Cuneiform L Signs


Image: Top view of farm land full of mixed crops

Definition: wealth

  1. (noun) wealth: SX 3.2, SX 7.3
  2. (adj) wealthy: SX 6.3
  3. (verb) to make wealthy: SG 1.5


Image:  Grain (ŠE) over fluid falling on storage pot which has a control gate on the bottom (ŠA). Bottom angled lines tended to become horizontal over time

Definition: (noun) drought (grain.emptiness)

  1. (verb) to experience drought: SG 1.8


Image: room having activity

Definition: to disturb, to agitate


Image: Side view of a person

Definition: human, male, someone

(noun) human: SU 1.1


Image: Human (LU2) with scepter or chalice (GAL) overhead which represent the concept of rule who decides the fate of things

Definition: Fate-Caller

  1. (Noun) Fate-Caller: SS 1.4, SS 1.5,  SG 1.10


  1. (Noun) Harvest-Fate-Caller: SS 1.1, 


Image: Two pairs of running legs showing the front leg raised

Definition: to plunder, to capture, to bring back


Image: Horizontal line held up by a vertical line

Definition: (noun) high, elevated, (verb) to elevate, to be high

(adjective) high: SN 1.2

LAM (goddess)

Image: angled lines (wind) over a mixture of something

Definition: abundance, netherworld - associated with almond shells. Equivalent to Druid goddess Selene.


Image: gate over battle ax (powers, ME) over  involvement (ŠE3)

Definition: to last long, to live long, (adj) old, traditional, long-lasting

LIL2 (NIN.LIL) - Lady of Air

Image:  3-line wind sign (EŠ2) representing as the middle layer of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm within a 3-side shelter

Definition: (noun) inspiration, infection, (verb) to infect, to inspire, (adj) haunted - all the effects of motion powers.  

E2 (often mistaken for LIL2)

Image: Network in a 3-sided shelter spewing forth fluids to the earth plane

Definition:  house, temple, home - place where life is nourished


Image: Man with hands behind back

Definition: (noun) liar, deceiver, (verb) to deceive, (adj) false, treacherous


Image: Crooked 3-layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing that the threads (fluid channels) must be directed to the right place.

Definition: (noun) fertilizer, (verb) to fertilize, to be fertile, to be satiated