Druid Ritual Oils and Scents

Minoan Storage Jar for Scented Oil use in Motion Magic Rituals
This Linear A sign is the sign "Gi." By itself it means " emotional energy" or just "energy" in Akkadian. It is figure 25 in Arthur Evans 1921 book entitled "The Palace of Minos at Knossos, Vol 1 The Neolithic and Early and Middle Minoan Ages." McMillian and Co. Limited, London

Minoan Storage Jar for Scented Oil used in  Magical Rituals

(Feb 13, 2023) Essential oils were used in motion rituals involving emotional energy while scented waters were used in life rituals. The oils would have come from olives or from melted animal fats as mentioned in the Minoan temple supply text below.

Minoan Linear A Tablet from Malia Stating that the Pastures Collapse
Linear A text is read left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted.Minoan Malia Tablet HT 1 (Text Page 2 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).  https://cefael.efa.gr/detail.php?site_id=1&actionID=page&serie_id=EtCret&volume_number=21&issue_number=1&ce=cdgbj3h4otm6j6qpia2490ld6elpsapb&sp=38

The Pastures Collapse - Malia Tablet HT 1 (Minoan Text 3)

(July 16, 2022) These ritual supplies are for pushing the fertility fluids through the network. The text reads:

  1. For fertility-fluid activity-powers. For the shepherds (emotion magic crafters) for working with collapsing pastures, 90
  2. -7. For the threads for working with nourishments, 70 [something], 
  3. For the fire-stokers, 70 snake-birds (bow-drills). For the render-ovens for working with astrological-owls,
  4. 9 strainers. For eagle-vulture-powers for working with the threads for Yahu (Ya'), 5

In Akkadian

  1. Ṣi mu. Rēyû qâpu ta’û 90
  2. -7. Qu Bu 70 [missing number]
  3. Qamû 70 qaqû. Ṣāḫu ḫū’u
  4. 9 pu. Ri q ya’u 5

In line 1 the "shepherds” are an epithet for the class of magic crafters using emotion magic. These magic crafters work with the motion powers and they are attempting to restart the motion of the fertility fluids through the life network because the pastures have dried up. Notice the number had to be continued onto the next line which was followed by a space.

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In line 2 the life priests get items for working with the amorphous matter (nourishments like milk) which fill the invisible life form images. 

Line 3 lists seventy “snake birds” for the people who build and maintain the ritual fires and fires for the fat rendering ovens. The word “snake birds” seems to be an epithet for the bow drills used to start the fires. The wooden drill would be the snake while the bow would be the winds of the bird. This epithet is the likely source of the phoenix fire bird mythology.

The render ovens would have been used to make various ointments. Rituals of the motion class of powers used ointments while rituals of the life powers used waters. The base of any ointment is lard and to make that the animal fat must be melted down and the poured through a strainer to remove the hard items (cracklings). This text specifically mentions render oven products for use with astrological owls. These owls are the mechanism by which the motion powers of the heavens are transferred to earth. As such they were often portents of change when they appeared.

Line 4 lists five unknown items encouraging the integration of the thread powers with the life form image revealing power, Yahu.