Common Correspondences

(July 7, 2022) Correspondences are spiritual/emotional resonances generated by physical things or events.

Compelling plant correspondences to the four classical elements. This shows that the four elements are a great yet simple framework for all sorts of emotional resonances.

Elemental Correspondences

(July 7, 2022) This group of correspondences provides a simple framework encompassing most emotions. This is why they are often used to call the corners when creating a sacred space for rituals.

Earth (north)

  1. Confidence

  2. Stability, Grounding, Practicality

  3. Home, Comfort

Air (east) (ancient languages used the same word for air and spirit)

  1. Insight, Awareness

  2. Empathy

  3. Motion, Spirits (winds of change)

Fire (south)

  1. Passion, Energy, Motivation

  2. Heat, Primal Feelings

  3. Transformation

Water (west)

  1. Cleansing

  2. Life Flow, Focus (moving waters, blood, sap, rivers)

  3. Life Birth and Death, Reflection (still waters, womb, ponds)

A good selection of magical stones. Their magic comes from the feelings and perceptual biases they generate within you and not from any inherent power on their part. While they have suggested resonances based upon what has worked for others you must discover what those feelings really are for you.
To properly unlock the power of a stone requires that you first work with it. Start the working by cleaning the stone with water, hold it a while, look at it, get to know it, lets its gut level meaning sink into you. Next carry it around for a week. Put it into your pocket or purse so you can handle it often in order that it will never be far from your thoughts. If handling a gem for the first time the ideal situation after a week is to talk about it with an experienced practitioner. You will often be surprised at the results.

Top Magical Stones

(July 7, 2022) Listed below are the suggested resonances for the most popular stones:

  1. Quartz (clear) - amplifies and focuses psychic energies just like it does to light.

  2. Hematite - this dark metallic stone is used for banishing and disposing of unwanted psychic energies by reflecting them away. This power may actually reflect emotions back at you if you are holding onto unresolved issues causing increased feelings of unease.

  3. Amethyst - psychic abilities, emotional calming and focus due to its purple color which is the first color of seen whey scrying through your eyelids when starting to go into that spiritually connective zone.

  4. Citrine - for doing something with wealth due to its golden color

  5. Rose Quartz - a pink crystal so amplifying love and sex

  6. Carnelian - a dark-orange ember like stone so fire-like passion and transformation (also a comfort stone reminding one of a campfire)

  7. Tiger’s Eye - the strength of a tiger, also for protection

  8. Turquoise - Blue-green life color so healing

  9. Jasper - a multicolored stone representing a common foundation with many aspects. Used in divination and self-help. Also used to represent the various chakras

  10. Obsidian - the mystic night so it opens the more "scary" feelings

  11. Mookite - for bringing hidden emotions forward

  12. Salt – purification due to white color, protection due to its absorption of moisture.

  13. Labradorite - Its iridescent plays of dark color brings out the feelings of wonder and amazement about the natural realm.

  14. Opal - Its iridescent plays of light color brings out the feelings of wonder and amazement about the celestial or divine realm.

The Sacred Cup. For a taste of advanced numerology which goes beyond the ancient era consider the sacred cup.
It's shape is defined by the "natural number" (Euler number) which is written as the letter "e." It is written this way because it is an irrational number which can never be precisely defined. It is 2.71828182...... .
Its significance is that it represents rates of change which are proportional to it underlying quantity. Looking at the sacred cup we see that its sides rise ever faster the higher it is from the base. This number is found everywhere in nature.

Numerology: The Resonances of Numbers

(July 7, 2022) Numbers have had meanings since ancient times. The meanings listed below are the ones which appear in history but your emotional responses to them might be different:​

  1. Number One : "Wholeness, Unity"

  2. Number Two: "Polarity" - from the opposite ends of things

  3. Number Three : "Connectedness" - from the linkage of opposites. The number three has the connective middle. This is thus the number of days to transition between states in ancient legal codes. This is why tradition had to claim that Jesus took three days to change from a mortal life to a divine life. As a 3-pointed triangle is represents a door or gateway.

  4. Number Four: "Earth" - from the four cardinal directions, the "ends of the earth," The four winds, etc.

  5. Number Five: "Humanity" - from the five appendages of humans (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head). As a five pointed star it represents humanity, when put into the bounded yet infinite circle it represents the divine-human connection as the Pentacle.

  6. Number Six: Both realms of Nature or the "Totality" - from the complete filling of flat space by a hexagon and the filling of 3-D space by a six sided cube. Six chambers are found in vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Quartz crystals and snow flakes have six sides. The cardinal directions of 3-D space are six. As two triangles a six pointed star is the Gateway Star which represents the union of mother earth and father sky.

  7. Number Seven: "Divine" - from the number of planetary spheres or heavens in ancient times. (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). They were deified and given a day of the week in order of their perceived distance from earth. We still have Sun-day, Moon-day (Monday) and Saturn-day (Saturday). Also the Pleiades star cluster which was known as the seven sisters in ancient times. It was visible above the horizon between Samhain and Imbolc so it defined the earthly winter season and harvest times for the ancients. (Sparavigna) (Antonello)

  8. Number Eight: "Luck" - from the balance inherent in the Divine - This meaning comes from its shape as two circles which individually represent bounded infinity. Bounded infinity is a divine principle. Divine balance produces luck because fortune can shift easily either way.

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  12. Number Twelve: "Completeness" - from the number of lunar cycles (months) in a year. So Israel had to have 12 tribes and Jesus had to have 12 disciples.


Antonello, Elio ( ) Hesiod’s Calendar and the Star Spica
Sparavigna, Amelia ( ) The Pleiades: the celestial herd of ancient timekeepers.
A color chart showing how colors are related to each other.

Common Resonances of Color

(July 7, 2022) We humans have generally been emotionally conditioned in regards to colors by our culture. Here is a list of possibilities with each meaning related to others in a way which correlates with their underlying color mix. But each person must come up with their own list based upon their own feelings:​

  1. White - cleansing, a blank slate

  2. Black - banishing, a void in something

  3. Grey - neutrality

  4. Gold - sun

  5. Silver - moon

  6. Pink - love

On the color chart:​

  1. Red - passion, life, fire

  2. Blue - calmness, peace, water, sky

  3. Yellow - happiness

  4. Purple - psychic power (passionate calmness), the color of divination when looking through your eyelids.

  5. Orange - enthusiasm (happy passion)

  6. Green - growth (water happiness)

  7. Violet - (psychic peace)

  8. Aquamarine - (peaceful growth)

  9. Magenta - (passion healing)

  10. Vermillion - (passion enthusiasm)

  11. Amber - (happy enthusiasm)

  12. Chartreuse - (happy growth)