Ulstad Lead Tablet Translation - 1300 CE

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Ulstad Lead Tablet. Photo by Mårten Teigen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Onine at: https://www.khm.uio.no/english/collections/runic-archives/index.html

Location of Ulstad, Norway. It is not too far from Oslo.

Translation of Ulstad Lead Tablet

(June 25, 2023) This text on a thin lead tablet which would would have been displayed in a Druid temple. Text tablet from Ulstad, Lom, Oppland. It dates to about 1300 based on its letter styles. 

This text is blaming a drought on the lack of good integration between the life powers and magical motion powers. The first two lines blame the motion and life powers individually. The rest of the text goes to explain why integration is needed. (Letter assignments shown in images below.)

Translation in Akkadian (Rune Text 22)

(read left to right. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold) 
  1. TaBu  Gu  Ya  Tu  RuŠu  E'u  :  Gi Tu  SaGu  AYu.  Ta'u  IŠu  Šu.  Za'u  Ya  [3]
  2. LaKu  Gu  Ya  PaYu.  Za'u  Gu  A.  Su  Du  E.  Ṣe'u  ŠuGu  AWu  Ṭu  A'u  Šu   IDu.  Gu  Su.
  3. Tu  Ku  Šu  AWu.  A  AWu  Pu  Ya  Du  A  :  Ya  Qu  AŠuGu  Ta'u.  Gu  A  La'u.  IKu  A  Du. 
  4. IŠu  Šu  Za'u  A.  ETu  Du  IŠu.  IGu  Ku  Su.  SeLu  NuNu  UŠu.  E  ḪeSu  AWu  Ku  E[3]
  5. ILu  A  U'a.  Lu  EBu  Ḫu  EGu  Ya'u.  Tu  Di'u  IWu  IGu.  Ga'u  Pu  Bu  Ḫu.  Gu  TaBu  IGu.  L'  [2]
  6. RuGu  Ḫu  Ku  ADu.  Tu  Du  Ya {human figure}.  Qu  IWu  Ya  Gi.  Gi  IWu  A  Ḫu.  YaYa  BaMu  ESu.  AB  A [3 letters] some runes bound near the end
  7. Ru  SuḪa  Du.  Šu  QaŠu  E.  Ḫu  La  Šu  Qu.  A  Ku  Du.  Ya  Ḫu  LaŠu  Gi.  TaWu  Gu  Tu.  Zu  Ya L[4]T  Du  Šu  Ya.
  8. Bu  IRu  LuE  IGu  U  E  Šu  EGu.  UYa  ŠaḪu  EṬu  GeŠu.  ŠeTu  YaYa  UGu  Du.
  9. A  ḪaWu  Lu  Du.  Ya  A  Ḫu.  UGu  RaKu  A  Ḫu.  Šu  AGu  Ḫu.

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1. (Blaming magic) Arousals (emotion-magic) should not energize astrology magic for leading Yahu  (E'u) :   Energy for astrology-magic can make trouble for Ayu.  The pasture (starry night sky) can confuse the same.  Don't bake [2 words].
  2. (Blaming life-powers) The weak-willed should not be energizing the network-birds.  Baking is energized by them.  Su can life-manifest nothing. Blockages are similar. Energize the motion-powers. Thu's motion-powers will do the same for life-channels. Energize Su.
  3. (Blaming lack of integration) Astrology-magic's involvement is making motion-powers the same. Those motion-powers cannot open those life-manifestation-powers :  Are not the life-threads being expelled.  Energized the pasture. Energize the astrological-powers. Irrigate those life-manifestation-powers.
  4. Confusion is from making baking-powers (life powers) the same (as magic powers).  The boundary (sky-shell) confuses the life-manifesting.  The eye-of-fate (Selu's eye, glowing full moon) is involving Su.  Selu (Selene) is causing chaos with the foundations.  Nothing is covering-up the motion-power's involvement with [2 words]
  5. Those high-life-powers are fate-cursed. The lack of the sky-shell is from Hu (sky shell sun god) neglecting YaHu (Y').  Astrology-magic of the divine-realm can redirect the eye-of-fate (Selu's eye, glowing full moon).  Break-through the openings by nourishing Hu.  Energize the arousal of Selu's eye.  Astrological powers [2 words].
  6. The falseness of Hu can involve the Observer (Su). Astrology-magic cannot manifest {humans}.  Life-threads cannot be redirected by energy. Energy can redirect those Hu-powers. Pain divides the filtrate.  [sentence]
  7. Eagle-vultures are rebelling against life-manifestor (Yahu).  The same are gifting nothing. Hu is lacking the same life-threads. Those are involving life-manifestations.  Is not Hu influenced by energy.  The pasture (starry night sky)  can be energized by astrology-magic.  Don't emanate [2 or 3 words]   life-manifestations are not the same
  8. Nourishments for astrological-powers are lacking.  Nothing is for Selu's Eye and nothing is for similar neglected-ones.  Fate-curse's winds belch-out the darkness.  The life-network's Hu manifests death.
  9. This howling is from lacking life-manifestations. Are not those from Hu. Death is raking-in those Hu-powers. The same is angering Hu.

Photo by Mårten Teigen, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Letter assignments by Olmsted. Onine at: https://www.khm.uio.no/english/collections/runic-archives/index.html