Cuneiform Grain (Crossed Up-Angled Lines)

This contrasts with up-angled lines which do not cross which are feathers.


Image: Stalk of grain

Definition 1: grain,

Definition 2: a small length measure, barleycorn = 1/6 finger = 1/30 cubit = 1.67 centimeter in Presarg.-OB period; as a surface area measure = 432 square linear barleycorns = 12 square fingers; as a volume measure = 1/180 gín = 1/3 gín-tur = 1 2/3 sìla = 360 cubic fingers = 1/10800 sar = approx. 1.667 liters; 1/180 of a gín or shekel of silver = ca. 0.0463 grams 


Image:  Grain (ŠE) over fluid falling on storage pot which has a control gate on the bottom (ŠA). Bottom angled lines tended to become horizontal over time

Definition: (noun) drought (grain.emptiness)


Image: Top has side view of water behind a controllable gate (ŠU). Center shows wheat in a canal. Bottom shows another gate.

Definition: Farm irrigation canal


Image: Wheat with filled storage pot

Definition:  (noun) grain, small things, grain-maker (verb) to make small or insignificant - can be an insult when calling someone small or insignificant


Image: Top view of a grain field (rectangle with wheat) with top side being a control gate which is controlled by two people

Definition: (noun) economic exchange, buy/sell, (verb) to barter, 


Image: Side view of three layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm with middle layer being a control layer as indicated by the angled line. Top layer is a pool of fluids. Bottom layer is the grain sign.

Definition: (verb) to surround, besiege, to lock  


Image: Two wheat plants growing (being ejected) from a square plot of land

Definition 1: (noun) ejector, ejection, (verb) to eject

Definition 2: a surface measure, 'garden plot' = 1 square ninda = 60 surface shekels = 1/100 iku = 4 square reeds = 144 square cubits = 36 meters2; a volume measure of one square ninda times 1 kùš = 144 kùš3 = ca. 18 cubic meters = 1,0 gur [= 60 gur] of capacity = 1,0 gín in weight.


Image: Two wheat stalks on their side within a plot of land

Definition: sheaves (harvests wheat or barley ready for gathering and winnowing)


Image: Fluids channels on top over 2 crossed pairs of network lines (channels) leading to wheat stalks

Definition: to twist, to turn?


Image: Fluid channels over 1 crossed pair of network lines. The network lines are gated (horizontal lines). These feed into wheat stalks

Definition: (unknown)