Hero Heraklez

(Nov. 23, 2022) Demons and Heroes are human-like spirits which arose after lordification had permeated Druid culture. They may be associated with the Indo-European culture. Heraklez was the fighter of the life powers represented by the sun god Hu against malfunctioning motion powers from both its astrological source and magical emotion source.

Heraklez (Herakles) Identified on Etruscan Pottery (550 BCE)

(Nov 23, 2022) This krater was found near the former Etruscan city of Vulci in 1883 on the northern Italian coast.  It is now located at the Louvre Museum and it dates to between 600 to 550 BCE because of its black on light color style.

Name (Phonetic)

Read left to right

Translation in Akkadian (Med 23.1.1)

Read left to right when viewed from human figure point of view. Capital letters on pot. Inner vowels inferred
  1. Ḫu ERra AKu Lu EZu 

In English

  1. Hu's encloser of emotion-owls who are lacking lunar-energy
Heraklez in Front Scene Fighting Blocked Openings Causing Drought Producing Sun (550 BCE)

Whole Scene Shows Heraklez Fighting the Magical Life-Power Blockers which Make a Sick Sun Causing Drought (550 BCE)

(Nov. 23, 2022) Notice the dying cone-hatted wizard at the bottom.

Traditional Druid writing direction texts are labeled blue with new Greek style writing direction texts labeled white. The Druid style writing direction describes what is happening while the Greek style writing direction commands what should be done. During this transition time between Akkadian and Greek the Druid culture was still perceived to be the source of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Heraklez (Herakles) during this time period is identified by his wearing of an animal skin instead of carrying it as a shield on his arm. Positive identification is provided by his name label of "Heraklez." The shield bearers represent the openings through the sky-shell which are being forced to block divine life flows (fertility fluids) by magic. Notice one shield bearer has started to retreat. 

  1. ("Heraklez') Hu's encloser of emotion-owls lacking lunar-energy
  2. The Openers are affecting awareness of the neglected-ones
  3. High-Powers are being eliminated. The starvation of Yahu (YA) is from the eliminations. Breaking-through the openings will not come from lunar-energy (impatience).
  4. (Greek) Eliminate motion-magic. Lunar-energy (impatience) eliminates Yahu. That Revealer is eliminated by astrological-powers
  5. (Greek) Turn-away the eagle-vultures and magic which det[ach] Yahu

(Louvre 1883 Entry Number MNC 495, Catalog number F 53.1). Letter assignments by Olmsted. 

Sick Sun with No Snakes (330 BCE)

A later version of the sick sun which the Greeks called a Gorgon. This one is from the north Aegean Island of Thaso and dates to between 400 and 300 BCE. It is the same sick sun as  shown on the shield but with longer teeth and no snakes. Originally the sharp teeth simply represented the sun's rays and only later did they become fangs. This image continued to evolve becoming the Green Man seen on Medieval Cathedrals. It is now at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. (Shakko Creative Commons 2009)

Heraklez Fighting Blocked Openings Caused by Divine Birds (550 BCE)

A different Etruscan krater found in Vulci in 1848 which shows Heraklez fighting the motion powers of the magical birds, specifically, the owls and eagle-vultures. Louvre (1848).

Heraklez Fighting Magical Ibexes (Swans) (500 BCE)

This Etruscan Krater was found in central Italy in 1863 and it shows Heraklez morphing into his classical style with him holding a lion skin instead of wearing it. He is out hunting birds so his weapon is a sling. The letters are too indistinct to read in this photo (Louvre 1863)