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Image on an Etruscan tomb wall (Orcus) showing life deities which are left to right: rain storm bull god Ba'al, network editing goddess Ayu identified by snakes in her hair, and the life form revealing god Yahu having the additional power of the bear hat. According to the text, this bear hat seems to provide motion power to Yahu. Red letter assignments added by author. (Photo: Rönnlund, Wikimedia Commons, 2012).

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(Jan 3, 2022) The Druid pantheon was gender balanced. It consisted of two classes of deities in three layers representing the stages of how divine powers reached to the earth. The classes were the life-growth or fertility class of powers which governed the formation and growth of life and the motion class which caused all other changes on earth. The motion class was the "magical" class of powers and deities because its source was either conscious feelings of the movements of heavenly bodies.

This section brings together the archaeological and text evidence surrounding these deities.

Life-Growth Deities (source, connective, manifestation layers)

  1. Sky-Dome God Alu (Source of 'elohim, Allah), Under-dome Goddess Hekate
  2. Sun God Hu, Chaotic Rain Storm Bull God Ba'al, Crescent Moon Goddess Ayu
  3. God Yahu (Source of Israelite Yahweh), Goddess Asherah (Utu)

Motion Deities (source, connective, manifestation layers)

  1. Full Moon God Su, Celestial Light Goddess Selene
  2. Hermaphrodite deity Thu (source of Athena)
  3. Wind/Breath/Spirit/ Deity Thesu (genderless)

Druid Goddess Comparisons

Hecate from Sardinia


Life Source Goddess (Outer Layer)

Symbols: under-dome, arms across or on stomach to form under-dome shape

Epithet: (none known yet)

Life Manifestation Goddess Pillar Figurine from Israel (700-600 BCE)

Ayu (Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Hathor)

Life Connective Goddess (Middle Layer)

Symbols: crescent moon, wings, bees, hands just under breasts

Epithet: Reed-Boat, Opener, one of the "Controllers" (along with other mid-layer powers)

Willendorf Venus with acorn hat

Asher (Asherah, Venus)

Life Manifestation Goddess (Inner Layer)

Symbols: hands on breasts with upward angled arms

Epithet: (none known yet)

Minoan Hecate Figurines

Selu (Salu, Selene)

Motion Source Goddess (Outer Layer)

Symbol: glowing things, heavenly bodies in the night sky. Air, feathers, song birds, Hands pointing upward

Epithet: (none known yet)