Lines-Vertical Dense Uncapped (Grain Stalks, Fluid, Mass)


Image: Emotional binding to a piece of wood (open square)

Definition: (noun) weapon, a hit, a punch, (verb). to hit, to stab, to kill, to fight


Image: chalice - left from Sippar Stone

Definitions: (noun) feared-ones, feared-place, underdome - the underdome is the home of dead souls and spirits. Its powers of place are represented by  goddess Hekate in the Druid pantheon and MUL in the Sumerian who is also called "Lady of the Chalice" (NIN.GAL), (adj) feared, fearful, great, mysterious, powerful, (verb) to make fearful


Image: Human (LU2) with scepter or chalice (GAL) overhead which represent the concept of rule who decides the fate of things

Definition: Fate-Caller


Image: Human having horizontal lines indicating a focus on a person's inner substances. This human has a scepter or chalice (GAL) overhead which represent the concept of rule. This sign means "life-ruler." In the Ancient Pagan Paradigm the life powers are controlled by fertility-fluids.

Definition: life-ruler, fertility-fluids

  1. (Noun) fertility-fluids: SX 1.1,  SX 1.2,  SX 1.4


Image: a V-shaped object probably meant to represent the crescent moon

Definition: (noun) silver, silvery-one, (adj) silvery - often an epithet for the crescent moon goddess INANNA, often an epithet for money. Adjective example "silvery words" is analogous to English "smooth talker."


Image: Chalice with a controlling gate, may possibly represent an alcoholic drink

Definition: to enliven, to live, to let live, to green up (if referring to plant)


Image: grain stalks with a control gate on the right

Definition: (noun) growth, (verb) to grow, 


Image: side view of water behind a gate

Definitions: (noun) controlled-amount  (verb) to control

(verb) to control: SN 1.2


Image: Controller gate (long vertical line) controlling something having motion (angled lines, wind) and grain (vertical lines, life)

Definition: lord, lady, royalty - some one who control land and its resources

Image: Blocked gate which normally controls the growth of crops in a field (DAR)

Definition: (verb) to lock out, to be locked up


Image: gated fluids over a gated canal

Definition: channel, channeler - "Channeler" is an epithet for INANNA


Image: Person over something

Definition: lord, high official


Image: Side view of three layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm with middle layer being a control layer as indicated by the angled line. Top layer is a pool of fluids. Bottom layer is represented by arrow feathers corresponding to air or wind. Thus is represents the interaction of the two opposite powers, life (fertility) and motion.

Definition: (verb) to surround, besiege, to lock (interaction of opposing national powers)


Image: Top has side view of water behind a controllable gate (ŠU). Center shows wheat in a canal. Bottom shows another gate.

Definition: Farm irrigation canal


Image: Top view of a mass blocking a canal

Definition: cross-piece


Image: Side view of grain stalks confined within a space

Definitions:  (noun) earth, place, area, (prep) where, wherever


Image: fish with fluid lines

Definition: some type of fish, maybe an eel or dolphin


Image: grain stalks crossing the boundaries of its space (can be removed)

Definition: (noun) storeroom (verb) to store, to accumulate


Image: Filled diamond space (DIN meaning health) with fluids being poured into it and it in turn pouring some fluid out onto the earth plane

Definition: (noun) allotment, (verb) to allocate


Image: blocked land, 

Definition: blocked road, blocked trade route?


Image: Side view of a two story building with top level a mix of things and the lower level full of grain.

Definition: abundance, wealth


Image: Divine channels (strings) coming down to the network

Definition: messages, omens, messenger, diviner


Image:  Grain (ŠE) over fluid falling on storage pot which has a control gate on the bottom (ŠA). Bottom angled lines tended to become horizontal over time

Definition: (noun) drought (grain.emptiness)


Image: Falling water (rain) over farm land indicated by 2 furrows

Definition: (noun) storm, anger, (verb) to blow, to storm, to get angry


Image:  Water falling onto a storage pot having either a control valve or an earth plane at the bottom

Definition: to empty


Image: Water falling onto a storage pot - from Sippar stone

Definition: to supply (opposite ŠA)


Image: wheat or rain over an overflowing storage pot

Definition: to make abundant


Image: Dividing the top and bottom is a sky gate. The top half is a filled storage pot being filled with fluid. The bottom is a filled cooking pot on a fire (SAG) representing good fortune.

Definition: ?


Image: section of land with growing grain

Definition: (noun) involvement, (verb) due to, because of, involved with


Image: gate over battle ax (powers, ME) over  involvement (ŠE3)

Definition: to last long, to live long, (adj) old, traditional, long-lasting


Image: Plot of land over a cooking pot having boundary-crossing (transforming) fire at bottom.

Definition: shrine, temple, dining hall


Image: Wheat over irregular land holding a mix of things

Definition: district, settled territory


Image: Center open storage pot containing a smaller storage pot filled with liquid. Bottom is a boundary crossing fire. Top is a plot of land filled with a mixture of things

Definition: beer bread, to brew, beer


Image: Fluids channels on top over 2 crossed pairs of network lines (channels) leading to wheat stalks

Definition: to twist, to turn?


Image: Fluid channels over 1 crossed pair of network lines. The network lines are gated (horizontal lines). These feed into wheat stalks

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Wooden door placed on the ground having 2 kinds of cross-hatching

Definition: gate


Image: ?

Definition: to break off?