Cuneiform D Signs


Image: Side view person with raised arm over legs with foot. The arm has no hinge so it is not a gate but instead represents human activity.

Definition: (noun) arm, nearness as in arm's length, (verb) to hold, to be near, to protect.


Image: Side view of an interaction of 2 people in space

Definitions: (noun) judge, lawsuit,  judgment, decision, verdict, (verb) to judge, decide, to conduct oneself, to go, to escape - Similar to word "divine." This is possibly an epithet for the life manifestation goddess who judges whether to let through the fertility fluids to trigger the life manifestation accomplished by Yahu)


Image: Top view of irrigation canal with emphasis on the control gates on either end

Definitions: (noun) control, (adj) controlling (verb) to control - deities are earth-controllers


  1. (noun) DU.KI movers.control, earth-controller: SG 1.3,
  2. (adj) DU.KI movers.controlling, earth-controlling: SC 1.11


Image: storage pot with pointed base for loading onto boats

Definition: (noun) mold, form, life-form (verb) to mold, to form

Du3 (verb) to form - SS 1.7


Image: Network raining down fluids onto the earth

Definition: (noun) dwelling-place, livable land (verb) to dwell


Image: Female sign connected to the male sign with sky gate on the very bottom

Definition: spouse, spousal connection

(noun) spouse: SN 1.4


Image: Bound emotions (2 vertical lines with a cross bar) between a sky gate and the ground

Definition: to purify, to make clear


Image: capped lines (divine threads or channel) with a sky control gate splitting the channels in half

Definition: to split, to split off

  1. (verb) to split off:  SX 6.4


Image: Open square with zig-zag line added so "shaped wood"

Definition: to make


Image: animal head

Definition: (noun) servant, slave, (verb) to serve, to beg - domestic animals are subservient and dependent on humans


Image: Filled diamond (space)

Definition: health, (verb) to cure, to be healthy


Image: Hollow piece of wood floating on water

Definition: (noun) excess, (verb) to be above, to go over, to exceed


Image: Mixture within a storeroom (UM) with its vestibule having an opening indicating some human is controlling access

Definition: (noun)  pest (verb) to pester, to be a pest- compare to UM

  1. (Noun) pest: SX 3.1, SX 4.1, SU 1.2
  2. (Verb) to pester: SX 1.5, 


Image: filled storage pot (alcoholic beverage in this context) with a pour spout

Definition: (noun) happiness, (verb) to make happy, to be happy


Image: two storage pots on a stick (people, animals) connected together with a horizontal line

Definition: couple - Often an epithet for the life connective deities AN and INANNA together as "The Couple"

  1. (Noun) couple: SU 1.3, SX 5.2 
  2. (Participle) coupling: SX 7.2


Image: body with backbone with arms behind its back.

Definition: ward, pupil, subordinate


Image: Space holding a storage pot (egg) with closed square (male sign) above.

Definition: bond?