First Coins Are From Lydia

First Coinage From Lydia Shows 2 Sun Lions

(June 9, 2023) The dating of these first stamped coins is one of the most frequently debated topics of ancient numismatics with dates ranging from 700 BC to 550 BC. Lydia ruled most of western Anatolia before they were conquered by the rising Persian empire in 547 BCE. 
The Lydian stater was composed of electrum, a naturally-occurring gold-silver alloy; though the coins are often reported to be struck from this naturally-occurring alloy, they were actually made from a specific and rather consistent mix of approximately 55% gold, 45% silver, and a small balance of copper. This indicates that silver and copper were added to natural electrum in order to achieve a more durable and balanced metal alloy. Although the extra copper slightly debased the coin's intrinsic value, it allowed it to exhibit a golden hue, unlike the pale white-gold color of pure electrum.
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First Coinage From Lydia Shows Sun Lion And Unicorn Storm Bull

(June 9, 2023)  Because these coins were made from a mixture of metals they could not just be weighed to determine their value. Therefore the Lydian state put on an image and likely defined their valued by decree and accepted that value for taxes.
This coin shows the sun lion paired with its complement, the chaotic storm bull.
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First Coinage From Lydia Shows Sun Lion And Sun Above Eye