The Ancient Path of Emotional Energy Magic (Magick)

Magic Crafters in Tug-of-War with Astrological Powers to Overcome Drought (Mesopotamia 840 BCE)

Assyrian Sun tablet now at the British Museum

(March 3, 2023) This text seems to have been written during the 5 year long Elijah drought of 840 BCE. The text implies the existence civil strife with its mention of emotional arousal. 

In the center is an image of the sun representing the powers of the connective sun/water god Hu which the text calls the "eye of fate." It is emanating both heat/light (triangles) and water (wavy lines). The scene takes place above the sky shell with its embedded stars and wavy lines representing the waters which fall as rain. 

Seated on the far right is the personified form of the god Hu representing the life powers as indicated by his watery robe and the symbols he is holding. These symbols are the masculine rod and feminine ring. He is a deity as indicated by his snake hat. He is seated on a box containing the rain bringing chaotic storm bulls which are trying to escape. Above him are 3 celestial signs (left to right): crescent moon, sun,  and star. Above those on the roof are two spirits representing the astrological powers of the night sky which are trying to pull the sun up to them.

Holding down the full moon's table in a tug-of-war with the astrological powers are two people which the text above them identify as magic crafters. The goddess Ayu (Ishtar), with both hands raised and wearing a  snake cap and robe representing the watery sky-shell is supporting them from behind.  

The first line states that the motion powers as focused conscious emotions are confused. Motions on earth originate from both the astrological night sky with its moving heavenly bodies and human/animal conscious feelings. The corrective action is to use human emotional magic to overcome the astrological powers.

English Translation of Top Right Text

  1. Considerations are confused. Considerations are being opened. Considerations are not manifesting the spewing-forth of the nourishments.  Opening-powers (Life powers) obligate the bursting-forth of goodness.
  2. The spewing-forth of nourishing-powers can be aroused by the energizer's (magic crafter's) considerations. Notice the eye-of-fate (sun). Defeat and defy the night's astrological-powers.

English Translation of the Text Below the Three Small Heavenly Bodies

  1. Confused spewing-forth (of fertility-fluids) is opening arousal.  Support considerations (focused emotions) with magic-crafting.
  2. Notice the eye-of-fate and the night's support

English Translation of Text Beside Sun

  1. The Emanator's (sun god) coherency is being supported by considerations.  Magic-crafters are re-assigning the confused spewing of the fertility-fluid-powers.
  2. Those fertility-fluid-powers are being energized by the magic-crafter's motion-sourcer Su.
  3. Confusion is involved with Su's defiance. Magic-crafters [missing verb].  Defiance involves anarchy.

Online at:

Gold Temple Foils from Pyrgi, Italy Debate Role of Magick in Drought (600-580 BCE)

(Feb 9, 2023) Two are in Etruscan script and one in Phoenician script but the language of all is Akkadian. The two Druid civilizations were allied at least between between 600 and 530 BCE against the Greeks and Romans and this temple on the shoreline was probably built for that alliance. The Phoenician and short Etruscan text are in agreement about the cause of a drought occurring between 600 and 580 BCE. Now at: Etruscan Museum in Rome. Online at:

Short Etruscan Text 1

(Feb 9, 2023) This text blames the drought on the emotional desires (emotion magic) of the general population for being too effective in moving fertility fluids through the life network when the network channels have become restricted (crimped). This empties the channels.

  1. Misery is because of nesting.  Su is not observant. Nothing is opening the high-powers.
  2. [word] crimps [word]. The Revealer is being baked. The Reed-boat (Ayu) is not from the planets
  3. The Constrainer (Ayu) is this dryer.  This boundary is revealing Alu.
  4. Fertility-fluids are being associated by considerations (focused emotional thoughts).  Magic is not being affected by the magic-crafters.
  5. Crimping (of the channels) is not revealing the associations.  Activations dry-out the high-powers of the life-priests 
  6. Life-priests curse the high-powers.  Yahu (YA) is lacking them.
  7. Open the high-powers.  Amplify Alu's Reed-boat patrollers (eagle-vultures)
  8. Death-powers lack crimping.  Storm-powers are being amplified.
  9. Associations are revealing the misery of expectations (which activate the restricted fertility fluids thus emptying them completely)

Phoenician/Punic Text 2

(Feb 9, 2023) This text mostly agrees with the first in another indication of a Punic/Etruscan alliance. It  blames the general angry emotional state of the population for emptying the restricted life network channels. The corrective measure is to enlist the motions powers of the night sky to compensate for the emotion triggered motions.

  1. Emotion-owls are swarming Yahu (I'). Due to astrology-divinations about the threads, astrological owls are driving the in-pouring.
  2. Associations with astrological-owls do not astrological-empower the crimping.  That is due to undermining the Revealer (Yahu).
  3. Don't death-empower Alu's association (with motion powers).  The Baker (sun Hu) does not supervise that
  4. Emanations do not bring the Reed-Boat (Ayu). Drunkenness is wind-empowering the activities opening her eagle-vultures.
  5. (Network) Bindings are being sown to undermine of the Revealer. Life-Priests are nourishing the commands crimping the goodness
  6. Threads revealing the network-birds are due to astrological-divination. The thread's Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures) are sowing the setting (of the network).
  7. Emotions are redirecting magic due to the out-pouring of weapons from the 3 houses.
  8. Anoint the efforts of the authorities (planets). Curse the connections of the eagle-vultures.
  9. Ayu's fertility-fluids are being woven by the threads. Emotion's emotion-owls gate Ayu's fertility-fluids. (ends on 2nd line after BiBu)
  10. Threads are being disciplined by the out-pouring (of emotions). Su dries the fertility-fluids. Open nourishments for
  11. Ayu.

Long Etruscan Text 3

(Feb 9, 2023) This is a rebuttal to the first two texts, probably written some time later. This text blames the magic crafters and their wind/breath/spirit powers for messing up the flows of fertility fluids (life powers)  through the life network. Therefore life powers are not getting through no matter what the life-priests do.

