Lines-Horizontal Dense (mixtures)


Image: Storage pot with mixable contents (grains, sand, fluids, fruits)

Definition: (noun) companions, complementary-things, mixed-things (verb) to mix, to accompany


Image: Human having horizontal lines indicating a focus on a person's inner substances. This human has a scepter or chalice (GAL) overhead which represent the concept of rule. This sign means "life-ruler." In the Ancient Pagan Paradigm the life powers are controlled by fertility-fluids.

Definition: life-ruler, fertility-fluids

  1. (Noun) fertility-fluids: SX 1.1,  SX 1.2,  SX 1.4


Image: room or city having a mix of items, Left line is higher than the right indicating an arm

Definition: farm land, worked land


Image: angled room or city (open square with dense horizontal lines)

Definition: to besiege, 


Image: Open square with a mix of things (horizontal lines)

Definition: corner, angle, nook? (more likely is "store room")


Image: An angled plot of land having horizontal lines representing a mixture of things

Definition: a surface area measure, 1/60 square nindan (sar) = 180 surface še = 2160 (=36,0) square fingers; a volume measure, = 0.3 cubic meters  [TUN3 archaic frequency: 96; concatenates 3 sign variants].

LAM (goddess)

Image: angled lines (wind) over a mixture of something

Definition: abundance, netherworld - associated with almond shells, Equivalent to Druid goddess Selene.


Image: Storage pot holding a mix of dry materials on a post stuck in the ground. The vertical lines indicated connection.

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Mix of things in a cooking pot crossing a boundary

Definition: (noun) wisdom, knowledge, (verb) to learn, to teach, to know


Image: Space containing a mixture of things with some things crossing a boundary

Definition: dry, to dry


Image: mix of things ready to be put into a storage pot

Definition: to winnow, 


Image: Capped vertical lines representing strings or fluid channels on top of a storage pot containing a mixture.

Definition: milk, to milk


Image: Side view of generic farm land having a mix of things and the lower level full of grain.

Definition: abundance, wealth


Image: mix of something on some land with motion powers (wind) at the top

Definition: cedar, to anoint with cedar oil - scented oils are used in motion powers rituals while waters of various kinds are used in life power rituals


Image: Side-view of open square filled with a mix over two female legs

Definition: (unknown, previous guesses are: work, action, crossbeam, quiver)

UZ2,  UD5, UT5

Image: Seems to be a person with emphasis on insides

Definition: she-goat?


Image: Toga (GAD) over something

Definition: lamentation


Image: Mixture within a room having a vestibule making it a storeroom

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Mixture within a storeroom (UM) with its vestibule having an opening indicating some human is controlling access

Definition: (noun)  manager (verb) to manage - compare to UM


Image: Sky gate over a person with an emphasis on splitting apart the inner being.

Definition: to detach


Image: Plot of land with an opening in the upper left corner. Inside is something

Definition: entrance, mountain pass


Image: Center open storage pot containing a smaller storage pot filled with liquid. Bottom is a cooking fire). Top is a plot of land filled with a mixture of things

Definition: beer bread, to brew, beer


Image: Wheat over irregular land holding a mix of things

Definition: district, settled territory