Ancient Pagan Paradigm (3 layers)

Sumerian cuneiform sign KEŠ2


Image: Side view of layers of Ancient Pagan Paradigm which are 

  1. Star (spiritual powers) - AN
  2. Space containing cloth toga (network)-  inner GAD
  3. Space containing grain stalks (earth) - KI

Definition: tether, to tether


Image: Side view of three layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm with middle layer being a control layer as indicated by the angled line. The bottom layer is represented by grain. This should be the life energy or life force.

Definition: (noun) breath, soul, spirit, energy, (verb) to energize, (might also mean bile because the liver was thought to be the intermediary between divine energy and human emotional energy)


Image: 3-layered Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing how divine powers gets transferred to earth to give life and motion

Definition: to give


Image: Crooked 3-layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing that the threads (fluid channels) must be directed to the right place.

Definition: (noun) fertilizer, (verb) to fertilize, to be fertile, to be satiated


Image: Fluids channels on top over 2 crossed pairs of network lines (channels) leading to wheat stalks

Definition: to twist, to turn?


Image: ?

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Fluid channels over 1 crossed pair of network lines. The network lines are gated (horizontal lines). These feed into wheat stalks

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Middle section of Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing a network within a plot of land (realm).

Definition: to do, to make


Image: Feather over the divine bird symbol (HU)

Definition: (noun) domestic goose or duck, (verb) to transport, to move


Image: Side view of three layered Ancient Pagan Paradigm with middle layer being a control layer

Definition:  divine-bird (like eagle-vulture) which edits the middle layer life network- as opposed to a normal bird represented by the word MUŠIN


Image: Connective network power and Sun God Hu (ḪU) over writing tablet (GUR)

Definition: order, direction (as opposed to anarchy), (verb) to organize, to direct


Image: Side view of the three layer Ancient Pagan Paradigm showing all layers as static. The control element is between the upper source layer and the middle connective layer (Hu) which represents goddess Inanna as the middle layer network editor.

Definition: Crescent moon goddess Inanna who is the editor of the middle layer network represented by the sun god Hu. She is Ayu in Mediterranean Akkadian.


Image: a sky-gated something over the ground plane. Possibly a variant of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm.

Definition: to throw, to throw away, to sweep away, (adj) far


Image: space over a bisected  storage pot over the earth plane

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Three-layers Ancient Pagan Paradigm with control gate in middle associated with a bundle of wheat

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Side view of a life channel (wheat filled, not enclosed on the bottom) controlled by a pair of something using a sky gate.

Definition: (noun) economic exchange, buy/sell, (verb) to barter?


Image: loom threads over a backbone stuck in the ground

Meaning: ?