Concentric Circles As Celestial Lights And Sparks of Life (Goddess Selu/Selene)

Aegean Cycladic Island Trivet Showing Network of Stars & Sparks of Life 2500 BCE

(September 13, 2023) Notice the fish on the upper left which is a symbol for the motion powers. The upper middle shows the sky-dome with concentric circles above and a network of circles below. These concentric circles represent celestial light forms of the goddess Selu/Selene in both their human soul (sparks of light) and star manifestations. These are organized into a motion power network which would later be called Logos in Greek.  The very top shows the veil which is the division between the divine source powers and the lower powers. In all this trivit shows the 3 layers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm.
Archaeologists date this early Cycladic period II "frying pan" to 28th-23rd centuries BCE. It is from Grave 74, Chalandriani, Syros, Greece.  Object is now at National Archaeological Museum of Athens (NAMA 4974). Photo taken by Angela O'Brian and used with permission at

Aegean Cycladic Island Trivet Representing Motion Power Moon Selu/Selene 2500 BCE

(September 6, 2023) This trivet has a concentric circle pattern with 7 circles radiating motion powers. The main celestial glow and center of all motion powers was the moon which is what is being represented here. Consequently, this one image represents both the moon and the 7 planets (heavens) or planetary sky shells. (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). The rays represent the winds, both breath and earthly produced by them.
Selu should not be confused by the life power moon goddess Ayu who is represented by the crescent moon.
From Museum of Cycladic Art. Online at: