Motion Source Goddesses - Selu, Selene

Selu is the main goddess of magic but she is often mixed up with Hekate who controls access to the forms of the heavenly bodies but does not animate them like Selu.

Selene found on a woman's wrist in the "House of the Golden Bracelet" from Pompeii (70 CE).
Sela (Selene = "Powers of Sela") found on a woman's wrist in the "House of the Golden Bracelet" from Pompeii (70 CE). Naples Archaeological Museum. Inventory number 14268
Selene found on a woman's wrist in the "House of the Golden Bracelet" from Pompeii (70 CE).
Sela (Selene = "Powers of Sela") found on a woman's wrist in the "House of the Golden Bracelet" from Pompeii (70 CE). Notice her raised arms holding up the night skyshell. The bracelet itself is a snake which represents the power of life and death. The magical motion powers typically represented the powers of fate.
Naples Archaeological Museum. Inventory number 14268

Sela, Salu, Selu, Selene

(June 23, 2023) While Su is the new moon god and the source of motion powers (astrology and emotional), Selu (Selene) is the feminine glowing complement to the dark new moon which defines the energy release amount. The word "Selene" with its /n/ ending means "Powers (plural) of Sela" in Akkadian.  

More generally, Sela is the celestial light goddess who represents the glow of stars, moon, planets, and souls. (The word "celestial" probably derives from Sela).  Besides the glow of heavenly bodies, Selu was also responsible for the souls of animals and people. These souls were were always imagined to be the sparks of life even up to today.  This is also why some mythologies equate stars with dead souls. Disembodied souls resided in the place of the dead which was thought to be the under under the earth plane (the underdome) which appeared as the dark sky during the night. The life source goddess Hekate  represented the underdome as a place and the collector of life powers.

Because of the generality of Selu's  powers, her specific magical moon powers corresponding to the bright full moon are called "Selu's eye" or the "Eye-of-fate" (Akkadian igu). Her magical moon powers are different from the feminine life powers of Ayu who is represented by the crescent moon. She is called the "Reed Boat." 

Greek writer Hesiod (500 BCE) in his Theogony said this about the goddess Selene stating in line 371 (the "clear" adjective in this text should be translated as "glowing": 

And Theia (celestial light) was subject in love to Hyperion (high watchers, divine sparks of consciousness) and bore great Helius (Sun) and clear Selene and Eos (Dawn) who shines upon all that are on earth and upon the deathless Gods who live in the wide heaven.Online at:

Despite this early mention here in Hesiod (and in Homer) no Greek temples were devoted to Selene indicating her foreign origin.

Druid Goddess Comparisons

Hecate from Sardinia


Life Source Goddess (Outer Layer)

Symbols: under-dome, arms across or on stomach to form under-dome shape

Epithet: (none known yet)

Life Manifestation Goddess Pillar Figurine from Israel (700-600 BCE)

Ayu (Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Hathor) 

Life Connective Goddess (Middle Layer) 

Symbols: crescent moon, wings, bees, hands just under breasts

Epithet: Reed-Boat, Opener, one of the "Controllers" (along with eagle-vultures)

Willendorf Venus with acorn hat

Asher (Asherah, Venus)

Life Manifestation Goddess (Inner Layer)

Symbols: hands on breasts with upward angled arms

Epithet: (none known yet)

Minoan Hecate Figurines

Selu (Salu, Selene)

Motion Source Goddess (Outer Layer)

Symbol: glowing things, heavenly bodies in the night sky. Air, feathers, song birds, Hands pointing upward

Epithet: (none known yet)

Minoan Goddess Selu Figurines at Heraklion Museum

Minoan Goddess Sela Figurines at Heraklion Museum with girl for scale.

(September 2, 2022) This picture shows Druid goddess Selu (Selene) figurines with their upraised hands behind the little girl to show their scale. This picture was taken in the Minoan Archaeological Museum in Heraklion Crete. 

These goddesses are a mix of colors and hand directions which seem to indicate how Selu's motion powers are being applied.  The red statuettes with hands towards each other indicate her motion power is being applied to the life powers, pushing the fertility fluids through the life network. In contrast, the white statuettes with hands forward indicate her motion powers are being applied to the winds to move boats and bring rain.

Minoan Phaistos Disk with Sign Assignments
Minoan Phaistos Disk with Sign Assignments
Image shows the Minoan Phaistos Disk with phonetic sign assignments by Olmsted. Sign assignment charts here.

Minoan: Back Side (Side A) of Phaistos Disk Mentions Selu

(August 11, 2022) The motion powers have two sources, the motions of the heavenly bodies, and inner human emotions whose control is emotion magic. This side blames human emotion magic but one argument blames humans directly while the other blames the magical intermediary of owls.

Translation into Akkadian

  1. ru guri ša na ya 
  2. lu Ḫu
  3. rāṣi panu
  4. rāṣi gagu šâṭu mi
  5. za na
  6. rāṣi panu
  7. ru guri ša na ya 
  8. lu Ḫu
  9. rāṣi panu
  10. rāṣi gaṣṣu bi gu ya
  11. mu i’u wa
  12. pu nu ta
  13. reta ki Ḫu
  14. na wa Su
  15. šela ya
  16. rāṣi gagu šâṭu mi
  17. ki Ḫu
  18. šela ya 

 Into English

  1. Eagle-vulture assault-powers don't reveal correspondences.
  2. Lacking is Hu.
  3. The upper-region-powers are being winnowed.
  4. The cloistered upper-region is being ignored by the fertility-fluid-powers
  5. which is eliminating the Revealer (Yahu).
  6. The upper-region-powers are being winnowed.
  7. Eagle-vulture assault-powers don't reveal correspondences.
  8. without Hu.
  9. The upper-region is being winnowed.
  10. The deathly upper-region-powers do not affect the energy nourishment powers
  11. Fertility-fluids cause misery for Yahu (I’)
  12. Nourishments are revealing the magic-crafters.
  13. The setter (of the network) is involved with Hu.
  14. The Revealer (Yahu) is making miserable Su.
  15. Sela (Selene) is not affected.
  16. The cloistered upper-region-powers are being ignored by the fertility-fluid-powers
  17. which are due to Hu.
  18. Sela (Selene) is not affected.


Olmsted, D.D. (September 17, 2021) Translation of the Minoan Phaistos Disk in Alphabetic Akkadian (Updated). Humanities Commons Permanent URL . Online at:
Minoan Linear A Malia Tablet Listing Ritual Supplies to Eliminate Misery
Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Minoan Malia Tablet HT 12 (Text Page 24 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).

 Minoan Malia Tablet HT 12 (1700 BCE)

(November 25, 2022) The text (Minoan Text 6) reads:

  1. For the elimination of Su’s miseries. Correspondences
  2. for respect 5, and for thread-powers 5.
  3. For the activity-powers of Su's Breather (Thesu) 1
  4. liquorice-root, and 30 emotional-purifications. For the life-powers 
  5. 5. For Salu (Selene) 3. For the elimination-powers 1.
  6. For Su-powers not affecting the Revealer by not affecting Hu 50.

In Akkadian

  1. zu su wa še 10
  2. ḥīya 5 qi 5
  3. ṣi si zaqa 1
  4. šušu 30 zīku du
  5. 5 šalu 3 zi 1
  6. si ya na Ḫu ya 50
Moabite Stele now in the Louvre in Paris
The remains of the Moabite Stele now in the Louvre in Paris. After a squeeze was taken of the text in preparation for purchase and western interest in it was revealed, the original stone was deliberately destroyed by the tribe which found it. The reason for this destruction is unknown. The light area is all that remains of the original stone. The dark basalt is a reconstruction based upon the squeeze.
Preserved Letters on the Moabite Stele as published by Mark Lidzbarski in 1898
The Preserved Letters on the Moabite Stele as published by Mark Lidzbarski in 1898. The grey area is the existing stone and the white area is what was preserved in the paper pressing. (from Wikimedia commons, originally in Handbuch der nordsemitischen Epigraphik, nebst ausgewählten Inschriften)
The tribes of Israel before the Elijah drought and civil war of 840 BCE according to the Hebrew Scriptures. The tribe of Reuben became Moab after that event. Their territories actually are the same and centered around the Arnon river. Notice how the territory of Benjamin is long and narrow indicating they were invaders who crossed the Jordan river and settled in the boarder lands between Judah and Ephraim. The territory of other tribes are more square. The tribe of Benjamin most likely were refuges fleeing from Moab during the 980 BCE drought which gave rise to the Moabite stele.

Translation in Akkadian of Moabite Stele - 980 BCE

(Selene mentioned in line 26)

(May 24, 2023)  This text is a debate and discussion about a drought between a life priest and an emotion-magic (magick) crafter. Both tend to blame each other. According to the life-priest, the only valid motion power (magic) are the astrological powers. The life-priest is claiming that emotion generated magic is interfering with these astrological powers. These motion powers are needed to push the fertility fluids through the life network in order to trigger Yahu to manifest life forms.

The earliest historical attestation of the word "Yahweh" is found in Line 18. The word means "power of Yahu." This provides more evidence that the tribe of Benjamin which composed this stele were the ancestors of Jewish culture who were forced to cross the Jordan River around the then ruined city of Jericho because of the drought and locust invasion mentioned in the text. (The Benjaminite's then began to build a city on the ruins of Jericho.)

