Variable Physical Constant Theory of Consciousness by David Olmsted

Two ways exist to change the state of this paddle ball
Two ways exist to change the state of this paddle ball. That is, two ways to make it bounce farther. One way is to add more energy to it by paddling harder. The second way is the change the strength or stiffness of the rubber band. This changes it spring constant.
The same two ways can be used to change the shape of complex neural proteins. The physical world changes it state with energy while the conscious spiritual world changes it with the strength constant.
This image shows the ways in which a simple water molecule can vibrate
This image shows the ways in which a simple water molecule can vibrate. The frequency of these vibrations depends on the thermal energy applied to the molecule and the electromagnetic physical constant.

Two Ways to Change State

(July 6, 2022) The Variable Physical Constant Theory of Consciousness developed by David Olmsted claims that the electromagnetic constants which govern the inherent strength of the electromagnetic force are not always constant but can change slightly depending on the shape of its molecule.

Consider a rubber band on a paddle ball toy. The distance the ball goes from the paddle can be made to go farther by hitting the ball harder by adding more energy to it. The ball can also be made to go farther by weakening its rubber bands physical constant. This means two ways exist to change the vibration pattern changing its energy or changing its strength constant.

A molecule is like a paddle ball system but with the atoms (balls) connected by the electromagnetic forces (the rubber bands) as shown in the bottom figure. Adding energy from the material realm can change its vibration pattern but so can changing their electromagnetic physical constant.

Changeable physical constants are the only wiggle room left in physics which can possibly explain how the material brain might interact with our non-material conscious experiences. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity shows that if energy goes to zero than so does space-time and vice-versa. Space is a confinement field for energy. Energy can't escape it. Einstein himself said it this way (Einstein 1961, page 155):

“On the basis of the general theory of relativity, on the other hand, space as opposed to what fills space, which is dependent on the coordinates, has no separate existence... If we imagine the gravitational field, ..., to be removed, there does not remain a space ...., but absolutely nothing, and also no topological space.”

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Reception from the Spiritual Realm

If brain inputs from the spiritual realm are able to affect the vibration pattern of a neural protein enzyme then chemical pathways can be changed. Alternately, if the vibration pattern of a neural receptor is changed than neurotransmitter detection can be changed.

Reception of spiritual signals must be occurring because conscious experiences must be providing some sort of evolutionary benefit for social species like humans and emotional propagation seems the most likely possibility. Non-verbal tribal group coordination without being exposed to danger is a significant evolutionary advantage.

Conscious experiences are not needed for reasoning as the chaining together of facts because computers can do good reasoning as artificial intelligence shows and they are not conscious.

Transmission to the Spirit Realm

Changing the state of the conscious modulating molecules with energy would be how the physical realm would modulate the intensity of conscious experiences. Significantly, the electromagnetic force is unique in that it is two-faced in the material universe so it has two physical constants, the electrostatic constant and the magnetic constant. These constants are different yet related because moving electrical charges produces magnetism. Consequently, the transmission of conscious experiences is likely governed by one constant while reception is governed by the other.

The Soul

Our collection of conscious experiences define the soul. The soul defines us as individuals. Identical twins are different individuals.

Yet we all share a common set of conscious experience classes based upon how they affect us. A color is much different from the feeling of fear our a sound. However, my "red" may not be exactly like your "red." If fact our mix of exact conscious impressions must be slightly different in order to keep our individuality within a network. This would seem to included slight differences in the conscious experiences of each brain hemisphere.

This similarity of conscious experience classes suggested to ancient philosophers like Heraclitus that humans must exist within a common cosmic consciousness network.

Possible Tests

All scientific hypotheses need to be testable. So testing if the electromagnetic physical constants really do change within different molecular shapes now becomes a high priority experiment. This sort of experiment would require a precise quantum level computer simulation to predict the shape of a neural molecule and them compare that with its measured shape. Only recently have such simulations become possible due to the advent of powerful supercomputers. but even now it would be a challenge.

The fact that the brain’s connection to the cosmic conscious network has an evolutionary purpose suggests that other experiments can be done on any social animal exhibiting emotional propagation. The text would be if any such emotional propagation can occur in the absence of physical contact.


Einstein, Albert (1961). Relativity, the Special and General Theory (Crown Publishers: New York)
Protons and neutrons are made of up three quarks having color charges which cancel out
Protons and neutrons are made of up three quarks having color charges which cancel out. The color combination is similar but not identical to the combination of the conscious impressions of color which combine to form the sensation of white. A proton is made up of two up quarks and one down quark. A neutron is made up of one up quark and two down quarks. Quarks also have electrical charges which add up to 1 in the proton and to 0 in the neutron.

Conscious Qualities (Qualia) Are Probably the Same Thing as the Intensive Conserved Qualities of Physics.

(July 6, 2022) Events require separation from other events in order to have a causal system. Space and time are one type of separation class and they are defined as the extensive class. The other type of separation is defined as the intensive class. This class includes the quality of electrical charge. Intensive qualities are conserved meaning that they are never destroyed although they may be hidden when they balance out. These intensive conserved qualities in physics are:

Qualities of Electro-Magnetic-Weak Forces

  1. Electrical charge (comes in -1/3, +2/3, -1, +1)

Qualities of Strong Forces (holds atomic nucleus together)

  1. Quark color charge (comes in: red, green, blue, anti-red, anti-green, anti-blue).

Qualities of Matter:

  1. Quantum spin (1/2, 0, 1, 2) (does light polarization)

  2. First quark flavor (top and bottom)

  3. Second quark flavor (strange and charm)

  4. Third quark flavor (up and down)

The big question of metaphysics is whether these intensive qualities of physics should be considered as equivalent to the conscious qualities (qualia). Both have the function of event separability. That the quark interactions are best described by a theory similar to conscious color interactions is also suggestive.

This means that individual clusters of conscious qualia (souls) are a lot like the stable particles of physics (like the nucleus of atoms) but way more complex.