Sumerian Deity Signs

Life Source Deities

AL - god

Image: Person with a mouth in the upper left. The chest is an open square representing the location of life.

Definition: (unknown) but probably the life source god AL

MUL (NIN.GAL) - goddess

Image: 3 stars

Definition: (noun) glowing-one, (verb) to shine, to glow, glowing-things (like constellations, planets, meteors) - might be a representation of the motion source goddess.


Image: chalice - left from Sippar Stone

Definitions: (noun) feared-ones, feared-place, underdome - the underdome is the home of dead souls and spirits. Its powers of place are represented by  goddess Hekate in the Druid pantheon and MUL in the Sumerian who is also called "Lady of the Chalice" (NIN.GAL), (adj) feared, fearful, great, mysterious, powerful, (verb) to make fearful

Life Connective Deities

Sumerian connective life power sign showing the watery sun AN over the crescent moon INANNA
Sumerian cuneiform sign AN

AN (healing sun god)

Image: sun with rays of heat (wavy) and light, more generally a glowing object

Definition: God AN - This is the Sumerian masculine connective power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm which represents the network which in turn is edited by his companion female power, INANNA. The power of AN is manifested as the sun with both heat and light rays. Sumerian texts call AN the "harvest-chief" and the "plant-grower." Previously, this cuneiform sign was assumed to be a star but that is incorrect based upon the latest text translations done to the scholar's standard.

AN (noun) SS 1.1, SS 1.2, SS 1.3, SX 1.1

BU (chaotic rain bringing storm god)

Image: Front view of a drooling or connective bull head

Definition: (noun) bull, chaotic rain storm deity, (verb) to rush around - bulls represented the chaos power of a thunder storm which brought rains. Drooling is a sign the bull is stressed and excitable (or has eaten something irritating). As a god, Sumerian texts call him the "fishing grounds."

ḪU (divine network editing bird)

Image: Side view of three layered Ancient Pagan Paradigm with middle layer being a control layer

Definition:  divine-bird (like eagle-vulture) which edits the middle layer life network- as opposed to a normal bird represented by the word MUŠIN

INANNA (network goddess)

Image: Side view of the three layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing all layers as static. The control element is between the upper source layer and the middle connective layer (Hu) which represents goddess Inanna as the middle layer network editor.

Definition: Crescent moon goddess Inanna who is the editor of the middle layer network represented by the sun god Hu. She is Ayu in Mediterranean Akkadian.


Image:  Female sign (SAL) over a cloth or net (TUG2)

Definition:  (noun) queen, mistress, lady - "The Lady" by itself is an epithet for goddess INANNA

Life Manifestation Deities

BI (god)

Image: Bottom is a filled storage pot having a top neck having a boundary-crossing sign.

Definition: to reveal, to say (if animate object) - generally considered to be a word suffix for something doing the talking or revealing. "Revealer" is an epithet for the life manifestation god (Yahu in Akkadian).

DI (goddess)

Image: Side view of an interaction of 2 people in space

Definitions: (noun) judge, lawsuit,  judgment, decision, verdict, (verb) to judge, decide, to conduct oneself, to go, to escape - Similar to word "divine." This is possibly an epithet for the life manifestation goddess who judges whether to let through the fertility fluids to trigger the life manifestation accomplished by Yahu)

Motion Source Deities

LAM (goddess)

Image: angled lines (wind) over a mixture of something

Definition: abundance, netherworld - associated with almond shells, Equivalent to Druid goddess Selene.

Motion Connective Deities


Image: A wing with feathers

Meaning: Cat-Bird - The middle layer motion power deity analogous to the Druid hermaphrodite deity Thu

  1. (Noun) cat-bird: SG 1.9

Motion Manifestation Deities

RU (EN.LIL) - Lord of Air

Image: flag on pole

Definition: (noun) wind, (verb) to blow, to be windy, to send on the wind - Possibly an epithet the motion manifestation god.

LIL2 (NIN.LIL) - Lady of Air

Image:  3-line wind sign (EŠ2) representing as the middle layer of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm within a 3-side shelter

Definition: (noun) inspiration, infection, (verb) to infect, to inspire, (adj) haunted - all the effects of motion powers.  


Image: 3 horizontal lines which form the core of LIL2

Definition: (noun) wind, breath, spirit - epithet for LIL2