About Druid Pantheon Section

(September 16, 2023)  The Neolithic Druid pantheon was gender balanced. It consisted of two classes of deities in three layers representing the stages of how divine powers reached to the earth. The classes were the life/fertility class of powers which governed the formation and growth of life and the motion class which caused all other changes on earth. The motion class was the "magical" class of powers and deities because its source was either conscious feelings of the movements of heavenly bodies.

European Druid culture split off from Mesopotamian culture when the Neolithic farmers started migrating into Europe around 8500 BCE.. Hence they share many similarities. Egyptian culture probably spilt off from Mesopotamian culture at about the same time.

This chart was initially hypothesized from information found in the oldest texts and from recent archaeological findings. These early texts are Sumerian texts (2300-2000 BCE), Alphabetic Akkadian Mediterranean texts (2000-400 BCE), and Egyptian Pyramid texts (2300-2100 BCE). Since then it has been refined with additional information from the Druid texts.

Biases in Archaeology and Overcoming Them

(September 16, 2023) While everyone knows that dry climates and wet peat bogs tend to preserve archaeological remains better than wet climates not everyone appreciates that social customs also bias the archaeological record. In the case of religious customs most items are found as grave goods so what is preserved there are items dealing with death or the causes of death. Significantly missing are religious items which deal with new life. Other than grave goods, occasionally religious items will be found scattered on the floor left by raiders, or found broken in garbage pits. Hence not much archaeological evidence exists for life manifestation deities.

The other bias problem in history is perceptual bias in which archaeological finds are interpreted in light of the prevailing theory of history. Today's theory of history assumes everything ancient is either Greek (Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, or Biblical). Theories of history are based on linguistic evidence and such evidence until now has not be put onto a scientific bases like archaeology. No standards of translation exists so all ancient translations prior to the advent of the scholar's standard used on this site have just been opinion pieces often conforming to the Biblical and Greek biases of today's prevailing theory of history. Hence most of today's ancient "translations" are fake history being mostly names strung together because names can string together almost any arbitrary sting of letters.