Triangles-Closed-Flat Top (Storage Pots, Feminine Sign)


Image: storage pot with pointed base for loading onto boats

Definition: (noun) mold, to form (verb) to mold, to form


Image: a filled storage pot

Definition: filling, to fill, to make full


Image: body showing mouth opening

Definition: (noun) self, body, he, she, that one

Noun possessive suffix: Indicates object is owned by someone. When applied to a deity then the deity's underlying power is meant.


Image: two storage pots on a stick (people, animals) connected together with a horizontal line

Definition: couple - Often an epithet for the life connective deities AN and INANNA together as "The Couple"


Image: person or a gated diamond space over a body (NI)

Definition: ?


Image: filled storage pot (alcoholic beverage in this context) with a pour spout

Definition: (noun) happiness, (verb) to make happy, to be happy


Image: Feminine sign, Vulva

Definition: (noun) narrow-passage, narrow-thing (verb) to narrow, to thin, (adj) narrow, thin 



Image:  Female sign (SAL) over a cloth or net (TUG2)

Definition:  (noun) queen, mistress, lady - "The Lady" by itself is an epithet for goddess INANNA


Image: Feminine sign over 3 items

Definition: woman


Image:  Water falling onto a storage pot having either a control valve or an earth plane at the bottom

Definition: to empty


Image:  Grain (ŠE) over fluid falling on storage pot which has a control gate on the bottom (ŠA). Bottom angled lines tended to become horizontal over time

Definition: (noun) drought (grain.emptiness)


Image: Capped vertical lines representing strings or fluid channels on top of a storage pot containing a mixture.

Definition: milk, to milk


Image: wheat or rain over an overflowing storage pot

Definition: to make abundant


Image: Water falling onto a storage pot - from Sippar stone

Definition: to supply (opposite ŠA)


Image: Bottom is a filled storage pot having a top neck having a boundary-crossing sign.

Definition: to reveal, to say (if animate object) - generally considered to be a word suffix for something doing the talking or revealing. "Revealer" is an epithet for the life manifestation god (Yahu in Akkadian).


Image: Dividing the top and bottom is a sky gate. The top half is a filled storage pot being filled with fluid. The bottom is a filled cooking pot on a fire (SAG) representing good fortune.

Definition: ?


Image: Land over pot with control gate on bottom

Definition: (noun) distant land, travel to distant land, (prep) from, to, for


Image: space over a bisected  storage pot over a sky gate

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Storage pot containing one thing over angled vertical lines

Definition: (noun) womb, (verb) to leak, to seep, to give birth


Image: Feather (representing wind) over fluid falling on storage pot which has a control gate on the bottom (bottom angled lines tended to become horizontal over time)

Definition: (noun) fine oil, (verb) to oil, to anoint - oil was the sacred fluid for the motion powers represented by wind, air, spirit. In contrast, water  was the sacred fluid of the life powers.


Image: Storage pot with mixable contents (grains, sand, fluids, fruits)

Definition: (noun) compatible things, complementary-things, mixed-things (verb) to mix, to accompany (adj) compatible


Image: Line feeding into a storage pot holding a mix of dry materials on a post stuck in the ground. The top line indicates it is connected to something.

Definition: dragon, mythical creature?


Image: Storage pot filled with fluid having a vertical line indicating it is connected to something. Notice the vertical line touches the inner fluid line.

Definition: to refine fluid, to rain, to extract oil


Image: Filled storage pot with sky gate at bottom having a connective line on top

Definition: (unknown)


Image: oil lamp over boundary crossing sign

Definition: mud item, pottery, clay tablet - lamp seems to represent an archetypical clay pottery that would not be confused with other signs.


Image: Storage pot with an opening at the top and a sky gate at the bottom over the earth plane

Definition: dancer, runner, type of weaver, left-handed person?


Image: Network feeding fluids into a filled storage pot

Definition: cream, cheese?


Image: Legs are on the bottom with boundary crossing lines. The top is a filled storage pot with a pour spout (DUG) representing happiness

Definition: abundance, abundance-maker (Epithet for the boundary crossing middle layer powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm)