Motion Connective Hermaphrodite Deity Thu, Athena, Aether

(July 4, 2022) Motion powers did not birth new life so they tended to be seen as asexual. The only exception was their source powers which needed to be differentiated between the upper and lower sky-shells due to the two sources of translational motion: the motions of the heavenly bodies and human inner emotions.

Green Hermaphrodite Figurine from Balzi Rossi, Italy

Green Hermaphrodite Figurine from Balzi Rossi, Italy (30,000 BCE?)

Green hermaphrodite figurine from Balzi Rossi, Italy showing crossed arms.
Hermaphrodite Thu on Oil Flask from Apulia, Italy

Thu on Oil Flask from Apulia, Italy (340 BCE)

This version shows Thu with wings indicating Thu is a connective deity.
From Rhode Island School of Design Museum (RISD). Online at:

Thu from Near Glastonbury England

This ash wood hermaphrodite "god-dolly" was found dropped into a marsh on its head from a trackway crossing the marsh just east of Glastonbury, England. This is the deity Thu. It was found by archaeologists Maurice Bell and John M. Coles.

It now resides at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge, England with accession number: 1968.6

Online at:

Minoan Linear A tablet Listing Ritual Supplies for Both Power Classes for Overcoming Drought
Heraklion Museum tablet 3 as it appeared in 2019 in the Heraklion Museum in Crete. This Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Olmsted personal photo)

Heraklion Museum Tablet 3 (Minoan Text 13)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. Thu’s magic is eliminating the nourishments.
  2. The watchers (magic-crafting diviners) are not doing the same. For the life-threads 5.
  3. Correspondences for Su-powers 56. Correspondences for the threaders (life-priests),
  4. 27. For deaths due to Hu 8.
  5. On account of forming-powers 19 hittings. For Su
  6. working with similar elimination-powers 5.
  7. For activating the the pastures 30 energizers.

In Akkadian

  1. ṭu tu zu bu
  2. palilu še ya qu 5
  3. ša si 56 ša qa
  4. 27 gaṣṣu ki ḫu 8
  5. ki zīpu 19 ḥittu su
  6. še zi 5
  7. ṣē ta’û 30 ga
Minoan Linear A text listing supplies for magic crafters
Heraklion Museum tablet 4 as it appeared in 2019 in the Heraklion Museum in Crete. This Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Olmsted personal photo)

Heraklion Museum Tablet 4 (Minoan Text 12)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. Threaders (life-priests) are not mixed up by fate-callers (astrological motion powers)
  2. For the lack 1. For the activity-powers working with Thu 1. For magic 1. Correspondences for the Su-powers
  3. involving Thu 1. For doing the same 1. For magic working with the threads 1.
  4. For opposing the same Hu-powers 1. For the desirers of Hu’s
  5. misery 1. For those doing the same 1. For the elimination of the life manifestation's (Yahu)
  6. involvement 1.

In Akkadian

  1. Qa qara ḫiqu ya
  2. la 2 ṣi ṭu 1 tu 1 še si
  3. ku tu 1 ša 1 tu qu 1
  4. yâ ša ḫi 1 ṣaba ḫu
  5. wa'u 1 a ša 1 zu du
  6. ku 1
Etruscan tomb of Shields corner paintings showing hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god
Corner of the Tomb of Shields near Tarquinia after restoration having two images of the hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god. Photo by Domenico-Ventura (2018)
Etruscan tomb of Shields painting showing hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god
Close-up of scene 2 showing Thu with female breasts and male genitalia.

Etruscan Tomb of Shields Using Affection to Illustrate Power Coherency Between Thu and Life-Powers  

(Sept. 17, 2022) A corner in the Tomb of Shields at Tarquinia has two images of the hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life-power god. Promoting this coherency between motion and life powers is the main theme of the text. Because Etruscan texts are read right to left the image on the right wall of the corner was meant to be read first. It reads in Akkadian (justification below):

Right Scene

  1. The Opener (goddess Ayu) is elevating Thu and the Life-Powers. Life-powers are coherent with affection from the veil (astrological source of motion power).
  2. The Opener is elevating that coherency. Divine anger is being revealed by Ayu.

