Minoan Rings

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Translation of Linear A text on Minoan Gold Ordering Ring (1450 BCE)
This ring is on display in Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Its text is in the Minoan Linear A style. Olmsted personal photo. Sign assignments by Olmsted.

Minoan Gold Standing Order Ring 1450 BCE (Minoan Text 17.1)

(August 18, 2022) This is text for an often repeated order. It is not a seal identifying a person or institution. Several of these rings have been discovered on the islands of Crete and Akrotiri at the temple palace complexes of Agia Triada, Sklavocombos, Zakros, and Gournia.

Translation in Akkadian (Numbered by Clause)

  1. paya zi
  2. zi 6 ši
  3. Mama šāḫu
  4. bu Ḫu pi
  5. ša epu pūḫu ku

In English

  1. Network-bird eliminating (title)
  2. For (their) eliminating 6 correspondences
  3. For the waterers a wind-catcher
  4. For nourishment by Hu an opening-power-item
  5. Drying correspondences for exchanging with those involved