Animal Heads

BU (storm god)

Image: Front view of a drooling or connective bull head - rounded version from Sippar foundation stone (2450 BCE)

Definition: (noun) bull, chaotic rain storm deity, (verb) to rush around - bulls represented the chaos power of a thunder storm which brought rains. Drooling is a sign the bull is stressed and excitable (or has eaten something irritating)


Image: Front view of cow head

Definition: Female cow


Image: Cow head with something between the horns

Definition: (adj) weak


Image: Cattle head having a cap showing an opening or spout

Definition: to butcher


Image:  Top seems to be a network which is over an image of a granary snake (MUŠ).

Definition: to distribute grain, to trade, to store grain


Image: top view of animal head attached to a backbone over a sky gate

Definition: granary snake, snake, power of life and death (power of the grain storehouse) - in the Middle East snakes mainly eat rodents and lizards thus they tended to be dense around grain storage sites and became associated with them. The archtype snake for this would be the Desert Racer or Cliff Racer (Platyceps rhodorachis) which has a red stripe (color of life) down its back.


Image: Front view of a goat or sheep head

Definition: (noun) leaper, goat, sheep (verb) to leap


Image: animal head with marks for eyes and nose

Definition: wild goat or sheep, possibly a wild bovine


Image: 10 (U) goat heads (GUD) - Ten goats or sheep is a good herd to feed a family with each animal providing about 30 pounds of meat.

Definition: joy, prosperity, to prosper


Image: Top view of goats or sheep in a coral

Definition: (noun) mother ewe, adult female sheep