Cuneiform Sun, Star, Glowing Signs

Sumerian god AN showing sun light and heat rays. Here AN is placed over the crescent moon goddess INANNA.
Sumerian cuneiform sign AN

AN (orderly sun god)

Image:  A glowing object 

Definition: God AN, divine-ones  - The sun as the largest glowing object visible from the earth. As plural it can represent all glowing objects and be an epithet for all the divine powers. AN is the orderly masculine connective power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm which represents the network which in turn is edited by his companion female power, INANNA.  Sumerian texts call AN  "harvest-chief" and "plant-grower." 

He needs to be contrasted with the chaotic network power Bu or Bau who is represented as a bull. Bu represents the rainstorms and thus brings the rains. Previously, this cuneiform sign was assumed to be a star but that is incorrect based upon the latest text translations done to the scholar's standard.


Image: 3 glowing objects

Definition: (noun) glowing-one, (verb) to radiate, to glow, glowing-things (like constellations, planets, meteors)

Sumerian cuneiform signs AMA


Image: Top view of room having opening in corner and filled with life-power

Definition: mother (vessel of new life-power)


Image: Top shows fluid flow (A) over the moon (X26)

Meaning: moon-month, moon, calendar


Image: Glowing object within a plot of land probably representing the sky shell

Meaning: moon


Image: Top is storage pot having an opening. Bottom is watery-sun

Definition: divine network, thread; net, snare

Sumerian cuneiform sign KEŠ2


Image: Side view of layers of Ancient Pagan Paradigm which are 

  1. Watery-Sun (spiritual powers), 
  2. Space containing cloth toga (network), 
  3. Space containing grain stalks (earth) 

Definition: tether, to tether


Image: trapping net or corral which confuses an animal

Definition: corner, to corner, to trap