Med 41 Runestone of Fat Hill (Monte Gordo)

Replica of the Estela de Montegordo,  Almodôvar, Portugal; 146x48 cm. Museum of Southwest Writing, Almodôvar. Photo by Angel M. Felicisimo at:

Runestone of Fat Hill (Monte Gordo), Portugal

(Sept 1, 2023)   The original stele exists as a door frame element for a traditonal Portuguese stone house. An inhabitant of Almodôvar, Mr. José Sousa, informed the Museum of Southwest Writing about the stele located about 10 km north of his estate at Monte Gordo in the parish of Rosario.  The stele is preserved there.  (Guerra 2013) 

Translation of Text in Akkadian (Med Text 41)

(read left to right. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Vowels are italic bold) 
  1. U  Wu  Pa'u  RaGu  ARu.  UA  [2]  ANu  QiNu  A'u.  ARu  Gu  A.  Ka'u  RaŠu  NaṢu  A.  Re'u  Nu  A
  2. (upside down)  Ga'u  A  Ṭu.  A'u  'Au.  Nu  Šu  Ya  Mu.  INu  ...
(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1. Because of crimping, the network-birds make-false the Controllers (Ayu and eagle-vultures).  Because of [word], considerations (focused emotions) are making-envious the motion-powers.  The Controllers are being energized by that. Prodding leading to the  repulsion of those. The shepherds (motion-power magic crafters) are revealing that.
  2. (upside down text) Burst-forth those Thu-powers.  Motion-empower the motion-powers.  Revelations (of life forms) are not the same as fertility-fluids (which trigger revelations).  Moon-eyed-ones ....


Guerra, Amilcar (2013) ALGUMAS QUESTÕES SOBRE AS ESCRITAS  PRÉ-ROMANAS DO SUDOESTE HISPÂNICO.   Acta Palaeohispanica XI Palaeohispanica 13, pp. 323-345. I.S.S.N.: 1578-5386.  Online at:
As displayed at the Museum of Southwest Writing, Almodôvar. Photo by Vitor Oliveira via Wikimedia Commons at: