Papyrus Text Sources

Greek / Hebrew Interlinear Bible

The goal of this site is to have the reader get more in touch with the original by providing a literal word by word translation line by line. The Hebrew scriptures use The Leningrad Codex which is the oldest existing, essentially complete Hebrew version. It dates to 1010 CE and it was likely written in Cairo, Egypt. By this time the consonant only Hebrew letters had been associated with various vowel sounds by the addition of diacritic marks (dots) above and below the letters. (remember Hebrew words are read right to left)

The Schoyen Collection

An academic & educational resource from the private collection of Dr Martin Schøyen. It contains840 manuscripts, more than 40 categories, topics and themes.

Variant Readings

A blog on latest news involving anything to do with papyrus texts by Brent Nongbri