  1. [ ] is activated by magic.  Yahu is being acknowledged by life-priests (fathers). Hu is nothing.
  2. Life-Manifestations [verb] the Reed-Boat's (Ayu's) [ ].  That devotion is confusing the openings.
  3. Don't death-empower Alu's association (with motion powers).  The Baker (sun Hu) does not supervise that
  4. Emanations did not bring the Reed-Boat. Drunkenness is wind-empowering the activities opening her eagle-vultures
  5. Life-manifestations are not from eagle-vultures.  The Greaser (Selu) is not coming from Yahu (YA, IA). The Revealer (Yahu) is associating with the emanations of Alu.
  6. [Life-manifestations] lack nourishments. Wind-powers are reassigning Yahu's (YA, IA) emanations.  Motion-magic [is being messed-up] by magic-crafters.
  7. Nourishments are crimped by the supervisor (Ayu). The Revealer does not affect proper-portions.  Those are being baked by the wind-power's associations (with the life-powers).
  8. Magic enlightens the Reed-boat (Ayu). Emanations are nourishing Ayu. Energy does not come from the opening of life-priests. 
  9. Magic enlightens the Imagineer. Associating is reassigning the emotion-owls. Nourishments don't open Yahu (YA, IA)
  10. Influences are opened by magic-crafters.  Observations pass-through magic. Yahu's (YA, IA) fertility-fluids do not bring omens.  
  11. Alu is not bringing the high-powers.  Life-priests (Fathers) do not bring the openings.  Alu does not bring associated activity.
  12. [subject] life-priests those    .  Acknowledgements do not being considerations.  Emanations are lacking the high-powers of the life-priests.
  13. Alu's emanations are not bringing the high-powers. Omens about Alu are revealed by his life-priests.  Those are activating the openings. 
  14. None of the life-manifestations are being emanated. Omens are emotionally-triggered by considerations. Hu is lacking the life-manifestations for the Reed-boat (Ayu).
  15. None of the openings are veiling high-powers. Don't  reassign the life-priests. Be angry at the misery.
  16. The storm-powers are amplifying that.
  17. ----
  18. Greaser (epithet for motion source goddess Selu, Selene) - Celtic graffito seems to blame goddess Selene for the troubles.
  19. Greaser (Celtic graffito based on letter style)
Photo of the Duenos inscription as displayed at the Altes Museum in Berlin. Kernos were for holding ritual supplies.Photo from Gfawkes05 via
Rome in 600 BCE showing the Quirinale hill where the kernos was found.

Roman Duenos Kernos Inscription 600 BCE

(December 30, 2023) A kernos (Greek: κέρνος or κέρχνος, plural kernoi) is a pottery or stone tray for holding ritual supplies. It is most commonly found associated with temples. This form seems to have initially made in stone before being made in pottery. It was abundant in the early Minoan and Cycladic civilizations from 3,000 BCE onwards. This one has an educational inscription for instructing new magic crafters in the way of emotion and astrological magic.

The vase was bought by the Altes Museum in Berlin from an antiquarian by Heinrich Dressel shortly after he acquired it. It was discovered in 1880 by workers who were digging the foundation of a building near the newly opened Via Nazionale in Rome. This was in the valley between the Quirinal Hill and the Viminal Hill. More precisely it was found on the south slope of the Quirinal, near the church of San Vitale, Rome. Dressel was told the place was supposed to have been a burial site.

It reads:

  1. Yahu and frustrations can cause emotion-curses (from humans).  Neglect of fate-curses (from astrology) on life-emanations cause-envy.  Emotions can move the fertility-fluids.  (But) Omens make ineffective those replacements.  Does not astrology-magic make-motion? Re-assign the divine-powers nesting the fertility-fluid emanations.  Can not life-emanations be fate-cursed? Eagle-vultures are nesting emanations not movements. 
  2. The life-manifestation-power's involvement is ineffective.  Emotional-affects of the facade (night sky) can motivate openings. The sky-shell can motivate the re-assignments of fertility-fluids.  That emotional-power makes ineffective the fertility-fluids.  Do not emotional-affects create ineffectiveness? Emotional-affects from the moon-eyed-ones can supervise movements.  Fertility-fluids are from the divine's allocations. Those pasture-powers (night sky) are being manifested. 
  3. The association of astrology-magic with motion cannot emotionally affect the life-emanations.  Yahu's energizing is ineffective.  The pasture's (night sky's) omens don't frustrate Ayu.  Energize those. The shepherd (magic crafters) cannot fate-curse emanations.


bronze plaque of Cortona with letter assignments
This bronze plaque of Cortona was found in a ditch alongside candelabra base shown below. It was found at località La Fratta, 2.8 km west of Cortona, Italy on September 14, 1840 (Modona 1977). The town of Cortana is on the upper regions of the Tiber River so it would have been taken over by the Latins around 550 BCE. It is now displayed at the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona. Image from van de Meer (2011). Letter assignments by Olmsted.
Bottom view of a bronze candelabra base called the Lamp of Cortona
Found with the plaque was this bronze candelabra  called the Lamp of Cortona. This is the view of its bottom. Both seem to be from an Etruscan temple devoted to the life powers. This temple apparently was under threat from the Latins (probably the city of Tibur) who were also expanding up the valley at the time. This threat is why these valuable objects were hidden away in a field.
The outer ring of this image is certainly celebrating the power of life which correlates well with the text. Yet its center shows a panting carnivorous sun at the center indicating it is a drought causing sun. This type of sun seems to have evolved into the Greek Gorgon.
This candelabra base and plaque was found by peasants at località La Fratta, 2,8 km west of Cortona, Italy on September 14, 1840 (Modona 1977). It is now displayed at the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona. Image from van de Meer (2011).

Etruscan Cortona Plaque: Chaotic Emotions are Causing Drought (550 BCE)

(August 17, 2022) Based on letter "N" this dates to shortly after the composition of the golden Pyrgi foils putting it around 550 BCE. Compared to the Pyrgi foils, the letter the letters P, E, and I have been simplified. The letters P and E have one horizontal line removed while the I has its top and bottom horizontal lines removed.

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 25) 

(read right to left)
  1. Ṭu apu nu a : gi umu nu ya[bu] (Med 25.1)
  2. inu mubu e ilu : a Ṭu gi yabu (Med 25.2)
  3. mu Alu Ṭu nu (Med 25.3)

In English

  1. Thu is veiling these revealers (life manifestation powers) : Stormy emotion-energy is revealing the enemy (drought causing sun).
  2. The moon-eyes (magic crafters) are mobilizing none of the high-powers : These  (connective motion powers) are energizing the enemy
  3. Fertility-fluids are revealed by Thu Alu (life-sourced Thu)


van de Meer, Bouke (2011) The Etruscan Bronze Lamp of Cortona, its Cosmic Program and its Attached Inscription. Online at:
Modona, A. Neppi (1977) Cortona etrusca e romana nella storia e nell’arte, Firenze, p. 125-134.
Hathor statuette found on the floor of the Hathor temple at the turquoise mine at Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai
Image from Butin 1932.

Aegean Graffiti on Serabit el-Khadim Hathor Statuette from Sinai (Sinai Text 5.2)

Right Text in Akkadian (end indicated by horizontal line)

  1. rē’û tu

Right Text in English

  1. The Shepherds (magic crafters) craft-magic

Left Text in Akkadian

  1.  matu labā’u lu tu

Left Text in English

  1. Murder is circling without magic

Butin’s Attempted Translation

Romain Butin’s 1928 Hebrew translation based upon incorrect letter assignments and assumes that Hebrew existed at this time despite it lack of attestation elsewhere. In contrast, cuneiform Akkadian has been found in Egypt from this same time period. It was being used to write diplomatic letters to neighboring states in a series of texts known as the Amarna Letters (1360-1332 BCE). Butin’s translation is also read in the unlikely order of side, then right column, then left column. This is his translation:

  • This (statue is set up) for the withdrawal of the raider, according to the wish of the handmaid (priestess) of Ba'alat, (and) according to the wish of the head stone-setter (engraver). (Butin 1928, page 46)
Wall image from Etruscan Orcus Tomb The right image is that of an old bent-over shepherd while the center image is that an empty lounge.
Back wall of the alcove in Etruscan tomb Orcus I. The right image is that of an old bent-over shepherd while the center image is that an empty lounge used for eating and associating (romance). Its emptiness indicates a lack of food and/or associations between the motion and life powers. Above the lounge is a text. (Photo: Rönnlund via Wikimedia Commons, 2012).
Text lines 3 and 4 above banquet lounge from Etruscan Orcus Tomb
Close-up of the bottom two lines above the empty banquet lounge image. Letter assignments by Olmsted.

Etruscan Orcus Tomb Image 4: Empty Banquet Lounge Text Indicates Life-Powers Are Not Being Delivered Because of Human Emotional Interference.

(Sept. 9 2022) This location is labeled "Banquet Scene" on the Orcus Tomb map.

Translation in Akkadian (Text Med 18.3)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. INu AQu IMu : PeGu Lu A'u : Amu Bu E : Mu EŠû Lu : Du Azu Nu ALu :  (Med 18.3.1)
  2. ... Mu : Gi U Di'u : Paya IA Bu E :  UBu Nu Tamu : Ḫu EKu  Bu E  (Med 18.3.2)
  3. ... APu Ne'u U (Med 18.3.3)
  4. ... KaSu Du. Ya Nu Ayu (Med 18.3.4)

In English

  1. The moon-eyed (magic crafters) are expecting emotion-powers : (Its) removal is causing a lack of motion-powers : The Reed-Boat (Ayu) is not bringing nourishments : The fertility-fluids are being confused by the lack : (Other) Associated life-powers are revealing the life-source (Alu) :
  2.  .... : Energy and the Divine : Network-Birds do not bring Yahu's (IA or YA) nourishment :  The wanderers (planets) are revealing the curse 
  3. .... The Veiling is because of affection (emotional interference)
  4. ...  clinging to the life-powers. Shouldn't we be revealing Ayu?
Text lines 1 and 2 above banquet lounge from Etruscan Orcus Tomb
 Close-up of the top two lines above the empty banquet lounge image. Letter assignments by Olmsted. 
This drawing of the text was found in Butin (1932) who reproduced it from Blake. Butin said this about it:
This inscription cut on the wall of Mine L was discovered by Rev. A. W. Johnson, of the Harvard Mission; it could not be removed and the writer has had no opportunity to study the original. It was photographed by Professor Lake and copied by Professor Blake. Most of the signs, we are told, are clearly visible, but a few do not show on the photograph. In every case we have given preference to Blake's hand-copy in view (Butin 1932).
Israelite Graffito Inside Mine L at Serabit el-Khadim
Photos of the text. Composite Photo involving image 61 from Prof. I. Beit-Arieh, Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University. Image 62 from Butin 1936, plate 16). In Sass B. (1988)
Sass B. (1988) The Genesis of the Alphabet and its Development in the Second Millennium B. C. Otto Harrassowitz· Wiesbaden

Aegean Graffito Inside Mine L at Serabit el-Khadim Blames Astrological Motion Powers (Sinai Text 4)

(August 5, 2022) This graffito blames both sources of motion powers (astrological and human emotions) for the drought. 

