Lines-Vertical-Angled (not gates)


Image: Side view of a bent or bowing thing

Definition: (noun) submission, (verb) to bow down, to submit, to succumb.


Image: A wing with feathers

Meaning: Cat-Bird - The middle layer motion power deity analogous to the Druid hermaphrodite deity Thu

  1. (Noun) cat-bird: SG 1.9


Image: Top shows gated enclosure having the wind (breath) sign inside. This enclosure is supported by legs on the earth plane. The left image is later than the right (from SA1)

Definition: mouth - "mouths" is an epithet for locusts"


Image:  Seems to show strings blowing in the wind

Meaning:  something like "wind"

  1. (Noun) wind: SG 1.5


Image: Wind affected pairing over battle Axe (ME) representing the powers

Definition: (unknown)

LAM (goddess)

Image: angled lines (wind) over a mixture of something

Definition: abundance, netherworld - associated with almond shells, Equivalent to Druid goddess Selene.


Image: Controller gate (long vertical line) controlling something having motion (angled lines, wind) and grain (vertical lines, life)

Definition: lord, lady, royalty - some one who control land and its resources


Image: mix of something on some land with motion powers (wind) at the top

Definition: cedar, to anoint with cedar oil - scented oils are used in motion powers rituals while waters of various kinds are used in life power rituals


Image: a V-shaped mass

Definition: (noun) silver, sacred-item, money (adj) silvery, holy, bright, pure - this is the color of the moon


Image: ?

Definition: ?


Image: ?

Definition: to break off?