Left Scene

  1. [ ] This does not bring the divine. This does not bring children : In a similar way these things have been eliminated : The lack is not from expulsion by the emotion-powers. The lack is not from the veiling of similar astrological-powers. The lack of activity (life growth) is from eliminating the nourishments (fertility-fluids). The lack does not bring associations .....
  2. The prodding-sticks (motion-sources) have not brought activity (life-growth). Alu is lacking that. The Divine is being veiled by the lack. In a similar way these things have been eliminated. Life-Powers are nourished by astrological-powers. Emotions have been made miserable by Yahu's (I'u) eliminations. Those are nourished by activity (life growth). Emotions are not the same as motion-powers....
  3. Considerations (focused emotions) do not bring nourishments (fertility-fluids). Anger energizes the Reed-Boat (Ayu). The Controllers nourish activity. Their fertility-fluids nourish the Divine. The combing is not lacking. The combing is from the Reed-Boat : [ ] : The eliminations are lacking wind. That is not dehydrating the nourishments. …. Wind-powers … Is veiling the life-powers
  4. [ ] does not bring nourishments. Coherency is not associating Yahu (E') and the life-powers : None of the fathers (life-priests) [ ]. Coherency can eliminate immobility. Those lack Ayu. [word] nourishes motion-powers. Astrological-Powers ...
  5. Don't nourish Thu. Immobility is from the lack of coherency. It is not from activity (life growth). Life-powers are energized by magic. Hu is being blocked by ...  Yahu (YA). Endurance brings consistency. Life-powers are frustrated by the nest (network).
  6. This is energizing the fertility-fluids for Yahu (IH, YH). Yahu (E') does not bring nourishments. Yahu is devoted to the moon-eye. Magic is drying the same. (network). Openings [ ]. The Reed-Boat (Ayu) does not bring the threads. Magic constrains activity. Impatience does not bring activity. The baking ....
  7. Thu is not nourished by the high-powers ....

Bottom Label

  1. Lacking this divine-power 
  2. the Opener (Ayu) is elevating their coherency.


Domenico-Ventura, C (2018) for FAI - FONDO PER L'AMBIENTE ITALIANO. Online at:
Image shows the mid-layer Controller deities of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. These are the motion power hermaphrodite deity Thu on the left and the crescent moon life power goddess Ayu on the right holding a young plant.
Thu is misidentified as “Velia Velcha” in Orcus Tomb map above. See Tomb of Shields for positive identification of Thu
(Photo: Rönnlund, Wikimedia Commons, 2012). Letters added by Olmsted.

Etruscan Orcus Tomb Image 1: The Connective Layer "Controllers," and Hermaphrodite Motion Deity Thu Are Not Affecting the Openings

(Sept. 8, 2022) The texts and images in the tomb of so-called Orcus 1 tell a story when viewed clockwise from the tombs entrance. The story's first scene is shown on the right.  

Translation in Akkadian (Text Med 18.1)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. ARu Ne'u : Pu E Lâšu A : (Med 18.1.1)
  2. Gi ELu .... (Med 18.1.2)

In English

  1. The Controllers (Ayu, Eagle Vultures) are being affected : None of the Openings are being influenced by them :
  2. High energy .... 

The rightmost image in the scene is the life power goddess Ayu (Inanna, Ishtar, Hathor) who is identified by her snake skin hat having a network pattern revealed by its scales. She is responsible for editing the network by removing and adding network links. She seems to be holding a young plant stem spurting fluid which likely corresponds to a network link. Another sign of her life power is that she is tanned from the sun because she is the feminine power compliment to the sun god Hu. 

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The leftmost image is the middle layer motion-power hermaphrodite deity Thu who is wearing the laurel crown to indicate their divine role as a motion deity. The fast-growing laurel tree (Laurus nobilis) is also called the Bay Laurel because its bay leaves are a spice having a unique odor and taste. Either because of its fast growth or because of its aroma this tree has been associated with speed and motion. It was placed on the heads of Greek runners to indicate they were the fastest. They were a champion and from that the laurel crown came to indicate any sort of victor. The hair of Thu has both masculine and feminine components relative to Italian culture with long side hair (feminine) and short back hair (masculine). That this image represents the hermaphrodite deity Thu is provided by a painting in a different tomb called the Tomb of Shields who is “associating” with unknown deity or demon.

Piacenza Liver Right Inner Section 5 (500 BCE)

Translation in Akkadian (Celt Text 1.6.5)

(read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. ŠeLu  NeZu  
  2. Ṭu  PaSu

In English

  1. Selu (Selene) is emptying
  2. Thu of light
Minoan Linear A Tablet Listing Ritual Supplies for Both Magical Motion Powers and Life Powers
Linear A text left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Front side of Minoan Malia Tablet HT 6a (Text Page 12 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).
Minoan Linear A Tablet Listing Ritual Supplies for Both Magical Motion Powers and Life Powers
Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Back of Minoan Malia Tablet HT 6. (Text Page 12 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).

Malia Tablet HT 6 (Minoan Text 5)

Front of Tablet (Malia Text 5.1)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. Thesu (a motion power) is making miserable the seers. 
  2. Correspondences for Hu 15. For life-manifestations working with nourishments from Hu  
  3. 24. For life-threaders (priests) working with the anarchy involving eliminations (of threads),
  4. 10 patrol-items. Correspondences for nourishing-powers 2 Thu-Items.
  5. Correspondences for activity-powers 5 detachment-items.
  6. Magic activates the Revealer. For the life-manifestations working with nourishments
  7. 22 detachment items. For Hu 17 tools

In Akkadian

  1. ṭešu wa bara 
  2. ši Ḫu 15 du bu Ḫu
  3. 24 qa nūnu ku zu
  4. 10 ūba ša bi 2 Ṭu
  5. še ṣu 5 galû
  6. Tu ṣi na ṣi du bu
  7. 22 galû Ḫu 17 gu

Back of Tablet (Malia Text 5.2)

The text reads:

  1. For the activators (magic crafters) working with this drunkenness.
  2. 3. For the seers not Su 1 involvement-item.
  3. For going without pain 3 [missing word]
  4. For the energizers (magic crafters) working with starvation magic 60 fertility-fluid-power-items
  5. For the stuffing (network) 3. For the lack of inspection 30
  6. 5. For the lack of eruptions (of new threads) 17.

In Akkadian

  1. ṣa maḫû a
  2. 3 barû su ya 1 ku
  3. lu yaya 3 [ ]
  4. ga tu eku 60 mi
  5. taḥû 3 lu waku 30
  6. 5 Ḫuhu lu 17
Minoan Linear A Text Listing Supplies for Coordinating the Spiritual Powers
Heraklion Museum tablet 2 as it appeared in 2019 in the Heraklion Museum in Crete. This Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Olmsted personal photo)

Heraklion Museum Tablet 2 (Minoan Text 9)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. For the nocturnal-choristers for working with the covering (night sky) 20. For Thu (connective motion power) for working with the Life-Sourcer (Alu),  
  2. 5. For Hu’s threaders (life-priests) working with fate 7.
  3. Threads are no longer magical. For Hu is striking-down Thu without the Life-Manifester (Yahu) 11. 
  4. For nothing being erupted 1. For not catching the wind 1. For misery due to
  5. magic 1. For involvements not nourishing 1. For the boundary 6.

In Akkadian:

  1. pāmu līṭu 20 ṭu da
  2. 5 ḫu qa qarȗ 7
  3. qu tu e ḫu ḥittu ṭu da la 11
  4. e ḫuḫu 1 šāḫu ya 1 wa ku
  5. tu 1 ku bu ya 1 etû 6
Athenian coins showing owl
Athenian coins showing owl
Top image shows the two types of Athenian coin which started to be minted after 512 BCE. The text is Alphabetic Akkadian A'E meaning "motion Power." This owl is thus the emotion owl called Aku in Akkadian.
Because the glottal stop letter Ayin (') does not exit in  Greek it came to be pronounced /th/ here which turns out to be the hermaphrodite deity Thu who represents the connective motion power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. Thu is shown on the other side of the coin. Thu came to be called Athena which literally means "those Thu powers" in Akkadian from A.Th.E.
Photos from NG coins at:
Athenian owl at the Acropolis museum in Athens
Bottom photo shows the owl at the Acropolis museum in Athens (Olmsted photo 2019)

Connective Deity - Athu, Athe or Athena

(July 3, 2022) Alphabetic Akkadian Lexicon entry (Olmsted Jan 1 2022):

A’ or ‘W or AW or ‘A or AA (after 500 BCE) [Akkadian a’û] motion space, motion-powers (a’u + i) (noun), motion empowered (adj), to motion-empower – One of the two classes of divine powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. Motion powers cause all translational movement on earth and also causes the life network’s fertility fluids to flow. The fertility-fluid pushers are the divine owls (Aku emotion owls and Hu’u astrological owls). Its source is the masculine full moon Su. Its sub-powers are: IM - emotional powers and IR - astrological powers. Their respective magic crafters are: AMR - "seer" or "astrologer" and R’, RY - shepherd. The other class is the life-growth powers (D from du). The ayin sign by itself as a round circle can symbolically represent the moon allowing the sign to be used in isolation. The Athenians personified this power class and slurred the ayin (‘) as the goddess Athe (Aleph-Ayin-He) or Athene (Aleph Ayin Nun) meaning “motion power” and “motion-powers” respectively. 

Top image shows the archaic era Athenian coin appearing in 512 BCE. These coins were characterized by their thick, compact planchets. They were introduced by the Athenian king Hippias and supported by a seemingly limitless supply of silver from the newly discovered silver mines at nearby Laurium. Notice the olive branch behind the owl which was the source of Athens' prosperity prior to its silver mine. The owl image represents the magical divine powers of motion while the goddess Athena is the personification of those powers. Only the owl side has text which is not Greek but instead is Alphabetic Akkadian and its simply says "motion-powers."

Lower photo at top shows the classic era Athenian coin minted after 450 BCE. This coin better shows the letters which are Aleph, Ayin, and He or "A'e" which is the Akkadian word for “motion powers” in which /e/ is the suffix used indicating the divine entity is a power and not a person. (Olmsted Jan. 1, 2022). Notice the addition of the crescent moon behind the owl showing Athena was  acquiring the life powers of the goddess Ayu in an ongoing lordification process.

Athu can also be read as "this Thu" from A.Th and Athe from A.Th.E. as "this Thu power" or "this is Thu power."


Olmsted, D.D. (January 14, 2021) Translation of Calf-Bearer Text from Pre-Parthenon Athens in Alphabetic Akkadian References Drought (499 BCE). Humanities Commons Permanent URL: Online at:
Olmsted, D.D (January 1, 2022) Mediterranean Akkadian Lexicon 3rd Edition – 2022. DOI Permanent URL: Online at:
Calf Bearer Inscription from the archaic era Athenian acropolis
Proof that the letter represented by the circle and dot on Athenian coins is not a theta is provided by the contemporary Calf Bearer Inscription from the archaic era Athenian acropolis. Both the letters ayin and teth (theta) are shown. The letter ayin has the central dot while teth (theta) has a cross. 
The text reads in Alphabetic Akkadian “[Hu’s] fertility-fluids are nesting which is eliminating the openings, Fertility-fluids are going dark which is starving the Supervisor (Ayu or Athena). Astrological owls …..” (Olmsted January 14, 2021)
Hellenistic Hermaphroditus (Thu) 250 BCE

