. Poursat. Écriture hiéroglyphique crétoise par L. Godart et J.-P. Olivier. Études crétoises, 23, 1978 - 2021 École Française d'Athènes. Online at: https://cefael.efa.gr/detail.php?site_id=1&actionID=page&serie_id=EtCret&volume_number=23&ce=oatbaqmb7gsvpv7saktgh9sd9dd7b3sr&sp=230

Minoan Malia Shipping Tag 319 for Items Aiding the Magic Crafters - 1700 BCE

(August 13, 2022) These are read point to flat. Being a double sided tag the items it mentions must be opposites in some way.

Tag 319A Translation into Akkadian (Minoan Text 1.4.3)

  1. pu aku

Into English

  1. For opening with emotion-owls

Emotion owls are the magic crafter familiars. "Opening" is referring to the enabling of Asher and Yahu to manifest life forms on earth. Fertility fluids must be unblocked in order to trigger their powers. So this side of the tag is for magical items which amplify the fertility fluid motions (activity) already being affected by the magic crafters.


Tag 319B Translation into Akkadian (Minoan Text 1.4.4)

  1. ṣu ya tu

Into English

  1. For activity not being affected magic crafters

 This side of the tag is for items which aid magic crafters in gaining some sort of influence over the flow rate of the fertility fluids.

Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Minoan Malia Tablet HT 21 (Text Page 38 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970). https://cefael.efa.gr/detail.php?site_id=1&actionID=page&serie_id=EtCret&volume_number=21&issue_number=1&ce=cdgbj3h4otm6j6qpia2490ld6elpsapb&sp=74

Ritual Supplies for Working with Copper, Fighting Jealousy, and Bringing Water - Malia Tablet HT 21 (Minoan Text 14)

(July 26, 2022) Copper and bronze seem to have caused jealousy among those who did not have them. The text reads:

  1. For the life-powers for working with copper, 4. Correspondences
  2. for envy, 61. For the energizers (owls) 11.
  3. For the energizers, 4 water-bringers. For the thread-powers (eagle-vultures), 7 water-bringers.
  4. Not 1 is lacking.

In Akkadian

  1. Du baṭȗ 4 ši
  2. Qi’u 61 ga 10
  3. 1 Ga 3 dalû. Qi 7 dalû. (vertical GL means letters go together)
  4. Ya 1 lu

Line 1 is significance because it indicates that the smelting copper was thought to be equivalent to the creation of life forms. First an invisible image had to be opened by Asher and then filled with amorphous matter, that is, manifested by Yahu.

Line 2  and the end of line 1 lists correspondence items for use in emotion magic, specifically items for fighting  envy and energizing the fertility fluids in the life network for triggering the creation of life. The mechanism for this energizing are owls. Correspondences are items which help trigger certain emotions and thought flows. This suggests these magic crafters were concerned about a spiritual network even though the word "logos" had not yet been invented for the Greek language.

Line 3 lists ritual items meant to help bring the rains for both the owls of the motion class of powers and the eagle-vultures of the life class. Eagle-vultures are the mechanism which trims unwanted links from the life network.

The Gezer tablet (mistakenly called the Gezer Calendar) is now on display at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.  It was found in September 1908 during the first archaeological dig at Gezer by R.A.S. Macalister who could not give it any archaeological date. It is read from right to left. The red letter assignments were added by Olmsted. Photo by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin via Wikimedia Commons at: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Gezer_Calendar_tablet,_early_iron_age,_10th_century_BCE,_Museum_of_Archaeology,_Istanbul,_Turkey.jpg

Gezer Tablet's Israelites Blame Astrological Powers Energized by Magic-Crafters for Drought. It's Philistines blame Life-Priest's for Mixing in Life-Powers with Astrological Powers with Their Eagle-Vultures (840 BCE)

(September 6, 2022) Put some Israelites and Philistines together in a room discussing the cause of a drought and this is the result. Slightly different line by line letter styles indicates many lines were written by different people. The themes of these lines can be classified as either Israelite or Phoenician.  Phoenician texts are always supportive of magical motion powers and so blame droughts on the life powers. This is in contrast to the Israelites who were anti-magic and instead always supportive of the life powers. The middle of the road position was that of the Aegeans/Philistines who supported both but were against mixing them inappropriately.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 2)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. IRu ḪaNu ASu. Pu IRu aWȗ
  2. Re'u Gi IRu. Ḫu KaLu Qu Ṣu. 
  3. IRu Ḫ’u Ša. Du Lu NaTu. 
  4. IRu ḪaQu Ša. Ru IṢu Pu. 
  5. IRu ḪaQu Ša. Ru U Tu Gi Mu. 
  6. IRu ḪaWȗ Zu MuRu. 
  7. IRu ḪaQu Ša. 

In English

  1. (Israelite Person 1) Astrological-powers are intimidating the Healer's (sun god Hu) openings. Astrological-power's are howling.
  2. (Israelite Person 1) The shepherds (magic crafters) are energizing the astrological-powers. Hu is restraining the thread's activity.
  3. (Aegean/Philistine Person 2) Astrological-powers are the same as astrological-owls. Life-manifestations are lacking motion-revelations.
  4. (Aegean/Philistine Person 3) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things. Eagle-Vultures are making scarce the Openings.
  5. (Aegean/Philistine Person 4) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things. Eagle-Vultures and magic are energizing the fertility-fluids
  6. (Israelite Person 5) Astrological-power's are howling for the elimination of the rainstorms.
  7. (Aegean Person 6) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things.