Druid Symbol: Spiral/Vortex

(Sept. 10 2022) The vortex (chakra) or spiral is the oldest and most widespread Druid symbol. Each vortex represents the clustering of a set of spiritual powers into a perceptheistic deity. They range from the Orkney Islands of northern Britain to the Sesklo culture of northern Greece. They were popular for as long as the Druid civilization survived which is from 5000 BCE to 550 CE.

Deity Spiral Vortices

Triskelion at Winter Solstice cave at Newgrange in Ireland
Top image shows a 12 inch diameter triskelion symbol inside the cave like Newgrange, Ireland tomb chamber which lights up on the morning of the winter solstice when the sun aligns with its doorway. This triskelion represents the three motion powers sourced by the night sky to complement the life powers represented by the sun. A single vortex represents a consolidated set of spiritual powers, that is, a perceptheistic deity.
Bottom image shows the entrance stone spirals with a motion powers (triskelion) on the left and the three paired layers of life powers on the right. They are paired vortices because those powers are male and female. 
(Top Image from https://www.newgrange.com/tri-spiral.htm) (Bottom image from https://www.newgrange.com/kerbstone-k1.htm)
Entrance Stone at Newgrange Ireland showing triskelion and 3 layered life deity powers class

Popularized from the New Grange, Ireland Triskelion (3100 BCE)

(July 3, 2022) The big three Neolithic farming areas in the British Isles around 3100 BCE are the Orkney Islands in the north, the Boyne Valley in Ireland, and the Salisbury Plain in England. These three became centers because they were mostly treeless and thus did not have to be cleared with stone axes. They were closely interconnected culturally with ideas spreading from one to another.

When vertices are found in pairs they representing the paired male and female life deities of the life powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. If they are a triplet they are representing the deities of the three layers of the non-gendered motion powers.

Two Triskelion stones are located at the Newgrange mound tomb located in Ireland north of Dublin near the Boyne river in Ireland. The mound is 85m (279ft) in diameter and 13m (43ft) high having an area of about 1 acre.

The Newgrange tomb chamber is aligned with the rising sun on the mornings of the Winter Solstice so at that time it is filled with light.

Newgrange is surrounded by 97 large stones called kerbstones some of which are engraved with megalithic art. These originally seem to been vertical and part of a henge at this sight. One of these is a large stone placed at the entrance.

The right side of the entrance stone has paired spirals in three layers corresponding to the 3 layers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm divided into their masculine and feminine halves. These layers bring the life-growth powers to earth from the divine realm. The left side has the Triskelion which represents the motion powers. 


Newgrange Ireland Site Plan

Newgrange Ireland Site Plan

This drawing shows the outer henge stones which were left undisturbed when the mound was built
Newgrange Ireland Mound Plan

Newgrage Mound Map

Newgrage mound map showing network kerbstones 52 and 67 relative to tomb tunnel and cardinal direction. These network stones were placed in the most important positions.
Kerbstones at Newgrange Mound

Kerbstones at Newgrange Mound

Kerbstones after restoration of mound walls. Originally these stones were upright henge stones at the site before being laid sideways around the tomb mound.
Kerbstone 52 at Newgrange showing spirals/vortices and network

Kerbstone 52 at Newgrange

This kerbstone faces the sun solstice directions. The left side (original top) consists of the three life layers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm on a network. The lowest manifestation life deity (spiral) has a motion owl symbol attached to it which gives it the added power of motion. This means it is referring to earth bound animals and not plants.
The right side (original bottom) consists of oval eggs or embryos surrounded by motion owls which will eventually provide motion. Each egg or embryo contains the three powers of life.
erbstone 67 at Newgrange showing spirals/vortices and network

Storm Spirals on Newgrange Kerbstone 67

This kerbstone faces north and it consists of a spiral pair of deities on network.

Vortices Show Clustering Effect

Here a flow of water current is turned into a discrete object by the vortex effect.

Vortices Around North Pole of Jupiter

Photo from NASA's Juno mission taken on its  43rd close flyby of Jupiter on July 5, 2022. It's  JunoCam instrument captured this view of some hurricane-like spiral wind patterns near the planet's north pole.
Online at: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/images/pia25017-nasas-juno-mission-spies-vortices-near-jupiters-north-pole