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Ancient Keos Island Coin with Star Sirius
  1. Upper Left Image: Wall painting from the Hellenistic family tomb of Lysson & Kallikles near Miesa / Naoussa, Macedonia, northern Greece (100-200 BCE) 
  2. Upper Right Image: Sirius on the coin of Karthaia, Keos island, Greece (100-200 BCE)
  3. Lower Left: Coin of Thespiai, Boiotia, Greece (350 BCE); 
  4. Lower Right: Coin of Itanus, Crete (425-380 BCE). 


Images from from AMANDA LAOUPI (2016) THE PELASGIAN SPIRITUAL SUBSTRATUM OF BRONZE AGE MEDITERRANEAN AND CIRCUM-PONTIC WORLD. Originally in Poole R.S. (1886) A Catelogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum. Crete and Aegean Islands. London: Tribner and Co; Online at: https://www.academia.edu/30363358/THE_SPIRITUAL_SUBSTRATUM_OF_BRONZE_AGE_MEDITERRANEAN_and_CIRCUM_PONTIC_WORLD_doc?email_work_card=title
Mesopotamian sign for "star" representing the sound /an/

Star Sirius on Coins

(August 6, 2022) These images represent the star Sirius. This star is the brightest star in the sky. During the summer it rises just before the sun giving it an association with the sun which is why it is also called the dog star in the sense of it being the main companion of the sun. As a star it also represents  the motion powers produced by the astrological night sky. Thus it was the mechanism by which the motion powers could affect the life powers. In practice it was the mechanism by which the fate defined by the astrological motion powers caused droughts.

Coin 1 from Aegean Island Kea

The Aegean coin shown in the upper right has the following Alphabetic Akkadian letters (reading counter clockwise): 

  • UR Ṭ A
  • urru thu a

Which when translated into English is:

  • The dawn that-belongs-to Thu

This text and associated image is stating that the motion powers of Thu are most visible at dawn with the star Sirius. 

Kea is the ancient island of Hydrossa, home of the nymphs who lived near the many springs and fountains which kept the island lush during pre-historic times. The Great drought of 1170 BCE which ended the Bronze Age seems to have dried up the flow of these springs and the island became dry. This was perceived as the island being taken over by the star Sirius and such stories enter later mythology. Originally, the highest point on the island was designated as a sanctuary to the rain-god Ikmaios Zeus.  

A cemetery and settlement found on the peninsula of Kefala between Otzias and Agias Nikolaos dated around 3300 BC is the first example of systematic burial in the entire Aegean. Another settlement at Agia Irini dates to the third millennium and flourished for 1500 years. By 2000 BC this settlement was fortified and the island became more Minoan until the Mycenaeans invaded Greece. The town was destroyed at around 1500 BC and from that point on the settlement of Korissa, the current port, became more important. (from https://www.greektravel.com/greekislands/kea/history.html)

Coin 2

The coin shown at the lower left has the Alphabetic Akkadian letters:

  • '  EZ
  • a  ezze

Which when translated into English is:

  • This is impatient

This text is stating that the motion powers are anxious and impatient for something to get going.

The Alphabetic Akkadian Lexicon entry for Sirius is:

ŠR [Akkadian šēru] choir, choir conductor (noun), conducted (adj) – Likely also an epithet for the star Sirus, the brightest star of the night sky and the one which leads the rising sun in summer. Thus Sirius can be seen as the bringer of drought. The heavenly bodies were imagined as a choir working harmoniously together. In general it corresponds with the motion powers produced by the astrological night sky which affects the life powers. The astrological night sky was also home for the dead ancestral spirits so all motion was eventually sourced to emotions. Compare to T’ and TW meaning “pasture” which is another epithet for the night sky.