Text in Akkadian

Vertical Column (top to bottom, Text 4.1)

  1. annu taṣû īnu
  2. ziku mūtu abu
  3. du mu nu

Horizontal Row (right to left, Text 4.2)

  1. le’ȗ qarȗ arû
  2. mu a’û madû

Text in English

Vertical Text (top to bottom)

  1. Considerations (focused feelings) are fooling the moon-eyed (magic crafters). 
  2. Purify the sacrificial-place of the fathers (life-priests)
  3. Life-powers reveal the fertility fluids
  4. (lines in the lower left corner are an illustration of the fertility fluids coming down to earth)

Horizontal Text (right to left) 

  1. Astrological-powers are calling-fate on the Controllers (middle layer life deities)
  2. Fertility-fluids are manifested by the motion-powers

Line 1 of Vertical text claims that emotional influences from the astrological powers are fooling the magic crafters.

Line 2 of Vertical texts states that the way to overcome this is to focus on making the life powers effective by purifying their ritual spaces.

Line 3 of Vertical text states that life powers are also needed to reveal the life forms triggered by the fertility fluids.

Line 1 of Horizontal text is blaming the astrological powers for not pushing the fertility fluids through the life network represented by the god Hu and the goddess Ayu.

Line 2 of Horizontal text states that without this pushing the fertility fluids are not triggering the manifestation of life forms. Both life powers and motion powers are needed to reveal life forms. This balance of powers is the main focus of the Aegean culture. In contrast the Israelites focus only on the life powers and the Phoenicians focus only on the motion powers.

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Previously Attempted Hebrew Translations

The two following Hebrew translations by Butin and Rainey fail. Additionally, they are completely different from each other.

Butin's translation is as follows:

  • The gang, consisting of nine men, successfully protected the baskets (of turquoise?) for the superior officer (sheik?); (thereupon) R-M and his people (his compatriots [?], or clansmen [?]) made a great celebration'; or: 'The gang, consisting of nine men, successfully protected the huts (camp) of the superior officer (sheik?); (thereupon) R-M and his people (compatriots, clansmen) made a great celebration.' (Butin 1928, page 42)

Butin says this about his letter assignments showing just how tentative he thought they were (differences from my letter assignments in red):

Vertical column. Aleph, nun, waw, shin, gimel, nun, samekh; the eighth letter is a new sign, no. 28 of the alphabet. As has been explained above, this sign may be lamed or kaph, and its doubtful character should not be forgotten. Then comes mem with a point. The next sign (27 of the alphabet) is almost certainly lamed and aleph. Then follow in order: beth, beth, mem, and nun. At the end of the vertical column and slightly to the left are a certain number of lines, evidently a numeral. Blake counted seven; I see nine on the photograph. (Butin 1928, page 40)

Butin’s translation fails because of incorrect letter assignments which is not unusual from an early pioneer in the field. It also fails because of the many guessed at word assignments.  

In 1975 A.F. Rainey (Rainey 1975) attempted another Hebrew translation His letter assignments for the vertical line are shown below (our differences are in red):

ANT TPN DKM LABB MNK (top to bottom)

Anat tapanu dukkema li’ababa minka

Besides incorrect letter assignments Rainy incorrectly converts an aleph to an ayin in the word “LABB.” He also is claiming the 7 lines are the letter K at the end of the line.

His letter assignments for the Horizontal line are:

SM’A MRA RB NQ _ (left to right)

Sim’a’ mar’u rabba naq [banima(?)]

The letters “B N” do not exist in any form in the text so Rainey seems to added them just to make his translation which is translation fraud. Rainy also ignored the last letter which is an ayin.

These produced his proposed translation:

  • You, Thapan, crush (hammer out) for Ababa from you (i.e. from your ore); (signed) Sim’a’, the squire of the chief of the mi [ners?].

This is a failed translation due to:

  1. Translation fraud (adding letters not in the text) 
  2. Having incorrect letter assignments
  3. Using names with their arbitrary letter pattersn to substitute for words


Butin, Romain F. (1928) The Seribit Inscriptions: II. The Decipherment and Significance of the Inscriptions. Harvard Theological Review. Vol 21 No. 1 pp. 9-67 
Butin, Romain F. (1932) The Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions. Harvard Theological Review. Vol 25 No. 2 pp. 130-203
This text was found on the island of Naxos. It is inscribed on the bottom of a funeral stele (grave marker). The language of the text is Alphabetic Akkadian. The letters are more Greek indicating an later date than text 10. Red letter assignments by Olmsted. Online at:

(Jan. 20, 2023) This text is blaming magic for opening up the astrological powers of fate which in turn are causing a drought by making the sun too strong.

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 11)

(read left to right. Capital letters on stone. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. Ku  Tu  Ḫu  Ṣu | Tu [2] Gi  Ḫu, Gi  Qu  Ḫu  Nu | D'u  Ṣu  (11.1)
  2. Ku  A | ṢeTu  Pu  A  Ta'u  Nu | Ku  Ḫiṣṣu  RaḪu  Ṣu  Ta'u  Ku  (11.2)
  3. Ṣu Gi ||  (11.3)

In English

  1. Due to magic Hu (sun god) is being activated | Magic [is giving] energy to Hu.  Energy is threading Hu's revelations. | Divine-Powers are being activated
  2. due to that | The drought is being opened by that, the pasture is being revealed | Due to the reed-mat being anointed by activity the pasture is involved with 
  3. the activation of energy ||

Gold Fluted Bowl with text from Olympia, Greece (500 BCE)
Dimensions Height: 15 cm (5 7/8 in.); diameter: 15 cm (5 7/8 in.). Weight: 835.46 grams (29 1/2 oz.). Now at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Accession Number 21.1843. It was acquired from a collector in 1921. The collector described the find location as:
  • coming "from Olympia, discovered five years ago (so 1916) east of the Altis between the stadium and the river Alpheios, in the bank of a small torrent formed by winter rains."

Alpheios was the sacred grove of Zeus. It was an irregular quadrangular area more than 200 yards (183 m) on each side. It was walled except to the north where it was bounded by the Kronion (hill of Cronus). In it were the temple of Zeus, temple of Hera, and small treasuries built by various Dorian states. It also contained the administration buildings for the Olympic Games. So apparently some spring floods eroded away a cache of temple valuables hidden during some time of troubles, possibly the drought of 499 BCE. In 472 BCE the sanctuary was renovated and the temple of Zeus was erected shortly afterward  being dedicated in 457 BCE.
Bowl online at:

Gold Fluted Bowl from Olympia, Greece - 500 BCE (Med Text 29)

(Jan 24, 2023) This text mentions the roles of the two power classes of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm (life class and the motion class). It mentions the connective motion hermaphrodite deity Thu (Athu, Athena) along with the magical emotion owls (Athenian owls). Olympia is just north of Athens. The text also mentions the life manifestation god of Yahu (Yahweh). The Alphabetic Akkadian text reads:

  1. Life-Threads are due to ritual-roast-offerings. Emotional-energy is activating the life-manifestations.  Those are being activated by considerations (focused emotions).  Nourish Thu's goodness.
  2. Give tribute to the seers.  Emotion-owls are energizing Yahu's fertility-fluids


Line 1: The "life-threads" comprise the network channels which distributes the life powers as fertility fluids to the earth where they trigger the manifestation of life-forms by Yahu. This text is saying that the roast offerings in rituals maintain the thread's effectiveness. In contrast, focused emotional energy (considerations) done in magical rituals is responsible for the actual manifestations because that is needed to push the fertility fluids through the channels. Magic provides the pressure.

Line 2: The temple of Olympia originally had diviners (seers) but during the classical era it lost out in that area to Delphi. Consequently, it turned to the Olympic games to bring in people. 

Failed Greek Translation Attempt at Museum Site

The letters of the names are not even correct showing this is a fake translation. The museum does not provide the name of the translator.

Minoan Linear A Tablet Listing Supplies for the Life Network Editing and Full Moon Motion Powers
Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Minoan Malia Tablet HT 17 (Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).

Malia Tablet HT 17 (Minoan Text 11) 

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. For the eagle-vulture-powers and Su (full moon motion source) 10. Correspondences for the white-ones (heavenly bodies),
  2. 38. Correspondences for crafting-magic 10.
  3. For the elimination-powers not causing misery (like goddess Ayu) 5.

In Akkadian

  1. ri u su 10 puṣû
  2. 38 ši tu 10
  3. zi wa ya 5
Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Minoan Malia Tablet HT 21 (Text Page 38 of Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).

Malia Tablet HT 21 (Minoan Text 14)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. For copper life-manifestations 4. Correspondences
  2. for envy 61. For the energizers (magic-crafters) 11.
  3. For the energizers 4 water-bringers. For the thread-powers (eagle-vultures) 7 water-bringers.
  4. Not 1 is lacking.

In Akkadian

  1. Du baṭȗ 4 ši
  2. Qi’u 61 ga 10
  3. 1 Ga 3 dalû. Qi 7 dalû. (vertical GL means letters go together)
  4. Ya 1 lu

The smelting of metals seems to have been seen as being more analogous to life form birth than to mechanical assembly. This is evidenced the the use of the phrase "life manifestation." Copper and bronze also seem to have caused jealousy among those who did not have them as indicated by the phrase about envy and other items for the magic-crafters.

Minoan Linear A Text Listing Supplies for Coordinating the Spiritual Powers
Heraklion Museum tablet 2 as it appeared in 2019 in the Heraklion Museum in Crete. This Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Olmsted personal photo)

Heraklion Museum Tablet 2 (Minoan Text 9)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. For the nocturnal-choristers (magic crafters) working with the covering (night sky) 20. For Thu (connective motion power) for working with the Life-Sourcer (Alu),  
  2. 5. For Hu’s threaders (life-priests) working with fate 7.
  3. Threads are no longer magical. For Hu is striking-down Thu without the Life-Manifester (Yahu) 11. 
  4. For nothing being erupted 1. For not catching the wind 1. For misery due to
  5. magic 1. For involvements not nourishing 1. For the boundary 6.

In Akkadian:

  1. pāmu līṭu 20 ṭu da
  2. 5 ḫu qa qarȗ 7
  3. qu tu e ḫu ḥittu ṭu da la 11
  4. e ḫuḫu 1 šāḫu ya 1 wa ku
  5. tu 1 ku bu ya 1 etû 6
Minoan Linear A tablet Listing Ritual Supplies for Both Power Classes for Overcoming Drought
Heraklion Museum tablet 3 as it appeared in 2019 in the Heraklion Museum in Crete. This Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted (Olmsted personal photo)

Heraklion Museum Tablet 3 (Minoan Text 13)

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. Thu’s magic is eliminating the nourishments.
  2. The watchers (magic-crafting diviners) are not doing the same. For the life-threads 5.
  3. Correspondences for Su-powers 56. Correspondences for the threaders (life-priests)
  4. 27. For deaths due to Hu 8.
  5. On account of forming-powers 19 hittings. For Su
  6. working with similar elimination-powers 5.
  7. For activating the the pasture (astrological night sky) 30 energizers.

In Akkadian

  1. ṭu tu zu bu
  2. palilu še ya qu 5
  3. ša si 56 ša qa
  4. 27 gaṣṣu ki ḫu 8
  5. ki zīpu 19 ḥittu su
  6. še zi 5
  7. ṣē ta’û 30 ga
Minoan Linear A Tablet Listing Supplies for the Life Network Editing and Full Moon Motion Powers
Linear A text reads left to right. Sign assignments by Olmsted. Minoan Malia Tablet HT 17 (Godart, L., and Olivier, J-P (1970).

Malia Tablet HT 17 (Minoan Text 11) 

(November 25, 2022) The text reads:

  1. For the eagle-vulture-powers and Su (full moon motion source) 10. Correspondences for the white-ones (heavenly bodies),
  2. 38. Correspondences for crafting-magic 10.
  3. For the elimination-powers not causing misery (like goddess Ayu) 5.

In Akkadian

  1. ri u su 10 puṣû
  2. 38 ši tu 10
  3. zi wa ya 5
Phoenician Spearhead 5 from el-Khadr
Phoenician Spearhead 5 from el-Khadr. From Cross 1980. Letter assignments by Olmsted.

Philistine-Phoenician Spearhead 5 from el-Khadr Israel Blames Magic for a Drought

(August 21, 2022) This text uses Phoenician letters as shown in the letter chart. It is blaming the lack of control over emotion magic for immobilizing the life network such that life-powers can no longer trim the life network and emotion magic can no longer aid in the flow of the fertility fluids.

Translation in Akkadian

(read left to right, Point to shaft, Capital letters are on object, small letters are inferred inner vowels. Verb in Italic Bold)
  1. Ti  Bā’u.  Di  Bā’u. (Levant 1.5.1
  2. Tu  Zā’u  ZaBu (Levant 1.5.2)

In English

  1. Magical-powers are nesting. Manifestations are nesting
  2. Magic is drying-out the forced-flow (fertility fluids)


Cross, F.M. 1980 Newly Found Inscriptions in Old Canaanite and Early Phoenician Scripts. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. No. 238, pages 1-20. Online at: URL:

Piacenza Liver Top Section (500 BCE)

Translation in Akkadian (Celt Text 1.4.1)

(read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels)
  1. Tu  Lu  GuZu  Ṣu
  2. APu
  3. Bu
  4. Tu
  5. Ru

In English

  1. Magic is lacking refuge for its activity 
  2. So the veil
  3. is nourishing
  4. magic
  5. for the eagle-vultures
Child gravestone (Tophet) as displayed in the Carthage National Museum. Image shows the full moon god Su under the skydome over a boat in a storm.
Child gravestone (Tophet) as displayed in the Carthage National Museum. Image shows the full moon god Su under the skydome over a boat in a storm.
Photo by Pascal Radigue via Wikimedia commons online at:

Tophet Text From Carthage Implies Child's Death is Due to Fate

(August 29, 2022) 

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 27)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. IRu Bu Gi. IGu Nu Gi. Nu Bu ... (Med 27.1)
  2. Umu lu NaRu. Qeru lu ... (Med 27.2)

In English

  1. Astrological-powers are nourishing the energy. The Eye-of-Fate (full moon god Su) is revealing the energy. The Revealer (Yahu) is nourishing ...
  2. Storm-powers are lacking trimming. The fate-callers (diviners) are lacking goodness. ....
Carthage Stone as display at the Carthage National Museum in Byrsa, Tunisia. Photo from م ض via Wikimedia Commons at:
Carthage Stone as display at the Carthage National Museum in Byrsa, Tunisia. Photo from م ض via Wikimedia Commons at:

Line by Line Explanation

  1. Threads are the channels of the life network through which fertility fluids flow to trigger Yahu to manifest life forms. But, fertility fluids affected by negative human emotions which are not being covered  up but are instead being made manifest by the motion source god and full moon god Su. The sun god Hu represents the life network but it is not being properly formed.
  2. Thu is the hermaphrodite motion power deity for the connective layer of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. He is the one who normally filters out negative human emotions but he is being intimidated by the source power of this motion powers which is Su.
  3. Eagle vultures are the familiars which edit the life network by cutting off unwanted links.
  4. Lack of drought depends on a working life network represented by the sun god Hu and the pushing of the fertility fluids through it by spiritual motion (wind) powers represented by the owl familiar.
  5.  Humans emotions are causing the misery 
  6.  The astrological motion powers are in control of human emotions right now.
  7. This line makes a connection between the life powers and motion powers by using the analogy of sex.

Translation of Carthage Stone Text Blames Drought on Negative and Unblocked Emotions (170 BCE)

(September 5, 2022) This text is blaming  a drought on negative and unblocked human emotions. Normally the connective hermaphrodite motion power deity, Thu, blocked most of these negative emotions before they could affect the flow of fertility fluids through the life network represented by sun god Hu. In this case Thu is being restrained by the astrological motion source powers represented by the full moon god Su.

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 13)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. Lu Qu ḪaWu Le'u. IA Šu Qu. E ḪaSu. Su IMu Du. Mu Ta'u Ru. E ReTu A. Tu NūNu Bu Ḫu.
  2. Tu Lu Ṭu. MuTa Lu Ṭu U APu Nu. Ba'u I' QaRu. Apu Nu. Ba'u Yabu A Tu MaNu. ḪaNu Su Bu NuNu.
  3. Du RuQu Bu. Nu HuNu AWu. Hu Bu Ru. Nu MaṬu. Nu A Ma'u Ya Hu Mu. IWu Qu Se'u. Bu PaMu IDu RaQu.
  4. Bu Pamu ID RaQu. Bu Nu Be'u. Ya Ḫu Nu A Bu. NaBu PaMu ID Raqu. Lu IṢu ŠuḪu U Aku Nu A.
  5. Ṣu Ḫu RaQu Nu. Ṣu Qu EMu U Ṣu AMu. A Tu Ba'u. MaDu DaRu QaTu Du. IMu EQu Q. WA T A
  6. A Tu Imu Nu. Ṣu U Ḫu RaSu UMu. A NuNu MaWu. BaQu QeNu RaMu U Le'u IṢu Pu. IMu A Ḫu Pu 
  7. U'a Nu Tu. EMu Ḫu TaBu. Mu A Tu. INu AZu Qu. E A Pu Mu. E A U ṢȃLu AYu Lu Gi. Ya Le'u IMu NeKu

In English

  1. The lack of threading is the howling of the astrological-powers. Yahu (IA) is being the same as the threading. Nothing is being covered-up. Su manifests the emotions. Fertility-fluids are being pastured by the eagle-vultures. Nothing is being set by them. Anarchic magic is nourishing Hu.
  2. Magic is lacking Thu. The murderer is lacking Thu and veiling the Revealer (Yahu). The nest (network) determines the fate of Yahu (I'). Veiled is the Revealer. The nest's enemy is supported by this magic. Intimidation by Su is nourishing anarchy.
  3. Life-manifesting is being made difficult for the nourishments (fertility-fluids). The Revealer (Yahu) is being intimidated by the motion-powers. Hu is being nourished by the eagle-vultures. The Revealer is scarce. Those revelations are not being pushed by Hu's fertility-fluids. The redirection of threads is being inhibited. Nourishments are clamoring for the difficult life-channels. 
  4. Nourishments are clamoring for the ignored life-channels. Nourishments nest the Revealer. Shouldn’t Hu be revealing those nourishments? The Nourishment-Revealer (Yahu) is clamoring for the difficult life-channels. A lack of scarcity depends on the wind and emotion-owls will be revealing that.
  5. The activity of Hu is being difficult for the Revealer (Yahu). The activity of the threads is being supervised and activated by the Reed-Boat (Ayu). Her magic is nested. The creation of invisible-forms is ending in life-manifestations, (but) emotions are making ineffective the life-threads. Misery is from those magical-powers.
  6. This magic is revealed by emotions. Activity and Hu are being attacked by the storm-powers. This makes anarchic the waters. The swarm (stars) is taking possession of the emotional-releasing and the astrological powers are making-scarce the openings. Those emotions open Hu.
  7. Misery is being revealed by magic. The Supervisor (Ayu) arouses Hu. Fertility-fluids are crafted by magic for that. Moon-eyes are associating with the threads. None of this is opening-up the fertility-fluids. None of this is fighting Ayu’s lack of energy. Do not the astrological-powers emotionally-empower illicit-sex..
This child's Punic gravestone with text found at Cirta (ancient Constantine, Algeria).
This child's Punic gravestone with text found at Cirta (ancient Constantine, Algeria). It is now in the Louvre Museum in France. So far the word "Tanit" has not yet appeared in any properly translated Phoenician or Punic text. The image of "Tanit" is actually the goddess Selene.
Photo from Carol Raddato via Wikimedia Commons at:,_found_in_Cirta_(ancient_Constantine,_Algeria),_around_300-200_BC,_Louvre_Lens,_France_(26329653164).jpg

Punic Child Gravestone Text Blames Drought on Human Anger Overcoming Divine Powers (170 BCE)

(September 5, 2022) The top image of this gravestone is that of the full moon god Su traveling across the sky-dome at night. The bottom image is of his feminine partner Selene representing the spirits of the underworld.  

Translation in Akkadian (Med Text 28)

(read right to left on stone. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. IA DâNu Ya. Be'u IH R[2]
  2. AGu NaDu Re'u. BaDu A Gi NuNu
  3. Bu Ne'u Gi. Du Re'u IA. Ru NuNu
  4. Su Ma'u A. IA Bu R[ ]

In English

  1. Yahu (IA or YA) is not being judged. The nest [missing verb] Yahu 
  2. Anger is throwing down the shepherds (magic crafters).  The evening makes anarchic their emotional-energy
  3. Nourishments (fertility fluids) are affected by emotional-energy. Life-Manifestations are being shepherded by Yahu (IA or YA). The eagle-vultures are anarchic.
  4. Su is being pushed away by that. Yahu's (IA or YA) nourishments are [missing words]

The goddess Selu (Selene = "powers of Selu") shown at the bottom of this gravestone is the goddess of the underworld where resides the spirits of the dead and unborn. Both Selu and Su are source deities of the magical motion powers. Su mainly represents the motions generated by the astrological heavens while Selu represents the motions generated by emotions. She is the main goddess of emotion magic but is often mixed up with Hekate who creates the spirits but does not animate them.

Photo of Black Sarcophagus 1 from Sidon which is  mistakenly called the Tabnit Sarcophagus due to a prior false translation
Photo of Black Sarcophagus 1 from Sidon is  mistakenly called the Tabnit Sarcophagus due to a prior false translation. The alphabetic text on the bottom is read from right to left. The sarcophagus dates to the great drought which ended the bronze age. It is now in the Istanbul archaeological museum.  (Photo from Wikimedia Commons).
This sarcophagus was discovered by Turkish archaeologist Osny Bey Hamdy on May 31, 1887 in a necropolis just east of Sidon (Hamdy and Hamdy-Bey 1887, Eiselen 1907).It is inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphics on its body and Alphabetic Akkadian in Phoenician letters on its base. The translation of the hieroglyphic text indicates that the sarcophagus belonged to an Egyptian general named Penptah who died in Lebanon while the Egyptians controlled the city. This Egyptian control ended during the great drought (1200 to 1140 BCE) which brought the Bronze Age to an end. The last pharaoh in control of Sidon was thus Ramesses III (1184-1153 BCE). This time frame is supported by the alphabetic Akkadian text which is discussing that drought.

Sidon Sarcophagus 1 Belongs To Egyptian General Penptah Who Died During the Great Drought Absolves Magic of Blame (1170 BCE)

(August  14, 2022) This text at the bottom of the sarcophagus absolves magic crafters of any blame for the Great Drought which ended the Bronze Age. This is because their emotion magic was not powerful enough to overcome the storm of generated human emotions like envy which inhibited the flow of fertility fluids through the life network. Without this flow, the Opener (Asher, Asherah) cannot open her gate and allow the Revealer (Yahu) to manifest the life forms.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 11)

(read right to left)