The drought mentioned in this text must be the drought dated to 980 BCE. The text reads:

  1. (Life-Priest Speaking) Considerations (focused magical emotions) involving fertility-fluids are blocking nourishments. The Revealer (Yahu) is being bound by activity-levels. Fertility-fluids are lacking involvement (with activity-levels).  Fertility-fluids are lacking involvement. Those fertility-fluids are being nourished by enlightenments (astrological motion powers).
  2. (Magick Crafter Speaking) The enemy is not revealed |  Life-priests lack emotion-powers.  Prodders (magic-crafters) are lacking fertility-fluids. Life-priests are fighting activity-levels.  Repel the pasture (astrological powers).  Considerations are binding the lack of involvement. 
  3. (Life-Priest Speaking) Don't craft-magic.  Attend to the eagle-vultures.  Those are not being nourished. |  When will motion-powers activate the sky-shell? Fertility-fluids are being properly-portioned. Its magic that is lacking involvement.  Enable the nourishments. Threads are annointing nothing |  Emotionally-release blockages of the fertility-fluids
  4. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Blockages are involving Yahu (YH). Blockages are being revealed. Emotion-powers are restraining the Supervisors (Ayu and eagle-vultures). Lack is involving the Revealer.  Don't weave together the gathering of considerations. Astrological-powers are not involved with the sins of Ayu:  |  the Reed-Boat's (Ayu) eagle-vultures.
  5. (Life-Priest Speaking) Are not fertility-fluids lacking involvement?  Does not life-space lack those?  When will Yahu (Ya'u) be revealed?  Fate-curses are life-cursing the life-priests.  Emotions are culling the nourishments revealing their involvement.  Pain is energized by considerations. Involving active fertility-fluids. Nourish the Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures)
  6. (Magick Crafter Speaking) They bring nothing | The fate-curses of Hu energize the lack. The sky-shell is revealed. Nothing is fate-cursing the Reed-boat. Falseness does not bring fertility-fluids. That is activating abandonment. That is cursing the life-priests |  Nourishments are not emotions. The Reed-boat's eagle-vultures are involved. Connect to the eagle-vultures.
  7. (Life-Priest Speaking) When Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures) are not brought by life-priests. When Gatekeepers (owls) are not brought by magic-crafters. When scarcity is from eagle-vultures. Lack from life-priests is from manifestations. The life-priest's divine-powers are lacking fertility-fluids. Fate-cursed are the eagle-vultures. Blockages are not making rain. Those magic-crafter-powers should be emotionally-restraining that.
  8. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Obligations (from priest rituals) are not bringing manifestations of those nourishments | Fate-curses are activating the Gatekeepers (owls). Nothing is emotionally-triggering the attention of the covering (astrological powers). Are not emotions an enemy? The Revealer (Yahu) did not bring the nested Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures). The Revealer's drought is activated by a fate-curse.
  9. (Life-Priest Speaking) Nourishments are being starved by the fertility-fluid's activity-level.  Nourishments are not being emotionally-empowered. | Fate-cursing of the nourishments has been revealed.  That nests magic.  Lack of pushing is from being abandoned by the motion-powers. Activity-levels are being nourished by nothing.  Nothing is celestially-healing the radiations (life giving heat, light from sun) and the life-priest's revelations
  10. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Those magic-powers are not querying (praying) for magic's revelations. | Fate-curses on activity-levels do not manifest energy. Activity-levels are gating the Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures). The drunkenness of Thu is setting the pushing (of the fertility-fluids). Lack of fertility-fluids is from fate-cursing nourishment's revelations. Lack of the Supervisor (Ayu) is from not being meek. 
  11. (Life-Priest Speaking) Life-Space is from Alu. The pasture (night sky's astrological powers) sets Thu. | Fate-curses are splitting-off Hu's fertility-fluids. Swarms of eagle-vultures and attendants (owls) are emanating nothing | Fate-curses are gathering the energy.  These fertility-fluids are emotionally restraining Yahu's (E'u) revealed fertility-fluids.
  12. (Magick Crafter Speaking) No one is querying (praying) for the eagle-vultures. Omens are lacking involvement with the fertility-fluids. Activate and make defiant the life-priests (who affect eagle-vultures) | Fate-curses are activating division. Dehydration is from emotion-magic. Controllers (Ayu & eagle-vultures) do the irrigated-field (life-network). Magic-crafter's emotional-attention is on activity (flow of the fertility-fluid).
  13. (Life-Priest Speaking) Hu is being nourished by the high-ones.  Energy is not revealing involvement with fertility-fluids.  Desires are querying (praying for) omens. |  Fate-curses nourish desires.  Nothing is coming from magic.  Expulsions from life-space are revealing the fate-curses. Magic changes-activity-levels with considerations (focused emotions).
  14. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Fertility-fluids are set by Hu. | Fate-Cursed is the Reed-Boat (Ayu). Eagle-Vultures are administering the bindings. Activity-levels are lacking involvement with the attendants (owls). Emanations are coming from magic. Revelations are being nourished by Yahu (E'u). Lack is making scarce the eagle-vultures of Alu: | the weavers.
  15. (Life-Priest Speaking) Nothing is weakening the constrainers (astrological powers). Lack of attention-shifting (emotion magic powers) is from that. Lack of magic-powers is from paralysis of fertility-fluids. Nothing nourishes the fertility-fluids. Envy is being shed by Hu. Eagle-vultures are pasturing the life-manifestations. Confusion is gathering-together the fertility-fluids | Fate-cursed is Hu.
  16. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Emanations (from moon and stars) bring the attention-shifting. The gathering-place's energy is getting involved with (its) deficiency. Activity-levels are nesting magic. Those vibrations are being revealed. Energy is nourishing the eagle-vultures which are abandoning judgment. |  Powers-Of-Death are seeing magic. The powers-of-death are involved.
  17. (Life-Priest Speaking) The pasture (night sky) is anointing murder. |  The prodding of astrological-powers is causing drought. Eagle-vultures are being bound by activity-levels (motion powers). Nothing is coming from Hu. Eagle-vultures are murdering nothing. |  Fate-cursed are the life-threads of Hu. Fertility-fluids are being dehydrated by anger.
  18. (Magick Crafter Speaking) Not lacking Yahweh (any powers of Yahu) is from fate-cursing the revolt. Nourishments are being controlled by the lack of energy. The Revealer (Yahu) is activated by irrigation from fertility-fluid's. | Storm-powers are lacking prodding. Life is still coming from the lord of revelations (Yahu). Nothing is coming from magic.
  19. (Life-Priest Speaking) Yahu (YH) is being roasted by a scarcity of nourishments. Nourishments are not coming from the sky-shell. Lacking is magic. The paralysis is not affected by the sky-shell. |  Fate-cursing is guiding the activity-levels. Starvation dehydrates the fertility-fluids. Energy redirects the revelations (of life-forms).
  20. Magick Crafter Speaking) Expectations are paralyzing the fertility-fluids. Life-priests should replace those fertility -fluids. Those activity-powers are being restrained. Eagle-vultures are activating nothing. |  Fate-Curses are activating those. The sky-shell is the same as Yahu (YH). Fate-Curses are not from Hu's emanations.
  21. (Life-Priest Speaking) Any lack of Su (motion powers) is from energizing the pasture (night sky with emotion magic). Any lack of Life-manifestations is from making an enemy of the Revealer (Yahu). | Considerations are involved with the nourishments. Don't prune the life-threads. Eagle-vultures of Hu are not doing anything. Hu is being murdered. Nothing of Yahu is abandoned by the eagle-vultures. Hu is being murdered.
  22. Magick Crafter Speaking) Yahu (E'u) is detached. |  Fate-Curses are stripping naked the nourishments. Don't prune the blockages. Shepherds (magic crafters) will attend to those. The Revealer (Yahu) has been involved with nourishments. The Revealer does not craft-emotion-magic. Fertility-fluids are being energized by the water-bringer (Ba'al). Emotion-magic is bringing nothing.  |  It is fate-cursed.  |
  23. (Life-Priest Speaking) The Revealer (Yahu) has been involved with nourishments. The Revealer (Yahu) has not been doing magic. The houses (zodiac) lack fertility-fluids. (Their) involvement is fate-cursing the Revealer. (Their) prodding is being activated by magic. The irrigated field (life network) is lacking Ayu. Nothing is being expelled. [rubbed out phrase]. The Revealer is being swarmed the authorities (planets).
  24. Magick Crafter Speaking) Nothing is being queried (prayed for) |  While seers (natural world diviners) are considering the swarm (locusts), the authorities (planets) are ineffective. The authorities should be queried. Hu is shifting-attention. The astrologers are lacking emotional-restraint. Yahu (E')  is being pushed away. Activity is due to lack.
  25. (Life-Priest Speaking) Those bindings (from planets) are activating the seers. Gatekeepers (owls) are foreshadowing nothing. |  Fate-Curses are stripping-naked the involvement of eagle-vultures. Don't craft-emotion-magic. The Supervisor (Ayu) is involved with eagle-vultures. Figs are lacking. Query (pray for) Hu. The sky-shell will celestially-heal the eagle-vultures.
  26. Magick Crafter Speaking) [destroyed phrase] life-space  Alu  |  Considerations (focused emotions) are getting involved with nourishments. The pruning shepherds Yahu (I'). Eagle-vultures are fate-cursed. The Revealer (Yahu) is being prodded. Activity is not being magically-generated by the Supervisor (Ayu). Selu (Selene) is that arousal. Eagle-vultures are due to chaos. 
  27. (Life-Priest Speaking) Considerations (focused emotions) are getting involved with nourishments.  The Revealer (Yahu) does not craft-magic. Nourish arousal of the fertility-fluids. Magic could be prodding the gathering-place (network layer). Su (full moon god) is not doing that. |  Consideration (focused emotions) are getting involved with nourishments. The Revealer (Yahu) does not craft-magic. Nourish the Conductor (star Sirius). Involve Yahu's moon-eye (Su).
  28. Magick Crafter Speaking) [2 or 3 words missing] activity. Don't manifest the nourishments of stillness (death). Fertility-fluids are activating the Revealer. Don't be involved with the restraints which don't manifest the nourishments of the Revealer. Fertility-fluids are being activated by the pushing from magic. |  Fate-cursed is the Revealer. The Involvement of the fertility-fluids (with emotion magic) is weak.
  29. (Life-Priest Speaking) [2 words missing]. [Emotions] are aroused by that. Queries expel the Revealer. Shepherds (magic crafters) lack Su. Magic lacks Yahu (Y'). Nothing is being controlled by correspondences (emotion magic). | Fate-Cursed is the Revealer's involvement.  Nourish the pruning (of life-threads).
  30. Magick Crafter Speaking) [missing phrase]. Motion-powers are nourishing magic. The connections (of network links) are lacking replacements. | The patroller's (planet's) magic is nesting. Any-lack is from pushing away the Revealer (by life powers). Fate-Cursed is the activity-level which is expelling fertility-fluids. That magic is pouring-away the life-manifestations.
  31. (Life-Priest Speaking) ..... Nothing is controlling the correspondences. |  Radiation of the dawn is being chaotic. Scarcity is being gated by the sky-shell ....
  32. Magick Crafter Speaking) .... [missing words] Reed-Boat's eagle-vultures. Any lack of irrigation is from the fertility-fluid's activity-levels driving nothing. Any lack of magic is from Hu's fertility-fluids being thin. Dawn is being chaotic |  Cursed is the driver of [missing word].
  33. (Life-Priest Speaking) .... Nourishments are being starved by the fertility-fluid's activity-levels. Nourishments are not emotional. Fate-curses are astrologically-empowering the life-manifestations.  The Supervisor (Ayu) has been activated. Pushing has been activated | [missing word]
  34. Magick Crafter Speaking) .... Murder is being fed by the threads. Cursed is the Revealer's [missing word]
  35. ….


