SX7: INANNA Temple 's Money

Now at British Museum, Museum Number 102496. Acquired from collector in 1908. Black Hematite. Diameter: 1.50 centimeters (0.625 inches), Length: Length: 3 centimeters (1.1875 inches). As usual the British Museum translation is incorrect. Online at:

The scene shows a man in ragged farmer clothing in a defensive posture talking to INANNA with a  hooked shepherds staff in between. The text reads:

  1. Divine AN is transporting life-fluids
  2. Coupling (with INANNA) spiritually-connects AN
  3. Decisions obstructing (Narrowness.Hidden) wealth are separating the fluids (from the earth).

This text seems to be the temple justifying what it does for the community. It is empowering AN to bring life powers to earth via INANNA. Reducing giving to the temple will make them less effective.

Lexicon used for this translation: About This Early-Sign Sumerian Lexicon  

Text SX 7.1


  1. AN  AN  MAR  X23 

English Translation

  1. Sun-empowered AN is transporting life-fluids

Text SX 7.2


(verb at end so statement)
  1. DUMU  AN  NA 

English Translation

  1. Coupling spiritually-connects AN

Text SX 7.3


(verb in middle so ongoing form)
  1. TAR  SAL.X21  LA  X22  A

English Translation

  1. Decisions obstructing (Narrowness.Hidden) wealth are separating fluids (from the earth).