The Frank's (Auzon) Casket 500 CE

(May 19, 2024) This is a replica of a casket called "Frank's Casket" because of the mistaken idea it is an early Frankish object. It is owned by the British Museum but is no longer exhibited. Museum number 1996,0701.1. Onine at:
This photo is from the time when it was displayed in the British Museum. Photo by Michael Wal via Wikimedia Commons: Letter assignments by Olmsted. Online at

The remains of the original only consists of whale bone panel which are also at the British Museum with Museum number 1867,0120.1.  It was found near a small hillside town in south-eastern France called Auzon which is on the  Allier river which is one of the main tributaries of the Loire river. It is online at:

The letters are in an early coastal rune style as indicated by the letter "H" having 2 lines instead of 1. 

The images start on the left with an metal smith who is representing the power to form objects. The text refers to this power but in reference to the formation of life objects (humans, animals, plants). Below him is a dead body indicating something is wrong with the life formation power. The letter "T" labels indicate he is being affected by astrology powers of the night sky. These powers push the fertility fluids though the life network which in turns triggers the formation of life forms. In the past these "T" letters where interpreted as Christian crosses which is completely incorrect. Most of the so called "crosses" on early runestones are actually this label of the astrology powers. The metal smith is being handed a potion from two hooded people labeled as the "curses." The astrology powers are being cursed. Ducks being strangled also seem to represent this curse power.

The scene on the right shows 3 people making offerings to the 3 life powers of the Ancient Pagan Paradigm as shown by the 3 layers inside the shrine. The top two powers are shown with faces and so represent the life source deity Alu and the life connective sun/rain diety Hu. The loweest layer show rain drops falling onto the earth. Notice the duck is walking alongside the people making the offerings and is not being sacrificed. Above the people is a symbol representing the star Sirius as a representation of the astrological power integration with the life powers. The star Sirius is also known as the companion star or dog star because it always accompanies the rising sun. The label adjacent to Sirius says this : "The Filter (Life-Network) is energized by the same."

Translation in Akkadian (Rune Text 30)

(read left to right. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold)
  1. Ya  Zu  Lu | EGu  PaMu  A  (Rune 30.1)
  2. Pu  ḪaPu  EPu.  Tu  EMu  Su  Šu (Rune 30.2)
  3. MuTu  BaMu  Su  Šu (Rune 30.3)
  4. Ru  Pu  Su.  Du  ŠuPu  Zu.  Su  ILu  Šu  SaPu.  Gi  ITu  Du.  Pu  Su  ḪaMu.  Pu  Tu  Šu  Su.  MaMu  AQu  Šu.  Ya  ZaRu  Pu  Ṣu (Rune 30.4)
  5. ḪaSu  Pu  TaPu.  Zu  Bu  Ku  Tu (Rune 30.5)

  1. Tu (Rune 30.6)
  2. Tu (Rune 30.7)
  3. Wu (Rune 30.8)
  4. Wu (Rune 30.9)
  5. NP  Šu  Gu (Rune 30.10)

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1. Nothing is not affecting emanation's (rain, powers which form life) lack.  |  Neglect is from the night-noise
  2. The openings are being purified by the Baker (sun god Hu). Astrology-magic is being supervised by Su (dark moon god) similarly.
  3. The murders are being divided by Su similarly.
  4. Eagle-vultures are being opened by Su. Life-manifestations can be amplified by the emanations. Su can elevate the same community (life-powers). Energy can foreshadow the life-manifestations.  Openings from Su are being paralyzed.  Openings from astrology magic are the same as Su. The waters are expecting  the same.  Is not the distribution (of the waters) activated by the opening (of Su)?
  5.  The covering (starry night sky) can be opened by devotion. Emanations are nourished by involving astrology-magic

  1. Astrology-magic
  2. Crimper (of fertility-fluid flow)
  3. Crimper
  4. The Filter (Life-Network) is energized by the same.

Location of Auzon, France Where the Casket Panels Were Found

Auzon Not Conquered Until 522 CE

Burgundy and the territory around Auzon was settled by Germanic tribes who mixed in with the local population.  It remained Pagan until 522 when the Christian Franks conquered it. King Clovis of the Franks (481–511) converted his kingdom to Christianity shortly after 507 CE.

Image from:

Original Franks Casket Showing the Panels Roughly Held Together

From British Museum Collection (Museum number 1867,0120.1):