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Minoan Athame now at the Heraklion Museum
Minoan workshop tags with inscriptions from Malia
Minoan ritual knife called an Athame in Pagan groups today. They were used to cut through the fog of the mundane physical world to get to the spiritual world. This is evidenced by the text on a Minoan temple shipping tag from the port city of Malia for blades which reads: 
  • For activities which are not being revealed | (3 knives) for revealing.

Top photo is personal photo taken at Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete in 2019.  Bottom photo is in Godart, L. and Poursat, J-C (1978).

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(Jan 3, 2022)  The Druid civilization was a magical culture. Communication with the spiritual powers (deities) was via feelings and emotions. Rituals raised that emotional energy (Gi) and focused it. The English word for "energy" comes from the Akkadian word Gi. This word is also similar to Chinese emotional energy concept of Chi suggesting it goes way back in human history.

Later Druid culture believed every conscious being and deity were emotionally and thus magically interconnected. Negative emotions in a society contributed to droughts and those had to be countered.

This section brings together the archaeological and text evidence surrounding ritual texts and tools.


Godart, L. and Poursat, J-C (1978) Malia. Le Quartier Mu 1. Introduction générale par J.-Cl. Poursat. Écriture hiéroglyphique crétoise par L. Godart et J.-P. Olivier. Études crétoises, 23, 1978 - 2021 École Française d'Athènes. Online at: https://cefael.efa.gr/detail.php?site_id=1&actionID=page&serie_id=EtCret&volume_number=23&ce=oatbaqmb7gsvpv7saktgh9sd9dd7b3sr&sp=230
Gold Fluted Bowl with text from Olympia, Greece (500 BCE)
Dimensions Height: 15 cm (5 7/8 in.); diameter: 15 cm (5 7/8 in.). Weight: 835.46 grams (29 1/2 oz.). Now at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Accession Number 21.1843. It was acquired from a collector in 1921. The collector described the find location as:
  • coming "from Olympia, discovered five years ago (so 1916) east of the Altis between the stadium and the river Alpheios, in the bank of a small torrent formed by winter rains."

Alpheios was the sacred grove of Zeus. It was an irregular quadrangular area more than 200 yards (183 m) on each side. It was walled except to the north where it was bounded by the Kronion (hill of Cronus). In it were the temple of Zeus, temple of Hera, and small treasuries built by various Dorian states. It also contained the administration buildings for the Olympic Games. So apparently some spring floods eroded away a cache of temple valuables hidden during some time of troubles, possibly the drought of 499 BCE. In 472 BCE the sanctuary was renovated and the temple of Zeus was erected shortly afterward  being dedicated in 457 BCE.
Bowl online at: https://collections.mfa.org/objects/238352/libation-bowl-phiale-mesomphalos

Gold Fluted Bowl from Olympia, Greece - 500 BCE (Med Text 29)

(Jan 24, 2023) This text mentions the roles of the two power classes of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm (life class and the motion class). It mentions the connective motion hermaphrodite deity Thu (Athu, Athena) along with the magical emotion owls (Athenian owls). Olympia is on the Peloponnese. The text also mentions the life manifestation god of Yahu (Yahweh). The Alphabetic Akkadian text reads:

  1. Life-Threads are due to ritual-roast-offerings. Emotional-energy is activating the life-manifestations.  Those are being activated by considerations (focused emotions).  Nourish Thu's goodness.
  2. Give tribute to the seers.  Emotion-owls are energizing Yahu's fertility-fluids


Line 1: The "life-threads" comprise the network channels which distributes the life powers as fertility fluids to the earth where they trigger the manifestation of life-forms by Yahu. This text is saying that the roast offerings in rituals maintain the thread's effectiveness. In contrast, focused emotional energy (considerations) done in magical rituals is responsible for the actual manifestations because that is needed to push the fertility fluids through the channels. Magic provides the pressure.

Line 2: The temple of Olympia originally had diviners (seers) but during the classical era it lost out in that area to Delphi. Consequently, it turned to the Olympic games to bring in people. 

Failed Greek Translation Attempt at Museum Site

The letters of the names are not even correct showing this is a fake translation. The museum does not provide the name of the translator.