Cuneiform M Signs


Image: Side view of a stick man standing on raft with a rudder and tiller on left side

Definition: boat, raft


Image: Room with opening and a door handle. Emphasis is on the act of gathering or trapping animals in a pen

Definition: (verb) to gather

  1. (verb) to gather: SG 1.11


Image: Battle standard

Definition: (noun) powers, (verb) to empower. Possessive plural noun suffix (our) indicating item is owned. When applied to a deity it indicates the deity's power is meant.


Image: clothed deity

Definition: clothing power - as in the power of position


Image: Stick stylus (leaves still attached) pressing into a clay tablet

Definition: (noun) words (verb) to listen, to heed (prep) because - words were an agent of motion change


  1. (verb) A.MU - move towards.heeding, take heed: SG 1.12


Image: Seated man

Definition: to sit?, to judge? (old guess is " to make large")


Image: Something carrying two things

Definition: (noun) transport - usually used with a modifier to indicate boat or cart. By itself it can be an epithet for worm

  1. (Verb) to transport: SX 7.1


  1. MAR.KI - earth-transport, to cart away: SU 1.3


Image: Stick man, 1/2 of line

Definition:  fraction, part-of - as in interest on a loan, a fractional cost like rent, fractional yield of a field

MAŠḪI (compound word)

Image: 1/2 line (MAŠ) over space (ḪI)

Definition: fractional-space, unknown-space, sacrificial animal, (verb) to inspect a place, to examine an event


Image: viral young man wearing a short toga

Definition: young man


Image: Falling water (rain) over farm land indicated by 2 furrows

Definition: (noun) storm, anger, (verb) to blow, to storm, to get angry


Image: 3 stars

Definition: (noun) glowing-one, (verb) to shine, to glow, glowing-things (like constellations, planets, meteors) - might be a representation of the motion source goddess.


Image: top view of animal head attached to a backbone over a sky gate

Definition: (noun) snake as a symbol of reincarnation (adj) bitter