Compston, H.F.B (1919) The inscription on the Stele of Mesa, commonly called the Moabite Stone.  Published in 1919 in the United States by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, MacMillan Co., New York, published in Britain by William Clowes and Sons, Limited, London. Online at:

Etruscan: Piacenza Liver Right Inner Section 5 (500 BCE)

Translation in Akkadian (Celt Text 1.6.5)

(read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. ŠeLu  NeZu  
  2. Ṭu  PaSu

In English

  1. Selu (Selene) is emptying
  2. Thu of light
Find location not reported. Now at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem (Number 1841). Seal made of  slightly translucent white and brown agate, 20 x 15 x 10 mm.

Judah: Selu/Selene Is Of The Night Sky (800 - 700 BCE)

(May 8, 2023) Central image is of an Egyptianized sun god Hu (Atum-Re) having a hawk head (rain bringing storm form Horus, Ba'al) and a lion body (sun god Hu, Re). It is winged indicating it belongs to the middle connective layer of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. It is wearing an abstracted version of the double crown of Egypt indicating it is a deity. It is facing a radiating star having concentric circles which represents Selu/Selene. Between them is the image of fertility-fluid (filtrate) penetrating the sky-shell. Selu is the motion source goddess who represents the sparks of life as the producers of motion. Both stars and animals had this spark of life.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 60.190)

(Read right to left. Capital letters on seal. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verb is italic bold)
  1.  ISsu  U  TaWu (Levant Text 60.190.1) 

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English 

  1.  The Woman (Selu, Selene) is of the pasture (night sky)

Previous Hebrew Translation Attempt

Some Hebrew language scholars claim the text reads as follows: 

  1. Yonatan


Seal bought in Jerusalem allegedly from Hebron area. Now at Israel Museum (69.66.551) in Jerusalem. Seal made from Ivory or bone, 15 x 13 x 6 mm.

Hebron in Judah: Blaming Goddess Selu/Selene for the Drought (730 BCE)

(April 22, 2023)  Image (double lines) is that of the sky-shell.  This date is mostly determined by the pointy style of the letter "A." Selu is the motion source goddess representing the light and life motion power emanations from the stars.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 60.69)

(Read right to left. Capital letters on seal. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verb is italic bold)
  1. Lu  ALu  ISsu  Ku (Levant Text 60.69.1) 
  2. Bu  Zu  APu (Levant 60.69.2)

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English. 

