Cuneiform N Signs


Image: Earth sign (KI) with connective line on top

Definition: (noun) spiritual connections, spiritual connector (incense, etc.) -  when applied to a deity it indicates their inherent spiritual power is meant

  1. (Noun) spiritual-connections: SX 6.5, SG 1.12
  2. (Verb) to spiritually-connect: SX 7.2


Image: Space (diamond,NA) having X22 inside

Definition: Motion-Powers (Spiritual-Connections.different) - different from the main life-growth powers. The winged cat deity belongs to this class.

  1. (Noun) Motion-Powers: SG 1.5


Image: Body over space

Definition: stone, stone weight, hailstone, (probably should mean anything which falls from the sky, that is, embodiments of the sky)


Image: body showing mouth opening

Definition: (noun) self, he, she, they, that one

Noun possessive suffix: Indicates object is owned by someone. When applied to a deity then the deity's underlying power is meant.

  1. (noun) they, her, his: SN 1.1, 1.4, SG 1.10


Image:  blocked sky gate

Definition:  (noun) image, likeness, (adj. & adv.) no, not; without; negative.

  1. (Adv) not: SX 6.3


Image: Person with something going into mouth and fluid coming out the rear end

Definition: (noun) drink, (verb) to drink (probably means something like poisonous drink which causes diarrhea)


Image: wood (2 horizontal lines) in a cradle over an axe with a control sign

Definition: Adz, wood chisel, wood-worker


Image: Cross ("fraction 0f") above irrigation region (main canal with many branches)

Definition: noun prefix meaning "domain of responsibility" and "area of authority," "office of"


Image:  ?

Definition:  (noun) prince; flying insect; highland; east, (verb) to be high; to multiply in arithmetic, (adj) high; early, above. (meaning not really known)


Image:  Female sign (SAL) over a cloth or net (TUG2)

Definition:  (noun) Lady - the feminine form of "Lord." "The Lady" by itself is an epithet for goddess INANNA


Image: person on ground

Definition: (noun) offspring, progeny, (verb) to produce  


Image: backbone over a sky gate

Definition:  (noun) elevated-one (verb) to elevate, to be high, (adj)  elevated - an epithet for someone with power and authority

  1. (Verb) to elevate: SX 6.4


Image: half-full spaces

Definition: eggs, offspring