Cuneiform E Signs


Image: Rain (dense vertical lines) over water (A)

Definition: to water, to rain

E2 (often mistaken for LIL2)

Image: Network in a 3-sided shelter spewing forth fluids to the earth plane

Definition:  domain, domicile - Often translated as "house" but that English word is too restrictive.

  1. (noun) domain: SG 1.2

E3, ED

Image: Space (ḪI) over movement (DU)

Definition: to manifest, to reveal - objects are manifested in the mortal space by divine powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm


Image: Horizonal line representing a plane like the earth plane or a gated sky dome plane. When below a pot it is often just a control gate. 


  1. thread, rope; measuring tape. As a unit of measure = 10 nindan rods = 20 reeds = 120 cubits = the side of 1 square iku in area .
  2.  Suffix  meaning many, much as an abbreviated long form EŠ below.


Image: 3 horizontal lines which form the core of LIL2

Definition: (noun) wind, breath, spirit - epithet for LIL2


Image: Female sign (SAL) over hollow piece of wood (Si)

Definition: (unknown)


Image: Controller gate (long vertical line) controlling something having motion (angled lines, wind) and grain (vertical lines, life)

Definition: lord, lady, royalty - some one who control land and its resources


  1. (noun) deity, lord.divine: EN.AN - SG 1.3, SG 1.11


Image: oil lamp over boundary crossing sign

Definition: mud item, pottery, clay tablet - lamp seems to represent an archetypical clay pottery that would not be confused with other signs.


Image: mix of something on some land with motion powers (wind) at the top

Definition: cedar, to anoint with cedar oil - scented oils are used in motion powers rituals while waters of various kinds are used in life power rituals


Image: a plot of land having appendages

Definition: festival, feast

  1. (noun) feast: SG 1.6