  1. Lack of Alu involves the Woman (Selu, Selene) 
  2. Nourishments are veiled by emanations

Previous Hebrew Translation Attempt

Some Hebrew language scholars claim the text reads as follows: 


Bought in Jerusalem in 1969, allegedly from Hebron district. Now at the Israel Museum (number 73.19.15). Seal made of black limestone, 11.5 x 9.5 x 7 mm.

Hebron in Judah: Defending The Feminine Powers of Selu/Selene and Asiru/Asherah

(May 2, 2023)  Selu is the motion source goddess representing the light and life motion power emanations from the stars. As a motion goddess she is doing the prodding. Asiru/Asherah is the life manifestation goddess responsible for filling the life forms opened by Yahu.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 60.138)

(Read right to left. Capital letters on seal. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verb is italic bold)
  1. ISu  Ṣe’u Ya  ESu (Levant Text 60.138.1) 
  2. TaLu  Ṣu  Ka'u (Levant Text 60.138.2) 

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English 

  1. The Woman (Selu, Selene) is not blocking the filtrate
  2. The mounded-one (Asiru, Asherah) is being activated by the prodding

Previous Hebrew Translation Attempt

Some Hebrew language scholars claim the text reads as follows: 

  1. Belonging to Hosha'yahu
  2. (son of) Elishama'


The Kfar Varadim Bronze Ritual Bowl.  Iron Age II, 9th century BCE, H: 3; Diam: 14 cm, Israel Antiquities Authority Accession number: IAA 1999-842. (from

Above map copied from Nijboar (2008) 

Mauzizao Sannibale says this about this rare silver fluted bowl in his review of the artistic similarities between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean:
"The fluted bowl is another example of a ceremonial vase of eastern origin, adopted and reproduced in Etruria. Used only by the king and his officials in the Assyrian court, it became a symbol of rank in aristocratic Etruscan banquets and was employed symbolically in banquets of the dead and of the ancestors. The few imported examples can be identified by the dense fluting that became less pronounce and more widely spaced in the locally produced versions. In the Regoline-Galassi tomb, apart from an (this) example in silver there were also eleven bronze fluted bowls attached with nails to the walls of the main burial chamber and  possibly the antechamber. " (photo and quote from Sannibale 2016) 

Israel: Selu Mentioned on Kfar Varadim Bronze Ritual Bowl (650 BCE)

(Feb 12, 2023) This bowl was found in 1995 within an early Iron Age II archaeological layer in a burial cave. This cave was located in northern Galilee 10 miles (17 km) northeast of Acre and a few miles north of the Jezreel valley (Alexandre 2002a). In 1997 this bowl was cleaned and it was found to contain an inscription (Alexandre 2002b).  The bowl’s deposit layer of Iron Age II dates it to between 1000 and 600 BCE.  The Etruscans exported these sorts of ritual bowls between 750 and 600 BCE.

The letters on this bronze fluted serving bowl are a mix of Philistine and Israelite meaning it was written locally on a ritual bowl imported from Eturia. The language of the text is Akkadian. It reads: 

Translation in Akkadian

(Read right to left. Capital letters on foil Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. U  SeLu  E  ḪaBu  Nu  Ṣu  Mu  Le'u (Levant Text 3)

In English. 

  1. When Selu is not bringing passions for revelations activate fertility-fluids with astrological-powers

Selu is the Motion source goddess who represents the spark of animation (soul) as the source of emotions/motions and the glow of the heavenly bodies. Her masculine complement is the full moon god Su. The "revelations" mentioned in the text are the manifestations of invisible life forms provided by the life powers. For a form to be manifested it must be triggered by fertility fluids which in turn must be pushed though the channels of the life network either by emotion magic or astrological powers.


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Right Side of Hathor statuette found on the floor of the Hathor temple at the turquoise mine at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai
 Image from Butin 1932.
Left Side of Hathor statuette found on the floor of the Hathor temple at the turquoise mine at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai
These letters are too indistinct in this left side image to properly identify. Image from Butin 1932.

Sinai: Aegean Graffiti on Serabit el-Khadim Hathor Statuette Blames Goddess Selu (1470-1150 BCE)

(Jan 29, 2023) This red sandstone statuette was found on the floor of the Hathor temple at the turquoise mine at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai. It is blaming the life-priests with their grilled meat fat (aroma) offerings to Hathor (the feminine connective life power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm).

