X (Unknown Sound) Cuneiform Signs

Early cuneiform sign sounds are extrapolated from later Assyrian cuneiform signs (900 BCE). If such a connection cannot be made then its sound and hence label is unknown. Because of this extrapolation many assigned early cuneiform sounds (and definitions) are still uncertain because the sign patterns changed over time.


Image: Two stick men


Image: Small coral with an opening over a large coral with a thread in-between in place of their walls

Meaning: (noun) inundation, (verb) to flood, to overflow (prep) for


Image: rising smoke

Definition: fire, smoke


  1. (Noun) X20.X21.X3 - bad fortune, cooking pot.dampened.fire: SU 1.3


Image: Filled storage pot with sky gate at bottom having a connective line on top

Definition: (unknown)


Image: processing pot

Definition: ?


Image: Fluid channels over 1 crossed pair of network lines. The network lines are gated (horizontal lines). These feed into wheat stalks

Definition: (unknown)


Image: seems to be a person sitting on the ground

Definition: ?


Image: gated powers

Definition: ?


Image: ground - from Sippar stone

Definition: ground, ground things - an epithet  for material things as opposed to spiritual things

  1. (Noun) ground: SX 6.4


  1. (Noun) fishing-ground: SS 1. 


Image: plant- from Sippar stone

Definition: (noun) plant, planter, (verb) to plant, to grow plants - as in farmer or gardener

  1. (Noun) plant: SS 1.2


  1. (Verb) plant.harvester, to reap: SS 1.3


Image: Space holding a single item, an egg

Definition: life, to form life

  1. (Noun) life: SS 1.5


Image: A portion of some fluid is falling onto a storage pot - from Sippar stone

Definition: to apportion

  1. (Verb) to apportion: SS 1.5, 


Image: capped lines or channels

Definition: streaming - The streaming of causality could be sounds made by  vibrating strings or fluids flowing through the channels.  . Often an epithet for the Sumerian conception of the network of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm

  1. (Noun) Strings: SS 1.6


Image: a filled storage pot

Definition: filling, to fill, to make full

  1. (Noun) fullness: SG 1.6
  2. (Verb) to fill: SX 1.1, SX 1.3, SX 1.4


Image: Filled diamond space (DIN meaning health) with fluids being poured into it and it in turn pouring some fluid out onto the earth plane

Definition: (noun) filter, (verb) to filter

  1. (Noun) allotment SX 1.3


Image:  Storage pot with pour spout pressed into ground

Definition: embodiment of clay so perhaps pottery or writing


Image: Human having horizontal lines indicating a focus on a person's inner substances. This human has a scepter or chalice (GAL) overhead which represent the concept of rule. This sign means "life-ruler." In the Ancient Pagan Paradigm the life powers are controlled by fertility-fluids.

Definition: life-ruler, fertility-fluids

  1. (Noun) fertility-fluids: SX 1.1,  SX 1.2,  SX 1.4


Image: person or a gated diamond space over a body (NI)

Definition: ?


Image: gated fluids over a gated canal

Definition: channel, channeler - "Channeler" is an epithet for INANNA

  1. (Noun) channeler: SX 6.3


Image:  filled cooking pot not on a fire

Definition: cooking pot


  1. (Noun) X20.X21.X3 - bad fortune, cooking pot.dampened.fire: SU 1.3


Image: left post with some hanging object off to the right

Definition: window shutter, to hide


  1. (Noun) X20.X21.X3 (cooking pot.hidden.fire) bad fortune: SU 1.3
  2. (Verb) SAL.X21 (Narrowness.Hidden) obstructing: SX 7.3


Image:  Room or plot of land split in half

Definition: (verb) to separate, (adj) separated

  1. (Adj) separated: SX 6.4
  2. (Verb) to separate: SX 7.3


Image:  Feathered arrows (X3) representing a vapor above a cooking pot with boiling fluid

Definition: life fluids - the food aromas coming out of the pot

  1. (Noun) SX 7.1


Image:  On cat-bird mace

Meaning: something like "to fit"

  1. (verb) to fit together: SG 1.4


Image:  On cat-bird mace. Seems to show strings blowing in the wind

Meaning:  something like "wind"

  1. (Noun) wind: SG 1.5


Image: On cat-bird mace. Glowing object within a plot of land probably representing the sky shell

Meaning: moon


Image: On cat-bird mace. Radiating moon

Meaning: heavenly bodies

  1. (Noun) heavenly-bodies: SG 1.7


Image: Divided mountain indicating divine powers connecting with the earth

Meaning: to command

  1. (verb) to command: SG 1.7


  1. (verb) X28.TAR to issue-orders [command.decision]: SG 1.9
  2. X29 (X30.X28) heart.command = love: SG 1.1

X29 (X30.X28)

Image: Heart (diamond with cross and three lines on top) over sign for "earth command" (X28). So it means "Heart.Command"

Meaning: Love

  1. (verb) to love: SG 1.1


Image: Diamond with cross and three lines on top. The cross shows the heart's 4 chambers and the 3 lines show the veins and arteries coming out the top.

Meaning: Heart


  1. X29 (X30.X28) heart.command = love: SG 1.1


Image: A wing with feathers

Meaning: Cat-Bird - The middle layer motion power deity analogous to the Druid hermaphrodite deity Thu

  1. (Noun) cat-bird: SG 1.9