Ancient Cat Deities

Minoan Green Cat Seal Centered on God Su - Minoan Text 16.1 (2000 BCE)

(Dec. 31, 2022) This early Cretan Hieroglyphic inscription shows the transition between pictographic signs and phonetic signs. It has 1 phonetic sign (X), 2 signs which can be seen as either phonetic or pictographic (axe and moon-eye), and a single pictographic sign representing a cat. The signs are (top to bottom):


  1. Gi Pu Su ŠaTTa

English Translation

  1. Emotional-Energy is being opened by Su the time-keeper (cat)

(See Bronze Age Letter Chart.) Su is the full moon motion source god of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm. The source word for "time-keeper" (cat) is interesting. This is the 2023 Mediterranean Akkadian lexicon entry:

ŠT [Akkadian šattu, šēttu, šuttû] year (noun) - šatta with grammatical actor ending “a” means “time-keeper” or “year-keeper.” It is an epithet for “cat” (Akkadian ŠRN) - Anyone who has owned a cat knows how much they like to keep the household on schedule. The /š/ sound is pronounced something like /sk/ or /st/. The /sk/ sound leads to the English word “cat” via "skat." Also the Egyptian temple to the cat was Bastet from Ba.STeT literally meaning “house of cat” or “house of the time-keeper.” A time-keeper would have been seen as the keeper of divine order. Consequently, the name of the Egyptian cat deity is not really “Bastet” but rather just “Stet” or Skat.”

Seal at Heraklion Archaeological Museum on Crete. Image from Ingo Pini via Wikemedia Commons at:

Cat-Bird Mace-Head Grasping 2 Lions

The head of the cat-bird is directly under text section 10 and 11. This is the Sumerian Motion power connective deity. As such it calls fate and normally keeps everything on time.

Drawing of Top Text on Mace-Head

It reads:

  1. AN loves the Lady (INANNA).
  2. Their domain sings-up food.
  3. (These) deities are earth-controllers.
  4. Connections are being fitted by their songs.
  5. Motion-Powers are making wealthy the earth
  6. from milking the wind/spirit powers.
  7. Heavenly-bodies command the earth.
  8. Their omens indicate drought.
  9. The cat-birds issue-orders.
  10. They are the fate-callers.
  11. (While) earth.controlling deities are arranging the fabric (life-network)
  12. take heed of the fabric of the silvery-ones' spiritual-connections