Dwarf Names From Druid Akkadian Phrases

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The Dvergatal ("Catalogue of Dwarves") section of the Voluspa in the Poetic Eddas creation story is verses 10-16 below. This listing of Dwarves breaks up the story narrative so it is likely a separate editorial addition to preserve some ancient names before they were lost to history. These sorts of lists are seen often in the Old Testament of the Bible where they are considered to be part of the later priestly editing of the original narritive.
3. Of old was the age | when Ymir lived;Sea nor cool waves | nor sand there were;Earth had not been, | nor heaven (sky-shell) above,But a yawning gap, | and grass nowhere.
4. Then Bur's sons lifted | the level land,Mithgarth the mighty | there they made;The sun from the south | warmed the stones of earth,And green was the ground | with growing leeks.
5. The sun, the sister | of the moon, from the southHer right hand cast | over heaven's rim;No knowledge she had | where her home should be,The moon knew not | what might was his,The stars knew not | where their stations were.
6. Then sought the gods | their assembly-seats,The holy ones, | and council held;Names then gave they | to noon and twilight,Morning they named, | and the waning moon,Night and evening, | the years to number.
7. At Ithavoll met | the mighty gods,Shrines and temples | they timbered high;Forges they set, and | they smithied ore,Tongs they wrought, | and tools they fashioned.
8. In their dwellings at peace | they played at tables,Of gold no lack | did the gods then know,--Till thither came | up giant-maids (should be "diviners") three,Huge of might, | out of Jotunheim.
9. Then sought the gods | their assembly-seats,The holy ones, | and council held,To find who should raise | the race of dwarfsOut of Brimir's blood | and the legs of Blain.
10. There was Motsognir | the mightiest madeOf all the dwarfs, | and Durin next;Many a likeness | of men they made,The dwarfs in the earth, | as Durin said.
11. Nyi and Nithi, | Northri and Suthri,Austri and Vestri, | Althjof, Dvalin,Nar and Nain, | Niping, Dain,Bifur, Bofur, | Bombur, Nori,An and Onar, | Óin, Mjothvitnir.
12. Vigg and Gandalf | Vindalf, Thorin,Thror and Thrain | Thekk, Lit and Vit,Nyr and Nyrath,-- | now have I told--Regin and Rathsvith-- | the list aright.
13. Fili, Kili, | Fundin, Nali,Hepti, Vili, | Hannar, Sviur,Billing, Bruni, | Bildr and Buri,Frar, Hornbori, | Fræg and Loni,Aurvang, Jari, | Eikinskjaldi.
14. The race of the dwarfs | in Dvalin's throngDown to Lofar | the list must I tell;The rocks they left, | and through wet landsThey sought a home | in the fields of sand.
15. There were Draupnir | and Dolgthrasir,Hor, Haugspori, | Hlevang, Gloin,Dori, Ori, | Duf, Andvari,Skirfir, Virfir, | Skafith, Ai.
16. Alf and Yngvi, | Eikinskjaldi (Oakenshield)Fjalar and Frosti, | Finn and Ginnar;So for all time | shall the tale be known,The list of all | the forbears of Lofar.
17. Then from the throng | did three come forth,From the home of the gods, | the mighty and gracious;Two without fate | on the land they found,Ask and Embla, | empty of might.
18. Soul they had not, | sense they had not,Heat nor motion, | nor goodly hue;Soul gave Othin, | sense gave Hönir,Heat gave Lothur | and goodly hue.
19. An ash I know, | Yggdrasil its name,With water white | is the great tree wet;Thence come the dews | that fall in the dales,Green by Urth's well | does it ever grow.
20. Thence come the maidens | mighty in wisdom,Three from the dwelling | down 'neath the tree;Urth is one named, | Verthandi the next,--On the wood they scored,-- | and Skuld the third.Laws they made there, and life allottedTo the sons of men, and set their fates.........


10. Þar var Móðsognir mæztr of orðinndverga allra, en Durinn annarr;þeir mannlíkun mörg of gerðudvergar í jörðu, sem Durinn sagði.
11. Nýi, Niði, Norðri, Suðri,Austri, Vestri, Alþjófr, Dvalinn,Nár ok Náinn Nípingr, DáinnBívurr, Bávurr, Bömburr, Nóri,Ánn ok Ánarr, Óinn, Mjöðvitnir.
12. Veggr ok Gandalfr, Vindalfr, Þorinn,Þrár ok Þráinn, Þekkr, Litr ok Vitr,Nýr ok Nýráðr, nú hefi ek dverga,Reginn ok Ráðsviðr, rétt of talða.
13. Fíli, Kíli, Fundinn, Náli,Hefti, Víli, Hannar, Svíurr,Billingr, Brúni, Bíldr ok Buri,Frár, Hornbori, Frægr ok Lóni,Aurvangr, Jari, Eikinskjaldi.
14. Mál er dverga í Dvalins liðiljóna kindum til Lofars telja,þeir er sóttu frá salar steiniAurvanga sjöt til Jöruvalla.
15. Þar var Draupnir ok Dolgþrasir,Hár, Haugspori, Hlévangr, Glóinn,Dóri, Óri Dúfr, AndvariSkirfir, Virfir, Skáfiðr, Ái.
16. Alfr ok Yngvi, Eikinskjaldi,Fjalarr ok Frosti, Finnr ok Ginnarr;þat mun æ uppi meðan öld lifir,langniðja tal Lofars hafat. 


  1. Full translation of the Voluspa by Bellows online at Sacred Texts: https://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/poe03.htm
  2. Original online at: https://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/V%C3%B6lusp%C3%A1

J.R. Tolkien's Dwarf Names Came from the Old Norse Voluspa (1200-1350 CE) Creation Story. They Are Akkadian

(July 4, 2023) The Voluspa (meaning "Walu/Alu's Connections") is a creation story created from the mixing Druid and Christian cultural traditions.  Its Christian influence is evidenced by its apocalyptic theme.

"Dwarves" represent various nature spirit powers  as defined within their ancient world view, some of which in true Pagan fashion may be optionally personified. Some like Váli are listed as both a Dwarf and an Aesir god showing that the division between the two groupings in not precise.

Akkadian would have been perceived as ancient and exotic language to the Old Norse/Germanic people between 1200-1350 CE just like Latin seems that way to us today. They were familiar with it in a religious context but no longer spoke it. J.R. Tolkien who wrote "Lord of the Rings" realized these names represented some sort of even more ancient civilization than Old Norse/Germanic so he adopted them for his ancient dwarven civilization. These names are found in the Nordic creation story called the Vǫluspá (also Völuspá, Vǫlospá or Vǫluspǫ́) which means "Communing with the Magic-Crafters" in Druid Akkadian.

 Akkadian Dwarf Name Meanings

This list is balanced between motion/emotion powers and life powers.

The letter /o/ is the Akkadian glottal stop sign called ayin ('). It is replaced in Indo-European languages with either /a/ or /o/. An -r (ir, er) word ending is Indo-European indicating the word is an actor in a sentence.  

Paragraphs 3-8

  1. Ymir (Imir):  Akkadian IM with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Emotion-maker." Inner emotion were one of the motion powers sources along with heavenly body motion.
  2. Bur: Akkadian B with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourishment-maker." Nourishments are a prerequisite for the existence of any power.
  3. Jotun (Yotun): Akkadian ITN (Yattun) meaning "builders. Often mistranslated as "giants." Jotunheim = "Jotun's realm" with "heim" being Indo-European.

Paragraph 9

  1. Brimir: Akkadian B.RM with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourisher for emotional-release" as the transporter of nourishments.
  2. Blain: Akkadian B.LN meaning "Nourishments for life-form-images." Images are invisible "platonic" life forms into which amorphous matter flows to be manifested. The god Thor (Old Norse Þórr) is Akkadian DR meaning "invisible-form." The -r ending turns this concept into a god meaning Invisible-Former" or Invisible-Form-Maker." This idea is also seen in the book of Genesis in which Yahweh creates man in his image. (Life power)

Paragraph 10

  1. Motsognir: Akkadian MT.SG.N with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Murder.Trouble.Revealer"  
  2. Durinn: Akkadian DR.N with Akkadian -N word ending meaning "Life-Form Revealer-powers."  A "form" represents the shape of particular image which need to be revealed (manifested) on earth to become physical.  

Paragraph 11

  1. Nyi: Akkadian N.Y meaning "Revelation Negation" 
  2. Nithi: Akkadian NṬ meaning "nature" or "natural."
  3. --
  4. Northri: Akkadian NR.ṬR meaning "Cullers of impressions." Impressions are an epithet for writing.
  5. Suthri: Akkadian S.ṬR meaning "Su's impressions." Su is the dark new moon god and father time. His writing is calling fate on a person.
  6. --
  7. Austri:  Akkadian A.S.TR meaning  "Those Su-powers of impressions." These are the powers write the fate of people.
  8. Vestri: Akkadian US.TR meaning "Goose of impressions." This is an epithet for law codes as "bindings of writings."

  9. Althjof: Akkadian Al.Ṭ.IW meaning "Images from of Thu's redirecting" By adjusting the flow of the fertility fluids through the life network the motion god Thu can redirect where life forms are manifested on earth.
  10. Dvalin: Akkadian D.UL.N meaning "Manifestations of revealed Images"
  11. --
  12. Nar: Akkadian N with Indo-European -R meaning  "Revealer." This is an epithet for the Druid life manifestation god Yahu.  
  13. Nair: Akkadian N.Ya meaning with Indo-European -R meaning  "Anti-Revealer." This is any deity which opposes the manifestation of life forms.
  14. --
  15. Niping: Akkadian N.P.NG meaning "Revelations of openings in the coast." The coast is the rain producing sky-shell which brings the rains via openings in it.  
  16. Dainn: Akkadian D.IN.N meaning "Manifestations of moon-eyed-one's revelation."  A magic crafters affecting the fate of astrology signs was a moon-eyed-one. Generally considered to be a somewhat crazy lunatic.
  17. --
  18. Bifur: Akkadian B.IW with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourishment redirector"
  19. Bofur: Akkadian B.AW with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourishment activator"  
  20. --
  21. Bombur: Akkadian BM.B  with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Dividers of nourishments  
  22. Nori: Akkadian NR meaning " Culler"  
  23. --
  24. Ann: Akkadian AN.N meaning "Considerations for revelations." Considerations are focused emotions and thus the core of emotion magic.   
  25. Onar: Akkadian AN with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Consideration-maker"
  26. --
  27. Oinn: Akkadian IN.N meaning "Moon- eye revelations" as in crazy revelations.
  28. Mjothvitnir:  Akkadian M.IṬ.UT.N with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Fertility-fluid.Tar.Weaving.Revelations or in other words " Fertility-fluid's tar for weaving revelations. "Tar" is the magical fluid put out by the dark new moon Su which in this case is affecting the flow rate of the fertility fluids through the life network, thus redirecting them.

Paragraph 12

  1. Vigg: Akkadian UG.G meaning "Death energy."  
  2. Gandalfr: Akkadian G.ND.LW  with Indo-European -R ending meaning Energy.Tossed-away.Lover or in other words "Energy of tossed-away lovers."  
  3. --
  4. Vindalfr: Akkadian W.ND.LW  with Indo-European -R ending meaning Fate-Curse.Tossed-away.Lover or in other words "Curse of  tossed-away lovers."  
  5. Þorinn: Akkadian PR.N meaning "Effort.Revelations" or in other words "Making efforts for revelations."
  6. --
  7. Pror: Akkadian PR with Indo-European -R ending meaning " Worker"
  8. Prainn: Akkadian PR.NN meaning "Efforts.Chaos" or in other words "Making efforts for chaos."
  9. --
  10. Pekkr: Akkadian P.KK with Indo-European -R ending meaning  "Opener of weapons."
  11. Litr: Akkadian LT with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Splitter"
  12. Vitr: Akkadian UT with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Weaver"
  13. --
  14. Nyr: Akkadian N.IR meaning "Revelations of astrological-powers"
  15. Nyrathr: Akkadian N.IR.Ṭ with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Revealer of the astrological-power's for Thu."  
  16. --
  17. Reginn: Akkadian R.GN.N meaning "Eagle-vulture consistency revelations."
  18. Rathsvithr: Akkadian RṬ.S.U.ṬR meaning "Channeling.Su.Done by.Impressions or in other words "Channeling by Su done by writing." This is the writing of fate.

Paragraph 13

  1. Fili: Akkadian WL meaning Walu or "Alu." This is the Druid life source god.  
  2. Kili: Akkadian KL meaning "Constrainer."  This is an epithet for the Druid motion source god Su who constrains life with fate.
  3. --
  4. Fundinn: Akkadian W.ND.N meaning "Fate-Curse.Thrown-away.Revelations  or in other words "Curse of the Thrown-away Revelations."
  5. Nali: Akkadian N.L meaning "Revelations which lack" 
  6. --
  7. Hepti: Akkadian ḪP.T meaning "Purification of astrology-magic"  
  8. Vili: Akkadian W.L meaning "Fate-Curse lack."  
  9. --
  10. Hannar: Akkadian ḪN.N with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Intimidator of revelations  "  
  11. Sviurr: Akkadian S.UY.UR with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Su.Fate-Curser.Birth." or in other words "Su's curser of birth."
  12. --
  13. Billingr: Akkadian  B.LL.NG with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourishment.guaranteer.Coast" or in other word "Nourishment's guarantor of the coast." where coast is the rain producing sky-shell. 
  14. Bruni: Akkadian BR.N meaning " Seer's revelations" 
  15. --
  16. Bildr: Akkadian B.LD  with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Nourishments for the irrigated-field's"  (irrigated field is epithet for the life network whose links are edited by eagle-cultures
  17. Buri: Akkadian B.R meaning "Nourishments for the eagle-vultures"
  18. --
  19. Frar: Akkadian UR with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Birther."
  20. Hornbori: Akkadian ḪR.N.BR meaning "Liver's revelations for the Seers" 
  21. --
  22. Frægr: Akkadian UR.AG with Indo-European -R ending meaning "The angry birther"  
  23. Loni: Akkadian L.N meaning "The lack of revelations"  
  24. --
  25. Aurvangr: Akkadian AW.RW.NG with Indo-European -R ending meaning "motion-powers.Shepherd.Coast. or in other word "Motion-powers shepherd of the coast."
  26. Jari: Akkadian Y.R meaning "Does not affect eagle-vultures" 
  27. --
  28. Eikinskjaldi:  Indo-European Eikin.skald meaning "Iconic.poet."

Paragraph 14

  1. Dvalins:  Akkadian D.WL.NS meaning " Manifestations.WaLu/Alu.Distent" or in other words "Life-manifestations of distant Alu."
  2. Lofars: Akkadian LW.RS meaning " Love attack" 

Paragraph 15

  1. Draupnir: Akkadian DR.WP.N with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Invisible-Form.Exposed.Revealer."  or in other words "Revealer of exposed (opened) life-forms."
  2. Dolgthrasir: Akkadian D.L.G.ṬR.S with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Life-manifestations.Lack.Energy.Treacherous.Su"  or in other words "Life-manifestations without energy from the treachery of Su).
  3. --
  4. Hor: Akkadian ḪR meaning "Liver." The liver was the link between divine motion powers and human breath/spirit/emotions. 
  5. Haugspori: Akkadian HW.G.S.PR meaning "Howling.Energizing.Su.Effort" or in other words "Howling at the energizing of Su's efforts."
  6. --
  7. Hlevangr: Akkadian ḪL.W.NG with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Physical-Healer.Fate-Cursed.Coastal-Region" or in other word "Healer of the cursed coastal-region" where the coastal region is the sky shell which provides rain.
  8. Gloinn: Akkadian GL.IN. meaning "Detaching moon-eyed-ones" (astrology magic crafters)  
  9. --
  10. Dori: Akkadian DR meaning "Formers."
  11. Ori: Akkadian AR meaning "Controllers."  Controllers are the connective powers for both life and motion power classes.
  12. --
  13. Dufr: Akkadian D.UR with Indo-European -R ending meaning "Manifestor of the Dawn" 
  14. Andvari: Akkadian AN.D.UR meaning "Considerations for manifestation of the Dawn.  
  15. --
  16. Skirfir: Akkadian S.KR. UR meaning "Su's reduction of the Dawn"
  17. Virfir:  Akkadian UR.UR meaning "Dawn's Dawn"
  18. --
  19. Skafithr: Akkadian SK.U.ṬR with Indo-European -R ending meaning " Weaving being done by Writing." Writing is an epithet for calling fate.
  20. Ai: Akkadian AY meaning the crescent moon goddess "Ayu." (Weaver of the life network)

Paragraph 16

  1. Alfr: Akkadian AL.UR meaning "Alu of the Dawn"
  2. Yngvi: Akkadian IN.G.W meaning "Moon-eyed-ones energy for fate-curses"
  3. --
  4. Eikinskjaldi: Akkadian IK.NS.K.Y.LD meaning "Irrigating distant-ones not involving the fields  
  5. Fjalarr: Akkadian UY.LR.R with Indo-European -R ending meaning"Fate-Curser diversion of eagle-vultures"
  6. --
  7. Frosti: Akkadian UR.ST meaning "Dawn's portions"
  8. Finnr: Akkadian W.NN Indo-European -R ending meaning "Crimper of  Chaos."
  9. --
  10. Ginnarr: G.NN.R with Indo-European -R ending meaning " Energizer of chaos in eagle-vultures"
  11. --
  12. Lofars: Akkadian L.UR.S meaning " Lack of Dawn's Su