Rune 18 Bronze Frøyshov Figurine Translation 200-300 BCE

Frøyshov Figurine as displayed at the Cultural Museum in Oslo, Norway. Online at Unified Museum Portal at:

Old Display of Frøyshov Figurine At Historisk Museum in Oslo, Norway

Image from ARILD HAUGE’S RUNES. Photo online at:
Drawing from ARILD HAUGE’S RUNES. Red letter assignments by Olmsted. Photo online at:

Bronze Frøyshov Figurine Showing Runes: 200-300 BCE

(June 21, 2023) This bronze figurine is from Frøyhov, Nes, Akershus.  It is Now at Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo.

Based on its golden color and association with eagle-vultures this is the sun god Hu. Eagle-vultures edit the life-network represented by Hu.

Translation in Akkadian (Rune Text 18)

(read right to left. Capital letters on object. Small letters are inferred Inner vowels. Verbs are italic bold) 
  1. Ru  Pu  Šu (Rune 18.1)

(Dual use letters are E/H, I/Y, U/W, and '/A in which vowel appears at beginning of words except for Yahu which is keeping its traditional Hebrew transliteration)

In English

  1.  Eagle-Vultures Can Open Similar
Photo by Kirsten Elgeland, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Online at: