Early Barrows In Levant 5000 BCE

Tombs at Eilat, Israel With Cooking Fires Between Them (5450–4250 BCE)

These tombs were also places of the community building ritual of eating together.

Tomb Complex Similar To That Found at Malta (Eilat, Israel 5450–4250 BCE)

More evidence of a single Mediterranean/European wide culture at this time.
While burial mounds exist all around the world, those with temporarily accessible tombs inside mimicking caves and having ritual spaces outside are called barrows. They are most prominent in Druid culture. Barrows can be circular or be a long oval. All have some sort of central chamber and many have a ritual site outside their entrance where the powers of the ancestors can be called upon. 

Skull at Base of Massaba (Standing Stone) in Tomb (Eilat, Israel 5450–4250 BCE)

Druid tombs were centers of ancestral powers