Cycops - Demon of Su

(Nov. 23, 2022) Demons and Heroes are human-like spirits which arose after lordification had permeated Druid culture. They may be associated with the Indo-European culture. Cyclops represented malfunctioning motion powers which originated with the dark new moon God Su. Specifically these are the astrological powers represented by the motion of the heavenly bodies as opposed to the magical emotion powers. This is why his main characteristic is a large single eye with a dark central pupil representing the dark new moon). Later this would become the evil-eye.

Etruscan Orcus Tomb wall painting showing cyclops being blinded
Blinding the Cyclops image in context. To the right is the tomb of Orcus I. Photo by Prof. Ann Koloski-Ostrow via Guerriero (Aug. 2015)
Blinding the cyclops who is the demon antagonistic to the motion powers (Photo: Rönnlund via Wikimedia Commons, 2012).

Etruscan Orcus Tomb Two Image 3: Blinding Cyclops (Agent of Astrological Lunar Energy)

(Updated March 30, 2024) The next image clockwise around the room shows the blinding of Cyclops who is an agent of the motion source and full moon god Su. The god Su is often represented as an "eye."

Translation in Akkadian (Text Med 19.2)

(read right to left. Capital letters on stone. Inner vowels inferred)
  1. Bu  UBa  Gi  U
  2. U'a  UZa  Tu  E

In English

  1. Nourishments are when the patrollers (planets) are energized.
  2. Misery is not from frustration with astrology-magic

Cyclops is the motion power demon while Skadi mentioned earlier is the life-growth power demon. In Greek “Cyclops” is written two ways: Κύκλωπες (KUKL’PEZ) and Κύκλωψ (KUKL’Š). These are:

  1. KUKL’PEZ (Κύκλωπες): Cyclops - as Akkadian K.UK.L’..P it means “agent of the weaver of astrological-power openings.” The /ez/ ending indicates it is a noun in Greek.
  2. KUKL’Š (Κύκλωψ): Cyclops – as Akkadian K.UK.L’..Š it means ”agent of the weaver of  astrological-power correspondences”

The earliest mentions of Cyclops in Greek literature are in Hesiod and Homer both dating to about this same time of 500 BCE. Hesiod's "Theogony" states that cyclopses were the sons of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) who were also the parents of the moon, sun, and planets. The cyclops in Homer are portrayed as shepherds in Sicily. The shepherd analogy is significant because an Akkadian an epithet for magic crafter is "shepherd." Emotions were one source of motion powers with the other being the astrological night sky represented by Su.