About Advanced Education in Modern Druidry

Jesus teaching
The teachings of Jesus (top) and Marcus Aurelius (bottom) are the most extensive ancient writings on network living to survive into the modern age. Jesus was the more magickal of the two. They both had a deep understanding that humans were interconnected to each other both spiritually and socially. Only now with a deeper understanding of nature can we start to really flesh out their ideas.
Bust of Marcus Aurelius from Cyrene, North Africa. Found by Lieutenant R. M. Smith, RE, and Commander E. A. Porcher, RN. Now in the British Museum, London. (https://www.ancient.eu/image/5998/bust-of-marcus-aurelius/

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(Jan 3, 2022) This is the section which separates druids from witches. Druids ground their witchcraft practice by aligning it with the physical realm of nature. Believing in any mental framework will give it some power over you (placebo effect) but believing in a mental framework that is coherent with physical reality amplifies its power and effectiveness. Yet understanding nature takes effort and mental discipline so not to be fooled by the placebo effect and resulting perceptual biases. This is why medical drug approvals go through double bind statistical experiments and why deep theories about nature are important.

Living in a spiritual and social network has consequences. Awareness of that and actually caring about that instead of being completely self-centered is another part of being a druid. Classical philosophers and Jesus were the first people to address network living in major way.

In short, druids are witches but witches are not druids.