Gates-Side (Controllers, Arms)


Image: Side view of a solid thing behind an angled gate

Definition: (noun) whole portions, rations, wages


Image: side view of water or grain behind a control gate

Definitions: (noun) controlled-amount  (verb) to control

(verb) to control: SN 1.2


Image: Controller gate (long vertical line) controlling something having motion (angled lines, wind) and grain (vertical lines, life)

Definition: lord, lady, royalty - some one who control land and its resources


Image: grain stalks with a control gate on the right

Definition: (noun) growth, (verb) to grow, 


Image: gated fluids over a gated canal

Definition: channel, channeler - "Channeler" is an epithet for INANNA


Image: Top view of irrigation canal with emphasis on the control gates on either end

Definitions: (noun) control, (adj) controlling (verb) to control - deities are earth-controllers

E3, ED

Image: Space (ḪI) over control (DU)

Definition: to manifest, to reveal - objects are manifested in the mortal space by divine powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm


Image: Top has side view of water behind a controllable gate (ŠU). Center shows wheat in a canal. Bottom shows another gate.

Definition: Farm irrigation canal


Image: Top shows gated enclosure having the wind (breath) sign inside. This enclosure is supported by legs on the earth plane. The left image is later than the right (from SA1)

Definition: mouth - "mouths" is an epithet for locusts"


Image: a person kicking?

Definition: to throw, to throw away, to sweep away, (adj) far


Image: a cut stick (life thread here) falling over towards the right. Later version shows a life thread with a control gate.

Definition: decision, judgment, (verb) to decide, to judge, to cut, (adj) deliberate, judicious


Image: Closed square (land) with a gate at the bottom and a double cross

Definition: (unknown)