  1. Annu pu qu. Bu nu qu pu e. Ne’u ki qera qamu ya. Pu šēru nu. Mu bu nu.
  2. Aku mu ne’u. Zu ru pu e. Ne’u ki pu raqu ya. Pu šēru nu. Mu ki pu. Bibu aru nu
  3. Zu matu a. Qu pu ya. A ramu aku. Qu lu du. A tu qu e. Aru nu zu ayu qu.
  4. Laqu hu'u. Ya qu tawu. Ayu qu ruggu. Zu napu a tu. Aru ya napu sâlu, Su lu a tu.  Aru inu.
  5. Ḫu ru ši. Upu imi nu. Māmȗ ki rabu. Ya qu anu pu, ki pu bibu. Aru nu zu. Nu zu. Ayu palu qu
  6. Hū’u ya qu. Tawu ayu qeru. Gi zu nâpu. Qi’u bu. Qi’u ki qeru qu. Erru bu ru. E aw am lagu.
  7. Ḫu qu laqu ḫū’u. Ya qu tawu ru. Gi zu qu. Ruqu zu nu. Ayu tēnȗ ya zu. Rē’û bu Ḫu. Tu miqqu. E qu kamu.
  8. u umu kapu bu aqu. Ru lu amu.

In English

  1. Considerations (focused emotions) can open the life-threads. Nourishments (offerings) for the Revealer (Yahu) cannot open life-threads. Effective-action involves not burning (killing) the fate-callers (prophets). The Opener (Asher, Asherah) conducts the Revealer (Yahu). Fertility-fluids nourish the Revealer.
  2. Emotion-owls affect the fertility-fluids. The elimination of eagle-vultures does not make openings. Effective-action involves not spurning the Opener. The Opener conducts the Revealer.  Fertility-fluids are involved with to the Opener. Gating controls the Revealer.
  3. Elimination is murder. Life-threads are not opened. That is releasing the emotion-owls. Life-threads lack life-empowerment.  That magic is not the life-threads. The controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures) are revealing the elimination of Ayu's life-threads.
  4. Dominate the astrological owls. Are not the threads being pastured. Ayu's threads are false. Eliminations are being filtered by that magic. Don't control the filter with aroma-offerings (animal sacrifices). Su lacks that magic. Control the moon-eye.
  5. Hu is the same-power as the eagle-vultures. Wind-powers reveal the emotion-powers. Water is due to the authorities (planets). Are not the threads being considered by the opener (Asher, Asherah) due to the opener being a gate? The controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures) are revealing the eliminations. The Revealer has been eliminated. Ayu is ruling the life-threads
  6. Astrological-Owls do not affect the life-threads (directly). The pasture (starry night sky) calls fate on Ayu. Emotional-energy is eliminating the filter (network). Envy is being nourished. Envy is involved with calling-fate on the life-threads. The enclosed-region (life source) is nourishing the eagle-vultures. No motion-power dominates the reed-boat (crescent moon goddess Ayu).
  7. Hu’s life-threads are being dominated by the astrological owls. Are not the life-threads being pastured by the eagle-vultures? Emotional-energy is being eliminated. Spurned threads are eliminating the Revealer. Ayu is not replacing the eliminations. The shepherds (magic crafters) are nourishing Hu. Magic is being undermined. None of the life-threads are being bound.
  8. Stormy activity is handing back the expected nourishments. Eagle-vultures are going without the Reed-Boat.


Eiselen, Frederick C. (1907) Sidon, a Study in Oriental History. MacMillan, New York. Online at:
Hamdy, J. and Hamdey-Bey (1887) Mémorie sur une Nécropole Royale Découverte a Saida. Revue Archéologique. Troisième Série. T. 10 Julliet-Decémbre. pp 138-150
The Gezer tablet (mistakenly called the Gezer Calendar) is now on display at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.  It was found in September 1908 during the first archaeological dig at Gezer by R.A.S. Macalister who could not give it any archaeological date. It is read from right to left. The red letter assignments were added by Olmsted. Photo by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin via Wikimedia Commons at:,_early_iron_age,_10th_century_BCE,_Museum_of_Archaeology,_Istanbul,_Turkey.jpg

Gezer Tablet's Israelites Blame Astrological Powers Energized by Magic-Crafters for Drought. It's Philistines blame  Life-Priest's for Mixing in Life-Powers with Astrological Powers with Their Eagle-Vultures (840 BCE)

(September 6, 2022) Put some Israelites and Philistines together in a room discussing the cause of a drought and this is the result. Slightly different line by line letter styles indicates many lines were written by different people. The themes of these lines can be classified as either Israelite or Phoenician.  Phoenician texts are always supportive of magical motion powers and so blame droughts on the life powers. This is in contrast to the Israelites who were anti-magic and instead always supportive of the life powers. The middle of the road position was that of the Aegeans/Philistines who supported both but were against mixing them inappropriately.

Translation in Akkadian (Levant Text 2)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. IRu ḪaNu ASu. Pu IRu aWȗ
  2. Re'u Gi IRu. Ḫu KaLu Qu Ṣu. 
  3. IRu Ḫ’u Ša. Du Lu NaTu. 
  4. IRu ḪaQu Ša. Ru IṢu Pu. 
  5. IRu ḪaQu Ša. Ru U Tu Gi Mu. 
  6. IRu ḪaWȗ Zu MuRu. 
  7. IRu ḪaQu Ša. 

In English

  1. (Israelite Person 1) Astrological-powers are intimidating the Healer's (sun god Hu) openings. Astrological-power's are howling.
  2. (Israelite Person 1) The shepherds (magic crafters) are energizing the astrological-powers. Hu is restraining the thread's activity.
  3. (Aegean/Philistine Person 2) Astrological-powers are the same as astrological-owls. Life-manifestations are lacking motion-revelations.
  4. (Aegean/Philistine Person 3) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things. Eagle-Vultures are making scarce the Openings.
  5. (Aegean/Philistine Person 4) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things. Eagle-Vultures and magic are energizing the fertility-fluids
  6. (Israelite Person 5) Astrological-power's are howling for the elimination of the rainstorms.
  7. (Aegean Person 6) Astrological-powers are mixing-up similar-things.