Hellenistic Hermaphroditus (Thu) 250 BCE

Originally from Pergamum on the coast of western Asia Minor and dating to between 200 and 300 BCE. Now at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum inventory number 363 T. In Greek mythology Hermaphroditus was considered to be an offspring of the boundary crosser god Hermes. That it was an offspring indicates that Hermes was the original Greek god of boundary crossing having these powers (among others) just like Asklepios was an offspring of Apollo (Akkadian Hu) who was the original god of healing (among other things)
Right Side of Hathor Sphinx from Serabit el-Khadim
Right Side of Hathor Sphinx from Serabit el-Khadim. This red sandstone hand-held sphinx was found on the floor just outside the Sopdu temple at Serabit el-Khadim by Sir Flanders Petrie in 1905. It has inscriptions inscribed on the base on each side which have never been translated. Image from Butin 1932.
Image of Reed Boat from a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal showing a close resemblance to a crescent moon
Image of Reed Boat from a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal showing a close resemblance to a crescent moon. They were widely used on near eastern rivers.

Right Side of Serabit el-Khadim Hathor Sphinx Found at Serabit el-Khadim

(August 5, 2022) This graffito is  pro-magic.

Text in Akkadian (right to left)

  1. Ṭu zu daḫû amu

In English

  1. Thu's eliminations pressures the Reed-Boat (Ayu, Hathor)

Thu is the hermaphrodite connective motion power deity. The elimination of motion power aid tends to inhibit the flow of fertility fluids through the life network thus emotionally pressuring Hathor who is the connective life goddess who edits the network connections. The "Reed-Boat" is an epithet for the crescent moon and represents these connective life goddesses.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

A Hathor ideogram is located on the statuette’s shoulder. It consists of the falcon of Horus inside a house. The feminine power is represented by a house for a masculine power.

Below the Hathor ideogram is the Egyptian hieroglyphic phrase which reads:

  • many honors to her

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The Egyptian signs with their letters are:

  1. reed - yod (I)
  2. reed - yod (Y)
  3. plow - mem (M)
  4. 3 dots (meaning "many"),
  5.  rising and setting sun - teth (Ṭ)
  6. sling - a different teth (Ṭ)

The root Egyptian word here is IM meaning "to honor" (Faulkner 1962). The letter combination teth, teth is a feminine pronoun suffix meaning "her."

The god Horus was the Egyptian connective life-growth power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. As such he was represented by the falcon which moved the visible sun as it flew on wings though the region between the earth plane and the watery inner surface of the sky-shell. Spiritual powers ascended into the divine realm by hopping a ride on the sun when on the morning horizon. Horus as the visible sun motion represented good order in contrast to the hidden sun form represented by the chaotic storm bull, Seth. 


Butin, Romain F. (1928) The Seribit Inscriptions: II. The Decipherment and Significance of the Inscriptions. Harvard Theological Review. Vol 21 No. 1 pp. 9-67 
Butin, Romain F. (1932) The Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions. Harvard Theological Review. Vol 25 No. 2 pp. 130-203
Faulkner, R.O. (1962) A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian. Griffith Institute, Oxford
Bottom view of a bronze candelabra base called the Lamp of Cortona
Found with the plaque having the text was this bronze candelabra  called the Lamp of Cortona. This is the view of its bottom. Both seem to be from an Etruscan temple devoted to the life powers. This temple apparently was under threat from the Latins (probably the city of Tibur) who were also expanding up the valley at the time. This threat is why these valuable objects were hidden away in a field.
The outer ring of this image is certainly celebrating the power of life which correlates well with the text. Yet its center shows a panting sick sun at the center indicating it is a drought causing sun. This type of sun seems to have evolved into the Greek Gorgon.
This candelabra base and plaque was found by peasants at località La Fratta, 2,8 km west of Cortona, Italy on September 14, 1840 (Modona 1977). It is now displayed at the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona. Image from van de Meer (2011).