Front Side of Zincirli Amulet

(Jan. 19, 2023) Amulet is now at the Vorderasiatisches (Pergamon) Museum in Berlin. Identification number: S 03604. It is 9.2 x 5 cm in size and 1.4 cm thick.
The present amulet (field registration number S. 3604) was excavated during the fourth season (March 20–June 28, 1894) of the German expedition to Zincirli Höyük under the direction of Felix von Luschan. It was first published by Walter Andrae (1943: 146–47, pl. 9c) in the fifth volume of final excavation report. 
Image online at: https://id.smb.museum/object/2075086/amulett-gegen-die-d%C3%A4monin-lamaschtu

Text Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 36)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. Bu GaLu IBu. Ḫu Pu EPu
  2. BeTu PaLu Tawu ReYu

In English

  1. Nourishments are being being detached by the enemy. Hu (sun god) is opening the drying
  2. The house (zodiac) is ruling the pasture's (night sky) shepherds (magic crafters)

Back Side of Zincirli Amulet

This side has the text with an illustration at the top of the night sky consisting of the crescent moon (goddess Ayu), the Pleiades, and presumably below those are some of this culture's constellations. The Pleiades dipped below the horizon at Mediterranean latitudes at the start of the stormy season in Late October/November so they became associated with rain and wind. In Greek mythology they were associated with the goddess Artemis (Ayu). The illustration at the bottom seems to represent a ritual procession.
The present amulet (field registration number S. 3604) was excavated during the fourth season (March 20–June 28, 1894) of the German expedition to Zincirli Höyük under the direction of Felix von Luschan. It was first published by Walter  Andrae (1943: 146–47, pl. 9c) in the fifth volume of final excavation report. The museum name for this amulet is: "Amulet against the demon Lamashtu" 
Image from: DeGrado, and Madadh. (2017) 
Piacenza Liver Showing its Main Divination Sections

Piacenza Liver Showing its Main Divination Sections

(Feb 10, 2023) The left side presents the divination results by planet while the right side provides the analysis. 

  1. Purple - State of Life Network Connections by Planet
  2. Red - State of Life Power Flows Through Network by Planet
  3. Blue - State of Earth Life Manifestation by Cardinal Direction
  4. Black - State of Under-dome Spirit Beings by Cardinal Directions
  5. Yellow - Conclusion about Under-dome Spirit Affects: They are Causing Neglect
  6. White - Final Conclusion About Earth Manifestations: Drought is due to Network Confusion Sown by Eagle-Vultures. Everything Else is Good.

Photo from: https://www.artapartofculture.net/2022/06/02/palazzo-farnese-piacenza/ (Numbers added by Olmsted)

Piacenza Liver Divination Results: State of Network Connections by Planet (Purple Section)

(Jan 29, 2023) This section is blaming the magical motion powers for a drought. It reads:

  1. The Opener of the life boundary (Thu) does not affect the emanations (Planet Mercury = Selene)
  2. Nourishments are not being opened by Ayu's eagle-vultures  (Planet Venus = Ayu)
  3. Motion-magic is redirecting none of the connections  (Planet Mars = Thu/Athena)
  4. And Yahu (E') is revealing the nourishments.   (Planet Jove, later Jupiter = Yahu. In old Latin planet was Jove (pronounced Yove, German spelling Jowe). This is Yawe or Yahweh or Yahu.  The Romans deliberately changed the name of this deity suppress this ancient Druid and later Jewish connection.  This suppression has continued into modern times.
  5. (letters unreadable)  (Planet Saturn)
  6. Moon-Powers are dispersed and [letters too uncertain to read]  (Full Moon = Su)

Piacenza Liver Divination Results: Power Flows Through Network by Planet (Red Section)

  1. The Greased-One (Selu) is not showing activity, Openings are not being foreshadowed (Planet Mercury = Selene)
  2. The Mounded-One (Venus) is being frustrated by the nourishments.  (Planet Venus = Ayu. Mound epithet likely references pregnancy)
  3. Does not Yahu (E') get energized by the Opener (Planet Mars = Thu/Athena who adds energy to things)
  4. Activity is not coming to this handler (Yahu).  (Planet Jove (Yove, Yowe), later Jupiter = Yahweh)
  5. Tears confuse the life-manifestations.  (Planet Saturn, oldest slowest planet subject to confusion)
  6. These emanations are being shaped by lunar-energy.   (Full moon motion source god = Su)


This section is blaming all the motion activity powers which push the fertility fluids through the life network towards the earth.