Astrological Divination With Liver

Piacenza Liver Showing its Main Divination Sections

Piacenza Liver Showing its Main Divination Sections

(Feb 10, 2023) The left side presents the divination results by planet while the right side provides the analysis. 

  1. Purple - State of Life Network Connections by Planet
  2. Red - State of Life Power Flows Through Network by Planet
  3. Blue - State of Earth Life Manifestation by Cardinal Direction
  4. Black - State of Under-dome Spirit Beings by Cardinal Directions
  5. Yellow - Conclusion about Under-dome Spirit Affects: They are Causing Neglect
  6. White - Final Conclusion About Earth Manifestations: Drought is due to Network Confusion Sown by Eagle-Vultures. Everything Else is Good.

Photo from: (Numbers added by Olmsted)

Piacenza Liver Divination Results: State of Network Connections by Planet (Purple Section)

(Jan 29, 2023) This section is blaming the magical motion powers for a drought. It reads:

  1. The Opener of the life boundary (Thu) does not affect the emanations (Planet Mercury = Selene)
  2. Nourishments are not being opened by Ayu's eagle-vultures  (Planet Venus = Ayu)
  3. Motion-magic is redirecting none of the connections  (Planet Mars = Thu/Athena)
  4. And Yahu (E') is revealing the nourishments.   (Planet Jove, later Jupiter = Yahu. In old Latin planet was Jove (pronounced Yove, German spelling Jowe). This is Yawe or Yahweh or Yahu.  The Romans deliberately changed the name of this deity suppress this ancient Druid and later Jewish connection.  This suppression has continued into modern times.
  5. (letters unreadable)  (Planet Saturn)
  6. Moon-Powers are dispersed and [letters too uncertain to read]  (Full Moon = Su)

Piacenza Liver Divination Results: Power Flows Through Network by Planet (Red Section)

  1. The Greased-One (Selu) is not showing activity, Openings are not being foreshadowed (Planet Mercury = Selene)
  2. The Mounded-One (Venus) is being frustrated by the nourishments.  (Planet Venus = Ayu. Mound epithet likely references pregnancy)
  3. Does not Yahu (E') get energized by the Opener (Planet Mars = Thu/Athena who adds energy to things)
  4. Activity is not coming to this handler (Yahu).  (Planet Jove (Yove, Yowe), later Jupiter = Yahweh)
  5. Tears confuse the life-manifestations.  (Planet Saturn, oldest slowest planet subject to confusion)
  6. These emanations are being shaped by lunar-energy.   (Full moon motion source god = Su)


This section is blaming all the motion activity powers which push the fertility fluids through the life network towards the earth.