Etruscan Cortona Plaque Translation: Chaotic Emotions are Causing Drought (550 BCE)

(August 17, 2022) Based on letter "N" this dates to shortly after the composition of the golden Pyrgi foils around 600 BCE. Yet compared to the Pyrgi Foil letter the letters P, E, and I have been simplified. The letters P and E have one horizontal line removed while the I has its top and bottom horizontal lines removed.

Translation in Akkadian - Text Med 25 

(read right to left)
  1. Ṭu apu nu a : gi umu nu ya[bu] (Med 25.1)
  2. inu mubu e ilu : a Ṭu gi yabu (Med 25.2)
  3. mu Alu Ṭu nu (Med 25.3)

In English

  1. Thu is veiling these revealers (life manifestation powers) : Stormy emotion-energy is revealing the enemy (drought causing sun).
  2. The moon-eyes (magic crafters) are mobilizing none of the high-powers : These thus (connective motion powers) are energizing the enemy
  3. Fertility-fluids are revealed by Thu Alu (life-empowered Thu)


van de Meer, Bouke (2011) The Etruscan Bronze Lamp of Cortona, its Cosmic Program and its Attached Inscription. Online at:
Modona, A. Neppi (1977) Cortona etrusca e romana nella storia e nell’arte, Firenze, p. 125-134.
Carthage Stone as display at the Carthage National Museum in Byrsa, Tunisia. Photo from م ض via Wikimedia Commons at:
Carthage Stone as display at the Carthage National Museum in Byrsa, Tunisia. Photo from م ض via Wikimedia Commons at:

Line by Line Explanation

  1. Threads are the channels of the life network through which fertility fluids flow to trigger Yahu to manifest life forms. But, fertility fluids affected by negative human emotions which are not being covered  up but are instead being made manifest by the motion source god and full moon god Su. The sun god Hu represents the life network but it is not being properly formed.
  2. Thu is the hermaphrodite motion power deity for the connective layer of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. He is the one who normally filters out negative human emotions but he is being intimidated by the source power of this motion powers which is Su.
  3. Eagle vultures are the familiars which edit the life network by cutting off unwanted links.
  4. Lack of drought depends on a working life network represented by the sun god Hu and the pushing of the fertility fluids through it by spiritual motion (wind) powers represented by the owl familiar.
  5.  Humans emotions are causing the misery 
  6.  The astrological motion powers are in control of human emotions right now.
  7. This line makes a connection between the life powers and motion powers by using the analogy of sex.

Translation of Carthage Stone Text Blames Drought on Negative and Unblocked Emotions (170 BCE)

(September 5, 2022) This text is blaming  a drought on negative and unblocked human emotions. Normally the connective hermaphrodite motion power deity, Thu, blocked most of these negative emotions before they could affect the flow of fertility fluids through the life network represented by sun god Hu. In this case Thu is being restrained by the astrological motion source powers represented by the full moon god Su.

Translation in Akkadian

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. Lu Qu ḪaWu Le'u. IA Šu Qu. E ḪaSu. Su IMu Du. Mu Ta'u Ru. E ReTu A. Tu NūNu Bu Ḫu.
  2. Tu Lu Ṭu. MuTa Lu Ṭu U APu Nu. Ba'u I' QaRu. Apu Nu. Ba'u Yabu A Tu MaNu. ḪaNu Su Bu NuNu.
  3. Du RuQu Bu. Nu HuNu AWu. Hu Bu Ru. Nu MaṬu. Nu A Ma'u Ya Hu Mu. IWu Qu Se'u. Bu PaMu IDu RaQu.
  4. Bu Pamu ID RaQu. Bu Nu Be'u. Ya Ḫu Nu A Bu. NaBu PaMu ID Raqu. Lu IṢu ŠuḪu U Aku Nu A.
  5. Ṣu Ḫu RaQu Nu. Ṣu Qu EMu U Ṣu AMu. A Tu Ba'u. MaDu DaRu QaTu Du. IMu EQu Q. WA T A
  6. A Tu Imu Nu. Ṣu U Ḫu RaSu UMu. A NuNu MaWu. BaQu QeNu RaMu U Le'u IṢu Pu. IMu A Ḫu Pu 
  7. U'a Nu Tu. EMu Ḫu TaBu. Mu A Tu. INu AZu Qu. E A Pu Mu. E A U ṢȃLu AYu Lu Gi. Ya Le'u IMu NeKu

