Druid Ritual Combs

The comb was found near the town of Vimose on Denmark's island of Funen (in red) just south of the port city of Odense.

Comb from Vimose Denmark (150 CE)

(June 14, 2023) This comb is also a candidate for the earliest runic inscription.  Su is the full moon god and the source of the astrological motion powers while the liver was thought to be the source of emotions. This text links the two sources of motion powers by stating that the astrological source opens the emotional source.

Translation of Top (Right) Row in Akkadian (Rune Text 7)

(read left to right in the newer Greek style. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verb is italic bold). Lettery style is a mixture Etruscan and Aegean Island
  1. ḪaRu  Su  Pu (Celt 7.1)

In English

  1.  The liver is opened by Su
The replica or "restored" version on display in the museum. Noticed the darkened letters are not reproduced very accurately. Photo from: https://www.arild-hauge.com/norway.htm

Karstad is located on an island in northern Norway.

Translation Kårstad/Harstad Runestone Mentions The "Comber" (100 BCE)

(June 26, 2023) This text is by someone who does not like establishment temples. The text is reminding its readers of the bad things priests of the two divine powers classes could do: stop the rain and bring jealousy.  A Seer is specialist magic crafter who divines signs and omens from the natural world (as opposed to the astrological night sky)  and attempts to manipulate the natural world with magical rituals if needed.

Translation in Akkadian (Rune Text 23)

(read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold) 
  1. ABu  PeGu  ZaPu  ṢiPu (Rune 23.1)
  2. BaRu  Pu  Qi'u  Zu (Rune 23.2)

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1.  Life-priests can remove the Comber's (Ayu) soakings (rain)
  2.  Seers can open envy's emanations

Minoan Linear A Ivory Comb Text from Lachish Israel (1400 BCE)

(November 21, 2022) This more ancient comb from the other end of the Druid civilization also mentions emotions.

Text in Akkadian Linear A

(Read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verb is italic bold)
  1. [                     ] Gi
  2. Qu  AKu [ 2 ]P  Ḫi          -  (P has no vertical handle, Ḫi is more image based than normal for this time and likely is the missing Phaistos Disk version)
  3. ŠiGi  ṢMa  Qu  Ki  Qi‘u  Nu    -  (notice the small vertical line on the Ṣ which is a merger of Linear A styles)

Text Translated into English

  1. ……. emotional-energy
  2. Life-threads, emotion-owls [2 unreadable words ] Hu-powers
  3. Conflict is dehydrating the threads which involves envy of the Revealer (Yahu)

Shin (Ṣ) and Sade (Š) sounds in Alphabetic Akkadian are reversed from Hebrew, a fact which seems to be reflected in the Shibboleth story of Judges 12:6.


  1. The only word remaining in this line indicates the text is talking about magical emotional energy. Feelings are what was transmitted to the divine realm.
  2. Hu is the connective masculine life power who was represented by the sun. At a deeper level he represented the life network which transmitted life powers (fertility fluids) to the earth from the divine realm. Emotion owls are the mechanism in which emotion magic affects this life network (life-threads). This line is missing its verb so we do not know what sort of interaction is happening.
  3. The root cause of some drought are the feelings of envy in the population which is driving conflict. The target of this envy or anger is Yahu to when triggered by the fertility fluids reveals and manifests the invisible life-forms. A common epithet for Yahu is "Revealer." The "power of Yahu" is "Yahweh."


Daniel Vainstub, Madeleine Mumcuoglu, Michael G. Hasel, Katherine M. Hesler, Miriam Lavi, Rivka Rabinovich, Yuval Goren and Yosef Garfinkel (2022). A Canaanite’s Wish to Eradicate Lice on an Inscribed Ivory Comb from Lachish. Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology 2: 76–119. ISSN: 2788-8819; https://doi.org/10.52486/01.00002.4; https://jjar.huji.Also online at: https://www.academia.edu/88746893/Daniel_Vainstub_Madeleine_Mumcuoglu_Michael_G_Hasel_Katherine_M_Hesler_Miriam_Lavi_Rivka_Rabinovich_Yuval_Goren_and_Yosef_Garfinkel_A_Canaanites_Wish_to_Eradicate_Lice_on_an_Inscribed_Ivory_Comb_from_Lachish
Etruscan tomb of Shields corner paintings showing hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god
Corner of the Tomb of Shields near Tarquinia after restoration having two images of the hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god. Photo by Domenico-Ventura (2018)
Etruscan tomb of Shields painting showing hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with a life power god
Close-up of scene 2 showing Thu with female breasts and male genitalia.

Etruscan "Tomb of Shields" Mentions Combing

(Sept. 17, 2022) A corner in the Tomb of Shields at Tarquinia has two images of the hermaphrodite deity Thu being affectionate with some life-power god. Promoting coherency between motion and life powers is the main theme of the text. Because Etruscan texts are read right to left the image on the right wall of the corner was meant to be read first. It reads in Akkadian (justification below):

Right Scene (Med Text 20.3)

  1. The Opener (goddess Ayu) is elevating Thu and the Life-Powers. Life-powers are coherent with affection from the veil (astrological source of motion power).
  2. The Opener is elevating that coherency. Divine anger is being revealed by Ayu.

Left Scene (Med Text 20.4)

  1. [ ] This does not bring the divine. This does not bring children : In a similar way these things have been eliminated : The lack is not from expulsion by the emotion-powers. The lack is not from the veiling of similar astrological-powers. The lack of activity (life growth) is from eliminating the nourishments (fertility-fluids). The lack does not bring associations .....
  2. The prodding-sticks (motion-sources) have not brought activity (life-growth). Alu is lacking that. The Divine is being veiled by the lack. In a similar way these things have been eliminated. Life-Powers are nourished by astrological-powers. Emotions have been made miserable by Yahu's (I'u) eliminations. Those are nourished by activity (life growth). Emotions are not the same as motion-powers....
  3. Considerations (focused emotions) do not bring nourishments (fertility-fluids). Anger energizes the Reed-Boat (Ayu). The Controllers nourish activity. Their fertility-fluids nourish the Divine. The combing is not lacking. The combing is from the Reed-Boat (Ayu) : [ ] : The eliminations are lacking wind. That is not dehydrating the nourishments. …. Wind-powers … Is veiling the life-powers
  4. [ ] does not bring nourishments. Coherency is not associating Yahu (E') and the life-powers : None of the fathers (life-priests) [ ]. Coherency can eliminate immobility. Those lack Ayu. [word] nourishes motion-powers. Astrological-Powers ...
  5. Don't nourish Thu. Immobility is from the lack of coherency. It is not from activity (life growth). Life-powers are energized by magic. Hu is being blocked by ...  Yahu (YA). Endurance brings consistency. Life-powers are frustrated by the nest (network).
  6. This is energizing the fertility-fluids for Yahu (IH, YH). Yahu (E') does not bring nourishments. Yahu is devoted to the moon-eye. Magic is drying the same. (network). Openings [ ]. The Reed-Boat (Ayu) does not bring the threads. Magic constrains activity. Impatience does not bring activity. The baking ....
  7. Thu is not nourished by the high-powers ....

Bottom Label

  1. Lacking this divine-power 
  2. the Opener (Ayu) is elevating their coherency.


Domenico-Ventura, C (2018) for FAI - FONDO PER L'AMBIENTE ITALIANO. Online at: https://fondoambiente.it/news/torna-splendere-la-tomba-degli-scudi-di-tarquinia-vt/