Top Text in Akkadian (Sinai Text 5.3)

(right to left reading)
  1. selȗ mâ’u mu a

In English

  1. Selu is pushing away these fertility-fluids

Bottom Text in Akkadian (right to left reading)

  1. bu zu du

In English

  1. Nourishments are being eliminated by the life-powers

Drawing of Gerster inscription from Rainey (1975). Letter assignments added by Olmsted.

Drawing of Gerster inscription (Sinai 376) from Rainey (1975). Letter assignments added by Olmsted.

Photo from page 65 from Gerster (1961)

Sinai: Gerster (Bir Nasb) Inscription Mentions Motion-Magic is Due to Planets (1400 BCE)

(Jan 13, 2023) The Gerster inscription found at a Sinai copper ore mine only 5 miles from Serabit el-Khadim.  The text reads:

In Akkadian (top to bottom,  right to left, Sinai Text 7)

  1. Tu Ku RaBu
  2. A Zu Mu (Letter "M" is Minoan Linear A)
  3. Tu Qu DaBu  Y (Letter "Y" is Minoan Linear A with bottom half rubbed out)  
  4. Qu L'u U ("U" is the verb here)

In English

  1. Motion-Magic is due to the authorities (planets)
  2. They are eliminating the water 
  3. Threading magic (from life-priests) does not affect the connections (of the network)
  4. Threading is because of the astrological-powers

This promotion of the magival motion powers over the life powers is Phoenician and not Israelite


Gerster, George (1961) Sinai, Land der Offenbarung. Frankfurt a.M. u.a., Büchergilde Gutenberg
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This child's Punic gravestone with text found at Cirta (ancient Constantine, Algeria).
This child's Punic gravestone with text found at Cirta (ancient Constantine, Algeria). It is now in the Louvre Museum in France. So far the word "Tanit" has not yet appeared in any properly translated Phoenician or Punic text. The image of "Tanit" is actually the goddess Sela.
Photo from Carol Raddato via Wikimedia Commons at:,_found_in_Cirta_(ancient_Constantine,_Algeria),_around_300-200_BC,_Louvre_Lens,_France_(26329653164).jpg

Punic Child Gravestone Text Blames Drought on Human Anger Overcoming Divine Powers (170 BCE)

(September 5, 2022) The top image of this gravestone is that of the full moon god Su traveling across the sky-dome at night. The bottom image is of his feminine partner Selu representing the spirits of the underworld.  

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 28)

(read right to left on stone. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. IA DâNu Ya. Be'u IH R[2]
  2. AGu NaDu Re'u. BaDu A Gi NuNu
  3. Bu Ne'u Gi. Du Re'u IA. Ru NuNu
  4. Su Ma'u A. IA Bu R[ ]

In English

  1. Yahu (IA or YA) is not being judged. The nest [missing verb] Yahu 
  2. Anger is throwing down the shepherds (magic crafters).  The evening makes anarchic their emotional-energy
  3. Nourishments (fertility fluids) are affected by emotional-energy. Life-Manifestations are being shepherded by Yahu (IA or YA). The eagle-vultures are anarchic.
  4. Su is being pushed away by that. Yahu's (IA or YA) nourishments are [missing words]

The goddess Selu (Selene = "powers of Selu") shown at the bottom of this gravestone is the goddess of the underworld where resides the spirits of the dead and unborn. Both Selu and Su are source deities of the magical motion powers. Su mainly represents the motions generated by the astrological heavens while Selu represents the motions generated by emotions. She is the main goddess of emotion magic but is often mixed up with Hekate who creates the spirits but does not animate them.

Translated Roman-Jewish War Silver Half Shekel Coin from Jerusalem
Translated Roman-Jewish War Silver Half Shekel Coin from Jerusalem
Coin is unprovenanced. 

Judah: Roman-Jewish War Silver Half Shekel Coin from Jerusalem (66-70 CE)

(Feb 18, 2023)

Chalice Side Translation (Lev 31.1)

In Akkadian

(read right to left)
  1. (center) Ša Gi
  2. ŠaQu  _  Zu  IŠaRu   ALu (Horizontal line is a word divider)

In English

  1. Similar Energies:
  2. The maximal-amount of emanations are from the "righteousness of Alu" (God)

(When used alone "righteousness of Alu" is the word "Israel" as the "righteous-ones of God"

Pomegranate Side Translation (Lev 31.2)

In Akkadian

(read right to left)
  1.  IRu  Ṣu  ŠeLu.  IKu  EṬu  Da.  Ṣu  Še  E

In English

  1. Astrological-powers are being activated by Selu. The irrigated-field (life-network) is the boundary of life-manifestations.  Activation does not make them the same.
Ulstad Lead Tablet. Photo by Mårten Teigen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Onine at:

Location of Ulstad, Norway. It is not too far from Oslo.

(June 25, 2023) This text on a thin lead tablet which would would have been displayed in a Druid temple. Text tablet from Ulstad, Lom, Oppland. It dates to about 1300 based on its letter styles. 