In English

  1. The lack of threading is the howling of the astrological-powers. Yahu (IA) is being the same as the threading. Nothing is being covered-up. Su manifests the emotions. Fertility-fluids are being pastured by the eagle-vultures. Nothing is being set by them. Anarchic magic is nourishing Hu.
  2. Magic is lacking Thu. The murderer is lacking Thu and veiling the Revealer (Yahu). The nest (network) determines the fate of Yahu (I'). Veiled is the Revealer. The nest's enemy is supported by this magic. Intimidation by Su is nourishing anarchy.
  3. Life-manifesting is being made difficult for the nourishments (fertility-fluids). The Revealer (Yahu) is being intimidated by the motion-powers. Hu is being nourished by the eagle-vultures. The Revealer is scarce. Those revelations are not being pushed by Hu's fertility-fluids. The redirection of threads is being inhibited. Nourishments are clamoring for the difficult life-channels. 
  4. Nourishments are clamoring for the ignored life-channels. Nourishments nest the Revealer. Shouldn’t Hu be revealing those nourishments? The Nourishment-Revealer (Yahu) is clamoring for the difficult life-channels. A lack of scarcity depends on the wind, and emotion-owls will be revealing that.
  5. The activity of Hu is being difficult for the Revealer (Yahu). The activity of the threads is being supervised and activated by the Reed-Boat (Ayu). Her magic is nested. The creation of invisible-forms is ending in life-manifestations, (but) emotions are making ineffective the life-threads. Misery is from those magical-powers.
  6. This magic is revealed by emotions. Activity and Hu are being attacked by the storm-powers. This makes anarchic the waters. The swarm (stars) is taking possession of the emotional-releasing and the astrological powers are making-scarce the openings. Those emotions open Hu.
  7. Misery is being revealed by magic. The Supervisor (Ayu) arouses Hu. Fertility-fluids are crafted by magic for that. Moon-eyes are associating with the threads. None of this is opening-up the fertility-fluids. None of this is fighting Ayu’s lack of energy. Do not the astrological-powers emotionally-empower illicit-sex..
Wind iimage
No ancient images of Aether seem to exist.

Greek Deity Aether

(July 3, 2022) Ancient Greek author Hesiod claim in says this in his story of creation (lines 120 to 140):

In truth at first Chaos came to be, but next wide-bosomed Earth, the ever-sure foundation of all the deathless ones who hold the peaks of snowy Olympus, and dim Tartarus in the depth of the wide-pathed Earth, [120] and Eros (Love), fairest among the deathless gods, who unnerves the limbs and overcomes the mind and wise counsels of all gods and all men within them. 
From Chaos came forth Erebus (dark underdome space) and black Night; but of Night were born Aether (skydome space and atmosphere) and Day,  whom she conceived and bore from union in love with Erebus . 
And Earth first bore starry Heaven, equal to herself, to cover her on every side, and to be an ever-sure abiding-place for the blessed gods. And she brought forth long hills, graceful haunts  of the goddess Nymphs who dwell amongst the glens of the hills. 
She bore also the fruitless deep with his raging swell, Pontus, without sweet union of love. But afterwards she lay with Heaven and bore deep-swirling Oceanus, Coeus and Crius and Hyperion and Iapetus,  Theia and Rhea, Themis and Mnemosyne and gold-crowned Phoebe and lovely Tethys. After them was born Cronos the wily, youngest and most terrible of her children, and he hated his lusty sire.