Med 40 Runestone of New Hill (Monte Novo) do Visconde

Estela de Monte Novo do Visconde, Castro Verde, Portugal; 95x39 cm. Now at the Museum of Writing of the Southwest, Almodovar, Portugal. Photo by Angel M. Felicisimo at:

Runestone of New Hill (Monte Novo) do Visconde

(Sept 4, 2023) This runestone was found in the late 1970s near Casével (Castro Verde) and handed over to Caetano Mello Beirão at that time. It was stored at the Caetano Mello Beirão Archeology Center, in Ourique. It is now at the Southwest Writing Museum, in Almodôvar, Portugal.

Translation of Text in Akkadian (Med Text 40)

(read left to right. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Vowels are italic bold) 
  1. ARu  ZaRu  Nu.  Lu  U'a.   Lu  Nu  APu.  Ru  Ka'u [3]  Ḫu  Zu  Ne'u
  2. (upside down) QaMu  Šu  AYu.  E'u  'Zu.  Ya'u  Nu  [3]
(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1. The Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures) can distribute revelations. Lack is from fate-cursesLack is from revealing the veil.  Eagle-vultures can prod [2 words].  Hu's emanations are being affected.
  2. (upside down) The drying corresponds to Ayu.  Yahu (E') is involved. Yahu can reveal [2 words].