Sicilian Coins (499 BCE)

For translation methodology see: How to Translate Alphabetic Akkadian Texts

Because alphabetic Akkadian was unknown until recently scholars could not translate it. Therefore, they assumed this text was only the name "Zankle" despite the fact that the letter Z is not even in the text. Photo from

So Called "Zankle" Coin Minted in Sicily 500-493 BCE

(June 3, 2023)  Fish image represents motion powers from a conflation of the the Akkadian words ziqu  meaning breath, wind, spirit (motion power manifestations) and ziqqatû which means "fish." The /t/ ending in Akkadian is also a feminine word modifier so a spiritual power is also a "lady-fish."

The text style is Etruscan yet it is written in the Greek direction.

Translation in Akkadian

(Read left to right in the Greek style. Capital letters on coin. Small letters are inferred inner vowels. Verb is italic bold)
  1. Du  ANu  KaLu  E (Med 31.1)  

In English. 

  1.  Life-Manifestations are not from restrained considerations (focused emotions of emotion magic)

This text is saying that the manifestations of life forms is not helped by constraining emotion magic which aids in pushing the fertility fluids through the life network. These pushed fertility fluids then are able to trigger Yahu to manifest the life forms. This concern seems to have been motivated by a drought which occurred during this time.