SX2: Battle Standard Seal (2300 BCE)

Black Hematite (hard iron oxide) Sumerian Cylinder Seal now at the British Museum (Number 101958).  It shows a battle standard with a bird between the two people approaching a deity. It is 0.8 inches high and 1/2 inch in diameter. It was bought from a collector in 1905. Online at:



  1. SUG5 AN AB    (text SX 2.1)
  2. ŠA AN I ?    (text SX 2.2)

English Translation

  1. To knock-over AN's cooking
  2. empty AN of the pain of [unknown sign] 


Apparently the sun god AN is being blamed for a drought. He is cooking the land too much. But something is causing AN to act improperly. As usual the translation provided by the British Museum is wrong.

Lexicon used for this translation: About This Early-Sign Sumerian Lexicon