This text is blaming a drought on the lack of good integration between the life powers and magical motion powers. The first two lines blame the motion and life powers individually. The rest of the text goes to explain why integration is needed. (Letter assignments shown in images below.)

Translation in Akkadian (Celt Text 22)

(read left to right. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold) 
  1. TaBu  Gu  Ya  Tu  RuŠu  E'u  :  Gi Tu  SaGu  AYu.  Ta'u  IŠu  Šu.  Za'u  Ya  [3] (Celt 22.1)
  2. LaKu  Gu  Ya  PaYu.  Za'u  Gu  A.  Su  Du  E.  Ṣe'u  ŠuGu  AWu  Ṭu  A'u  Šu   IDu.  Gu  Su.
  3. Tu  Ku  Šu  AWu.  A  AWu  Pu  Ya  Du  A  :  Ya  Qu  AŠuGu  Ta'u.  Gu  A  La'u.  IKu  A  Du. 
  4. IŠu  Šu  Za'u  A.  ETu  Du  IŠu.  IGu  Ku  Su.  SeLu  NuNu  UŠu.  E  ḪeSu  AWu  Ku  E[3]
  5. ILu  A  U'a.  Lu  EBu  Ḫu  EGu  Ya'u.  Tu  Di'u  IWu  IGu.  Ga'u  Pu  Bu  Ḫu.  Gu  TaBu  IGu.  L'  [2]
  6. RuGu  Ḫu  Ku  ADu.  Tu  Du  Ya {human figure}.  Qu  IWu  Ya  Gi.  Gi  IWu  A  Ḫu.  YaYa  BaMu  ESu.  AB  A [3 letters] some runes bound near the end
  7. Ru  SuḪa  Du.  Šu  QaŠu  E.  Ḫu  La  Šu  Qu.  A  Ku  Du.  Ya  Ḫu  LaŠu  Gi.  TaWu  Gu  Tu.  Zu  Ya L[4]T  Du  Šu  Ya.
  8. Bu  IRu  LuE  IGu  U  E  Šu  EGu.  UYa  ŠaḪu  EṬu  GeŠu.  ŠeTu  YaYa  UGu  Du.
  9. A  ḪaWu  Lu  Du.  Ya  A  Ḫu.  UGu  RaKu  A  Ḫu.  Šu  AGu  Ḫu.

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1. (Blaming magic) Arousals (emotion-magic) should not energize astrology magic for leading Yahu  (E'u) :   Energy for astrology-magic can make trouble for Ayu.  The pasture (starry night sky) can confuse the same.  Don't bake [2 words].
  2. (Blaming life-powers) The weak-willed should not be energizing the network-birds.  Baking is energized by them.  Su can life-manifest nothing. Blockages are similar. Energize the motion-powers. Thu's motion-powers will do the same for life-channels. Energize Su.
  3. (Blaming lack of integration) Astrology-magic's involvement is making motion-powers the same. Those motion-powers cannot open those life-manifestation-powers :  Are not the life-threads being expelled.  Energized the pasture. Energize the astrological-powers. Irrigate those life-manifestation-powers.
  4. Confusion is from making baking-powers (life powers) the same (as magic powers).  The boundary (sky-shell) confuses the life-manifesting.  The eye-of-fate (Selu's eye, glowing full moon) is involving Su.  Selu (Selene) is causing chaos with the foundations.  Nothing is covering-up the motion-power's involvement with [2 words]
  5. Those high-life-powers are fate-cursed. The lack of the sky-shell is from Hu (sky shell sun god) neglecting YaHu (Y').  Astrology-magic of the divine-realm can redirect the eye-of-fate (Selu's eye, glowing full moon).  Break-through the openings by nourishing Hu.  Energize the arousal of Selu's eye.  Astrological powers [2 words].
  6. The falseness of Hu can involve the Observer (Su). Astrology-magic cannot manifest {humans}.  Life-threads cannot be redirected by energy. Energy can redirect those Hu-powers. Pain divides the filtrate.  [sentence]
  7. Eagle-vultures are rebelling against life-manifestor (Yahu).  The same are gifting nothing. Hu is lacking the same life-threads. Those are involving life-manifestations.  Is not Hu influenced by energy.  The pasture (starry night sky)  can be energized by astrology-magic.  Don't emanate [2 or 3 words]   life-manifestations are not the same
  8. Nourishments for astrological-powers are lacking.  Nothing is for Selu's Eye and nothing is for similar neglected-ones.  Fate-curse's winds belch-out the darkness.  The life-network's Hu manifests death.
  9. This howling is from lacking life-manifestations. Are not those from Hu. Death is raking-in those Hu-powers. The same is angering Hu.