Cuneiform A Signs


Image: horizontal lines giving a sense of motion

Definitions: (noun) fluid, water, (verb) to move towards

  1. (Noun) fluids: SX 7.3
  2. (Verb) move-towards: SX 6.5, SG 1.6


  1. (verb) A.MU - move towards.heeding, take heed: SG 1.12


Image: Plot of land over a cooking pot

Definition: cooking, cooking place, kitchen

(participle) cooking: SX 2.1


Image: plot of land over a cooking pot containing a bundle of grain stalks

Definition: (unknown)


Image: empty space

Definition: space, void, empty shell


Image: side view of a person with an opening (mouth) and no other features

Definition: (noun) song (verb) to rejoice, to sing

(verb) to rejoice: SX 3.2, SX 4.1


Image:  Harvested field with bound grain stalks (SIG3, SAG3) showing its connections up and down

Definition: to do, to make


Image: Space containing a mixture of things with some things crossing a boundary

Definition: dry, to dry


Image: Toga (GAD) over something

Definition: lamentation

AL - god

Image: Person with a mouth in the upper left. The chest is an open square representing the location of life.

Definition: (unknown) but probably the life source god AL


Image: Top view of land area containing water (lake) having rectangles filled with mixed things shown at the top

Definition: channels, pipe


Image: animal head with marks for eyes and nose

Definition: wild goat or sheep, possibly a wild bovine

Sumerian cuneiform signs AMA


Image: Top view of room having opening in corner and filled with spiritual-power

Definition: mother (vessel of new life-power)


Image: ?

Definition: calf, young animal

Sumerian god AN showing sun light and heat rays. Here AN is placed over the crescent moon goddess INANNA.
Sumerian cuneiform sign AN

AN (orderly sun god)

Image:  A glowing object 

Definition: God AN, divine-ones  - The sun as the largest glowing object visible from the earth. As plural it can represent all glowing objects and be an epithet for all the divine powers. AN is the orderly masculine connective power of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm which represents the network which in turn is edited by his companion female power, INANNA.  Sumerian texts call AN  "harvest-chief" and "plant-grower." 

He needs to be contrasted with the chaotic network power Bu or Bau who is represented as a bull. Bu represents the rainstorms and thus brings the rains. Previously, this cuneiform sign was assumed to be a star but that is incorrect based upon the latest text translations done to the scholar's standard.

  1. (Noun) AN: SN 1.2, 1.3, SS 1.1, SS 1.2, SS 1.3, SX 1.1, SX 2.1, 2.2, SX 3.2, SX 5.1, SU 1.1, SX 6.4, SX 7.1, SX 7.2, SG 1.1
  2. (Adj) Divine: SX 7.1


  1. (noun) deity, lord.divine: EN.AN - SG 1.3, SG 1.11


Image: Person holding a shield and having two body openings, one on the shoulders and one in the groin.

Definition: donkey?


Image: Side view of bundle of stalks (binding) confined in a space. So a binding manifested physically in space.

Definition: (noun) a chain ring binding section of silver or other precious metal, a ring. (verb) to physically join, (adj) small, young (baby animals bound to mother) 


Image: Side view of kneeling person having a mouth opening facing left. One the top is a single line indicating this person is connected to something (perhaps the owner).

Definition: (noun) male slave, servant

Variant: Sometime used to mean "ARADu" which is an Akkadian word meaning "servant."

  1. (noun) servant: SX 1.6

Image:  Single line

Definitions: (noun) one, unique, alone - Single lines are used to indicate connections


Image: Side view of bundle of stalks wrapped together. 

Definition:  (noun) an emotional binding as in want, wish, curse,  need, desire, (verb) to emotionally bind. Akkadian word is "Ebissu," meaning "bundle." Ebissu is source word of letter E in the Minoan Phaistos Disk. (this dense version seems to emphasize the binding itself)


Image: side view of a person having a sky gate  on the top of its backbone

Definition: leather, leather-maker


Image: side view of a person with something on arm and horizontal lines above.

Definition: cage, fetter,